SwiftCash (SWIFT)

SWIFT statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    425
Inactive:    17
Total:    442
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 94.23% / 387 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 55,765.6094

Last masternode reward: 39.3799 SWIFT for SQY93ctCkAbE5s44AMRMVwSKW71EfB1qpw

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 175,534
just now

24 Hrs blocks: 1,416
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: -0.2188 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: Feb 12 2019 12:00:26

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  2000200
Protocol version:  80413
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 46 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on masternode.online.

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
SNqnnue4wu5MKbmz2XkYDQKVvuw6yp91kaENABLED804131h 30s ago
Si91qM55zpmRGQy28G97MN6aFdN7EjC5HaENABLED804131h 1m 31s ago
Sk9pWP8gW9esLqBmiWN9BpBWrQT8VaxW9LENABLED804131h 2m 38s ago
ShmqJRfeK8EzVeW75E5KTHhL6hjSJaNGLjENABLED804131h 3m 8s ago
SbeKeuTBV36Jef6GWJa2YfTDxTpJeF85BJENABLED804131h 3m 53s ago
SWMz5WgnkQUfdocvew27nwjZqSUtTctiZQENABLED804131h 5m 39s ago
SY9qgoeFNaczY6xyUCMJHM3rXBDWfLMF4eENABLED804131h 6m 16s ago
SMZPvHimejtU26ykvkX8KkSjQRe1RtZespENABLED804131h 6m 45s ago
SbQ4qFM7tjieeZziTJpgiexcLrtwVpPn6NENABLED804131h 8m 29s ago
SanjBTtHrg4YgQZpW6LdxuZNjHW4LhHeTYENABLED804131h 9m 18s ago
SVrgNXUaDDYFU1gHuKY5C7SUgrxpSNdw6nENABLED804131h 10m 28s ago
SjNPms8huezhGf9f3vGNhwia5JTSwvxSdhENABLED804131h 11m 33s ago
ShAcJs5SE96nqdqq7NFhmAygnnFxcrQbJ8ENABLED804131h 12m 14s ago
SV6SriFkEj12eDQEzpoKfHapKsnzebE6SHENABLED804131h 12m 30s ago
SNetzubR5qh5HextTq8EbSpJMLGN3ofCVaENABLED804131h 15m 17s ago
SjchdPivvdC9FbGKpzsUXEQhVazAdM3YFiENABLED804131h 15m 58s ago
Sk6cgqqcNgtSUe71acmLwec7YueVD4NwnPENABLED804131h 16m 33s ago
SdkCMbEsmzCTH4aWtmpzxpAKmfxXbPU6c8ENABLED804131h 16m 33s ago
SP5QT3K7hoCP7Nsppcj765A7SC8YsGHTtZENABLED804131h 19m 35s ago
SUx9GPLxATiGunjmF4dUt3zuGHy7YsfxtJENABLED804131h 22m 19s ago
SgtpVNVVcXe1ezhicsM4rhjBJdgqZAufhNENABLED804131h 22m 49s ago
SdhupwGgui1WHRB24PvT5VV6oPWvFcud6qENABLED804131h 23m ago
SR7F1HohYmauSFZLoiez6pwpkqUBffPaTMENABLED804131h 25m 12s ago
SaknHWFT8prABqAvVzhPGjNC5jmFc53SEvENABLED804131h 25m 30s ago
SY22vsfPsQt3cELk9bb4cf16hkeJYUB8iHENABLED804131h 26m 44s ago
SRXkMeALdBapqx9hWwDNEqyfVdKkJ19NMDENABLED804131h 27m 19s ago
SREPkmTaSqAZXjvFu6K6HGLQLJKWPejm7gENABLED804131h 29m 31s ago
SNFraVii5djQw4ZRyQRqGWxaqthC6bGiUVENABLED804131h 30m 1s ago
SWTPCjBq7WiXsHi3Pw9CMNo8ib6KfqRKcqENABLED804131h 32m 15s ago
ScwbdizefbCWafuNDdMmtQKVEcC8wCecWkENABLED804131h 33m 9s ago
SPweKx3FnpzdhjcN8qeQCJveW14FUxunHqENABLED804131h 34m 53s ago
SZd7v7n6byZGsBSyVZCaVth9VvfxNSkZ6nENABLED804131h 36m 23s ago
Sc1tXswP9ejFpH4shW5KG6jMdYAs6VDbH5ENABLED804131h 36m 48s ago
SRaj9zPSvx6dzgZdD1mgTJTavV7MN7NXrdEXPIRED804131h 37m 42s ago
SRUgRMKjyHKBGdFV1M3vbsroWTkjmRd5NbENABLED804131h 38m 24s ago
SP9RZuycWQLEF31JPHyZhZKqXCNrRQfQv5ENABLED804131h 38m 53s ago
SahP82BKLpSrvtpT7bBR5yoRztWRn6Reu9ENABLED804131h 40m 1s ago
SiqmguWYdM7k6vtsuTe99QaRR73rYtHnHSENABLED804131h 41m 41s ago
SU983TwbwtTZmpPBe8RgjjXQWexzyw8DAjENABLED804131h 42m 15s ago
SRAgrjVU2tYRZxjKz5Zkh3aBmVDprtbYviENABLED804131h 42m 27s ago
SVmvVSj6hz2eBenGqt7bjA1x6astk2oCQcENABLED804131h 42m 40s ago
SQLYsCAK9bRyV8X2mNW85J5BsK9amUD5cgENABLED804131h 44m 9s ago
Sax17dpEZNZ6HJWAsQFWoXArkDSKznYAMbENABLED804131h 45m 29s ago
SdF3rAVfSW64jJDnvNKoheDKxeiam19UCFENABLED804131h 45m 49s ago
SQMkcfTbfxjenTKPDttVGWaxBiWMpeLokZENABLED804131h 46m 44s ago
SMZ1b6FYHAPJJYMHi8FJ2eB8oMshtA49AHENABLED804131h 48m 51s ago
SZDWpzvCF2hdAPFkskv1hQm7jLj8ag99uaENABLED804131h 49m 28s ago
SUTUT6ucZDpgwmnRFwKNuRNSXC7tzvyhkBENABLED804131h 50m 36s ago
SUbXv3XC6yaxkmh2XuFmn2cQGUzUd9ogo9ENABLED804131h 53m 44s ago
SPRxvBcPfMMk3355gCHZVGB6efEfYEXn3vENABLED804131h 55m 3s ago

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