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SwiftCash (SWIFT)

SWIFT statistics on

Masternode statistics

Active:    473
Inactive:    2
Total:    475
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 85.86% / 425 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 55,631.9306

Last masternode reward: 38.9009 SWIFT for SgHV6pkZgE84cZRXZEGb7HLkxvbutSWYn8

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 307,012
59s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,430
24 Hrs block time: 1m
24 Hrs block time variance: +0.7638 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: Feb 12 2019 12:00:26

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  2010000
Protocol version:  80413
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 69 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
SjRMNpzf9hMFuSY3h7qh8LZMwDsRkWgv74ENABLED804136h 42m 48s ago
ShcEtHJCD3N4abPCzLT53dCu3TcUTnVysLENABLED804136h 44m 37s ago
SUjBKjnkS7FnzRBgv93LrQbrtRkMrV4GofENABLED804136h 45m 52s ago
SULe97TcfewH9URiBA95Mq7Es8WVuM9Lq9ENABLED804136h 47m 28s ago
SQV1zEVUC6LwR3kaVrWp5DFgGmK7FGVGE6ENABLED804136h 48m 38s ago
SUMegASqvr6eaWE1inBJ5GcXsaKA4fTdwQENABLED804136h 51m 40s ago
SNhaEhixndYCbFyRS2CW4h7sodmXwnbNuoENABLED804136h 53m 15s ago
STqigdDoPRnmgYohPooAxb77SvDQfEgnZCENABLED804136h 53m 43s ago
ScER6D4sX8abd9xYpwA8KQjLPw3A23RwEkENABLED804136h 54m 45s ago
SMJawWwwiHxBxgYTKxp4DXZU4kGJGBLZq1ENABLED804136h 57m 5s ago
SVGCyEf4gG9S3zEbDvMDB47cwYCAHNbKTjENABLED804136h 57m 37s ago
SgP9YYUP2GR87fs8Tn9BoyBTyNSbcp1kvRENABLED804136h 57m 59s ago
SYXWNTPUZs3i6iqvTVHWCAiRZX7YB6bUmpENABLED804137h 11s ago
SWSiZnQzw5ZiW76tJH2EfqrZARGozbeJdkENABLED804137h 1m 33s ago
SNFzswdMbraUVsfMEkQ48kZQ7QuVnvxsQiENABLED804137h 1m 49s ago
SVJPneaj1YdQhsJ5iuL3CKHhZVrAXvyEA9ENABLED804137h 2m 36s ago
SYeKCPoVLqfefz9iVAeeSo5TXaPY7iw7QLENABLED804137h 3m 11s ago
STrZ7HhopQRafn4N6X8TvjTzzcD9C1PbPAENABLED804137h 3m 46s ago
SkRLJENuC7r6p1tjr47eVT1uSquEtFP918ENABLED804137h 4m 7s ago
SU7HKeoW6qaKxUCFFryrTYKVxmz8GCd8ADENABLED804137h 4m 48s ago
SgBYiCfUTSJ4HabJvvYA1zMUcghgYpBL8WENABLED804137h 5m 22s ago
Scryw4sWda2q9xtLU3gMHdimpcEn8vt9EFENABLED804137h 5m 49s ago
SQ19ZP2Gim2mnHHEwXZgJUD2tXZwYvqGafENABLED804137h 7m 17s ago
STURPrXHRuscA8Kkx6ieXiZ3r9PdmUnZfvENABLED804137h 8m 1s ago
SQi5btFhKaYuKGaxBmKMPhSZSDAtarmvQYENABLED804137h 8m 29s ago
SSt9r4KVpZsKjRbCm8rrNByPVKcsQRJxrYENABLED804137h 9m 53s ago
SdhupwGgui1WHRB24PvT5VV6oPWvFcud6qENABLED804137h 11m 13s ago
Sb5YxFtUrN7CZSbenPp1k9ijPm5Zq8PoTVENABLED804137h 11m 38s ago
SPNmjfHE7rLcKHkjZD93pwd6CVPjaK37BFENABLED804137h 12m 36s ago
SavyibJDbKj4cUyVZEmbkMjTAUj7SMA5AHENABLED804137h 13m 5s ago
SYBmi9PrPnYV2TxV4Y5ckUuWGX27e2BPnGENABLED804137h 13m 25s ago
SRU7o3EomiMGDyT99VX2cjit9RqWagR612ENABLED804137h 14m 8s ago
SgwjgFivJWyFJW8vDvTJ4xRUePqg3A2FMuENABLED804137h 15m 2s ago
Si4ucTNAjL7W6f8DEPtv4hTqUcTQU5tvVGENABLED804137h 16m 15s ago
SRS7ATX1cuNNVWDzYQUENpEvEH6ua9qcwaENABLED804137h 16m 17s ago
SPF6QKynxn5CTju5L2egGpfK5NwVpprkiwENABLED804137h 21m 5s ago
SVNp5QYC7Ho6a3brUwuGQVd7RbV9sEAWyTENABLED804137h 21m 47s ago
SP1BeBkakCxfZrQxoRaMPgEtYJVDJQhS7ZENABLED804137h 21m 49s ago
SjfTxkbS11x8pw7ERgCsFSwDarZzmxykVMENABLED804137h 23m 24s ago
ScVNiUreTFx88HChKca1osW9uDVVjmvvtQENABLED804137h 27m 56s ago
ST8kSwbZYMhKbefZdwd26kpXFnsVBTN4zSENABLED804137h 28m 25s ago
SU9wC6MWREWDEzweEdHUyJ7kN6QzmzAZy5ENABLED804137h 29m 48s ago
SNosisLNUSLfWvZmazfJnZJyFgKbGdYZfZENABLED804137h 30m 2s ago
ShxsBMt2ryaCTBMcVJWm63eGuftvFVq9WfENABLED804137h 31m 8s ago
SNwk3kKupBzFF6SmdoKB19wQxnJehZK5S8ENABLED804137h 31m 41s ago
SZ5g9Xhy58DE9766VA5RcMan5wPv6n9QDLENABLED804137h 32m 35s ago
SdsNZHFvTu3SCirPzFnY769S8AyMMbJaEWENABLED804137h 33m 11s ago
SUrdJ7uRmAmivi6BLaJpzR1cFn7ss3cCopENABLED804137h 33m 58s ago
SQMVLER57G2A2j1B81XpSLCGKWSwEGQtBsENABLED804137h 35m 9s ago
SZY6rDXd6VjouUmozVR9WjFYkPoRZpSfqvENABLED804137h 35m 59s ago

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