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SwiftCash (SWIFT)

SWIFT statistics on

Masternode statistics

Active:    218
Inactive:    6
Total:    224
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 179.50% / 203 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 53,603.6446

Last masternode reward: 37.9336 SWIFT for ScwbdizefbCWafuNDdMmtQKVEcC8wCecWk

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 582,622
13m 54s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,413
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: -0.4534 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: Feb 12 2019 12:00:26

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  2020000
Protocol version:  80413
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 110 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
SQLYsCAK9bRyV8X2mNW85J5BsK9amUD5cgENABLED804131h 7m 44s ago
SanscqFKEEUq8HPvaqNBmRRp4wJdtZqMquENABLED804131h 8m 7s ago
Sbd4cNvXuWxeZsVL4nU8og93QkfRADSgM2ENABLED804131h 8m 59s ago
Sar9jE3w2kV7zCbwAMDZayLY28echYuTeAENABLED804131h 9m 12s ago
Sa7KjF2KY3cJzuVM692gAH7xMtKWyMknLjENABLED804131h 9m 31s ago
Sf3URizydRXw1sTzdwUb88qymZvSVaJ3poENABLED804131h 9m 52s ago
SeoGZ1yJsZ5WvCJiS9uE41h3S6CPzqNwZmENABLED804131h 10m 34s ago
SbTrenTVaCsccLLuDJH11DFzQtHMjDaXS1ENABLED804131h 14m 38s ago
SQwPzhks3p9H2dKofBiSD9Hf2Lykh3TscBENABLED804131h 14m 56s ago
SUs8CH8tdRGU4cnAooopEhy8x69ytTGGeSENABLED804131h 17m 32s ago
SPVuRgxqVuPnGurhcU2Wd5tZ3tpCSjucLPENABLED804131h 19m 6s ago
SYi7E2uR9V8ca1P9qAekAHPySyAW24YNHGENABLED804131h 20m 9s ago
SfD5KCY2YtNA87pMDx9R4vsFX242VJhNSWENABLED804131h 21m 37s ago
SQGcbKtcWcLpKst3kh31UyXUm5bg3kABEjENABLED804131h 22m 19s ago
SVj8578TKC9MT4gXLvz79EvZNfTeycbayWENABLED804131h 22m 42s ago
ShP9B1vAawy4vfVdy58gTDbVESnBtMHB9GENABLED804131h 22m 57s ago
SkLyfNzStSU3QkvAUpzWoAy6ZzdKC1G9iJENABLED804131h 23m 18s ago
SgLtNnnEwG5Nb5GgJGguyPTdzhfohTn7YQENABLED804131h 26m 28s ago
SQ8y1VZ2Kzbgd4dpwE7sZJJSkE4gA4L3F2ENABLED804131h 26m 58s ago
SSHTdBxzTCXr1RCYvbyTMAAP72prdypjKVENABLED804131h 27m 13s ago
SPZDwN1mkqxPHwJC2XhMth7pKCuHvMXurdENABLED804131h 29m ago
Sjrmiutz2PQ6S6CMmjHPPE4cd982WcvQnHENABLED804131h 32m 57s ago
SVRnE21HyoKYvB2iNCTY1VQVYJR6Fd1pzeENABLED804131h 34m 5s ago
Sjq1LCrhLzgiXKq4rCW3MbGF9xacNz98g4ENABLED804131h 34m 52s ago
SgtBQSjayY6FQZHA3VDaSaw9V7EuvspRMLENABLED804131h 35m 29s ago
SWmdxfchHpLuUVEnCN3RoHYJAgvAmsXse7ENABLED804131h 35m 41s ago
SW2561zuZL8GzxZvMeLgfDpbT3RZkex51nENABLED804131h 38m 46s ago
ScVNiUreTFx88HChKca1osW9uDVVjmvvtQENABLED804131h 39m 34s ago
SNdakuDwQ7vysueo8nhUYszduxDdD27n6UENABLED804131h 40m 10s ago
SjcruyjESuoggVYMvgA47mFotwzeumv5sTENABLED804131h 41m 27s ago
SioBEqwLKbb9qGK2CxaW1jrwZxLY6QXghyENABLED804131h 42m 27s ago
STr2a8awwm8F78zk2cfBsNmJypLQqdarwsENABLED804131h 42m 53s ago
SVsTVmSToM1auX9JE4oqz9JdR8nKq1hjEuENABLED804131h 43m 16s ago
SZM8N5shF8KV7un65PosLeMuzRPFD8QigBENABLED804131h 43m 57s ago
SeGJ2m5djsGyj3RdhwqhEXAhmSYxKDg4c4ENABLED804131h 45m 49s ago
STxswzT8bwyYTmBZ7GHYLpeEeVarcWMxc6ENABLED804131h 49m 4s ago
SZxzLfRuwBPzLdAVV3dUZXp2X1JajsjVtYENABLED804131h 49m 13s ago
SW8SPbXt5vXwvqxECP6J7p82Y7YXEoiK2SENABLED804131h 50m 37s ago
SRRMBvdUWebYW9svk2WfrXv7t4af5PS35FENABLED804131h 52m 22s ago
SdhupwGgui1WHRB24PvT5VV6oPWvFcud6qENABLED804131h 53m 13s ago
SgS5h8L333t4wM28qb8xXB3KVbcL6vuhMbENABLED804131h 53m 51s ago
SYR8JW3ktLzaGAZugXaZArrXcKxWjdjwyQENABLED804131h 54m 36s ago
Sbierm9i35LdK7tJReeiBm7TQkpsvAnBFLENABLED804131h 55m 9s ago
SjWjRCzvxpThNMwrH6uyUeJLw6ViUFYyUsENABLED804131h 55m 47s ago
SdvW1BePWWy9MA3s6Sm2kuKfoMywE6jsTjENABLED804131h 55m 53s ago
SNzPbjL1tFMvTrK8KQCnZZwwiTqkuweZ6eENABLED804131h 56m 11s ago
SWgBrU6fHbr9kJubBajKFWfdZ91ZWWmkNKENABLED804131h 57m 8s ago
SkVQv4n7Uqyw8NUjzeL5qHHg8SS9fukbHWENABLED804131h 57m 42s ago
SgzQaR9VbGXrTQryZQf1YYYQUHktRRwaNaENABLED804131h 59m 15s ago
SZ6of1r9UhjmQ5bDmTqFZ65XsqkgwkybTmENABLED804131h 59m 40s ago

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