SwiftCash (SWIFT)

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Masternode statistics

Active:    218
Inactive:    6
Total:    224
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 179.50% / 203 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 53,603.5769

Last masternode reward: 37.9336 SWIFT for SWLWcympy1dkqeXuRUngajCVRfE1ErCndJ

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 582,636
3m 58s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,413
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: -0.4553 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: Feb 12 2019 12:00:26

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  2020000
Protocol version:  80413
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 110 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
SW8SPbXt5vXwvqxECP6J7p82Y7YXEoiK2SENABLED804131h 53m 5s ago
SRRMBvdUWebYW9svk2WfrXv7t4af5PS35FENABLED804131h 54m 50s ago
SdhupwGgui1WHRB24PvT5VV6oPWvFcud6qENABLED804131h 55m 41s ago
SgS5h8L333t4wM28qb8xXB3KVbcL6vuhMbENABLED804131h 56m 19s ago
SYR8JW3ktLzaGAZugXaZArrXcKxWjdjwyQENABLED804131h 57m 4s ago
Sbierm9i35LdK7tJReeiBm7TQkpsvAnBFLENABLED804131h 57m 37s ago
SjWjRCzvxpThNMwrH6uyUeJLw6ViUFYyUsENABLED804131h 58m 15s ago
SdvW1BePWWy9MA3s6Sm2kuKfoMywE6jsTjENABLED804131h 58m 21s ago
SNzPbjL1tFMvTrK8KQCnZZwwiTqkuweZ6eENABLED804131h 58m 39s ago
SWgBrU6fHbr9kJubBajKFWfdZ91ZWWmkNKENABLED804131h 59m 36s ago
SkVQv4n7Uqyw8NUjzeL5qHHg8SS9fukbHWENABLED804132h 10s ago
SgzQaR9VbGXrTQryZQf1YYYQUHktRRwaNaENABLED804132h 1m 43s ago
SZ6of1r9UhjmQ5bDmTqFZ65XsqkgwkybTmENABLED804132h 2m 8s ago
SSEyNFJ7jQvcQhjAtrD87XZxzpCrfR9tdbENABLED804132h 2m 54s ago
SaoG39HF2fVdv9dnTGpWh6XXMSpm9CAiVuENABLED804132h 3m 7s ago
SML4XKGwBS7fvUkSJCpcPSUbcAJcN8URyzENABLED804132h 3m 14s ago
SZPDDEzBA5dwnrHiGuAgaaPoYtD96PjUQUENABLED804132h 4m 11s ago
SgtwG1Cu2uqyUeHXykPSABeDiZD9kLow1bENABLED804132h 5m 18s ago
SkCQAzUH2TmrReqxLQWSpCh6vHSCht7hpwENABLED804132h 6m 22s ago
Shx7PKuAit7Ta2AzgHDZpqxGYdErYqRiqNENABLED804132h 7m 21s ago
Sh7b9SKQ3JkaWsRZVtPAXmnjwSvknt9b9tENABLED804132h 8m 29s ago
Sb1R3t78JhdJzw6uy4HhC7NdXQ1CFJgq7AENABLED804132h 9m 9s ago
SbwNNKay8pgShxhnRZS3djiCEsKZi51ccwENABLED804132h 12m ago
SikFF9GjbUxqfW3iNPatCPjxEVxSA9YkkyENABLED804132h 12m 31s ago
SapXPmE5VguZiWsu6kTMdkUxT8cXgL8HLrENABLED804132h 13m 56s ago
SUUnesnNQ3R4DpH1VYswSfdUNgxynxxdRxENABLED804132h 14m 14s ago
SNKRrBAVqk3o9iMZbQNVLNkb3xwqPjC9dAENABLED804132h 15m 39s ago
SSGeygDkxS3Vs22tgXbZHELjQCrowTv9FnENABLED804132h 16m 54s ago
SbAGxPQvpnW5ZtsjJWTtxUXjoLGqrLgokMENABLED804132h 17m 27s ago
SgwjgFivJWyFJW8vDvTJ4xRUePqg3A2FMuENABLED804132h 17m 44s ago
SScKVr5as4DGJYKX6yiBpCzcSfpMT3QhmGENABLED804132h 21m ago
SUu6Ym57BjCSKcBWvW3iK4e3gc8DBDbhiYENABLED804132h 21m 2s ago
SQ1AuctMSoJo9VkfZemWmALuxYUpYP1pCkENABLED804132h 21m 22s ago
Sa3MytCE497WwD8Z3iULfWxpHcpS9YMtfRENABLED804132h 22m 5s ago
SPqL2QVEm5vt5LhyiZkgiWZ66xvfGDA3XkENABLED804132h 22m 48s ago
SNhaEhixndYCbFyRS2CW4h7sodmXwnbNuoENABLED804132h 26m 59s ago
SMyhtvkGWymndPoxxUvvXscxGgZS6zvT9dENABLED804132h 28m 18s ago
STPxPLT6gqzsNZ6AuV6ffFrbBKUDDWhEEbENABLED804132h 31m 11s ago
SdCoRobduCrZ4udZmHqyjso2AkxwnFu2WCENABLED804132h 32m 13s ago
SW1oady8NBbQxirAoxrxv3WFaQ3C6PH1GfENABLED804132h 33m 50s ago
Sj6FYpy4zE6jV9wqktqruyyAdzxd4zM3pUENABLED804132h 35m 10s ago
SYtF3YZZaCjk47XUBk6Vn4FHJ66pX31cjPENABLED804132h 36m 7s ago
Sd63pz3ZdsQ93HvNqGG8UDko4T7W3yoxHDENABLED804132h 36m 40s ago
SfTyqr6bnZxevYeYbSzLQi93WfZF2zqP85ENABLED804132h 36m 41s ago
SX3DKggkEUoMh9vvKu5jEL18WSHSiFXiZKENABLED804132h 40m 48s ago
ST3J4D23NM5bMB5Tta5Bh3BFphSmThnqJdENABLED804132h 45m 26s ago
SV973ZgkvJrQji2xS7oyvViRB52DE1ey89ENABLED804132h 45m 28s ago
SPxNG5gKoi9ZEd97DgaUwjHAFSHjHR7DDzENABLED804132h 46m 29s ago
SWexcv9rUFacms1SGqe47aRdkoE3Qd66GwENABLED804132h 46m 47s ago
SSGimwot67HyADuPuXq9YKKCUw1hy1fm47ENABLED804132h 48m 4s ago

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