TWINS-MASTERNODE statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    42
Inactive:    0
Total:    42
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 0.71% / 51408 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 811.4286

Last masternode reward: 80.0000 TWINS-MASTERNODE for Wiv6Q8BgbpvV5C2YKNSTk7du348rgMqqZt

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,111,298
15s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,391
24 Hrs block time: 1m 2s
24 Hrs block time variance: +50.2655 % (faster)

AVG block time: 2m 4s
Genesis block: Jan 06 2019 16:59:57

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  3030905
Protocol version:  70927
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 16 peers

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Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
Wiv6Q8BgbpvV5C2YKNSTk7du348rgMqqZtENABLED7092753m 23s ago
Wm1TQgx4jDRkWNUFeUvH11XjssqLfE7NbRENABLED709278h 34m 13s ago
Wf93hBCZ6iY1nyybCsSvzpWnfPM7ddXgAqENABLED709279h 6m 46s ago
WSCGZRHQCvhrfjc4rDHBLgBLSX8FWhMNF4ENABLED709279h 35m 25s ago
WjXVdd5owj4JUB1wkLxDTbLj5raFJhkepnENABLED7092711h 41m 3s ago
WYkfBh1dtu2L7MmGnVrQxEtuPZsvumgUC1ENABLED7092711h 46m 18s ago
WeFWrfGytJpofrab1arpzvXuE1yu3eoq8SENABLED7092713h 7m 53s ago
WUxuehqdG2pmfPKiU1TKtFXL3MDEtSEZifENABLED7092718h 3m 57s ago
WQ4bjzeZ6w83TsSkpzysDqzkeSenBjQGgvENABLED7092719h 50m 15s ago
WSNaCDAhjF7XRkgYT9CvjvmjeBMv7PtirGENABLED7092719h 52m 25s ago
WfQgKSw6srQAwFNnEUXr3zN77Zb7bB983LENABLED7092723h 1m 16s ago
WXZC24t4sA3NKfdKfP7k8ciMQbixr26ExKENABLED7092723h 15m 7s ago
WYAaxNEkspftxrcHscENuQEfmX9KTjS7ikENABLED7092723h 53m 37s ago
WWGCJnArqfP9jho1qPvqZCBpbakKScB8x2ENABLED709271d 30m 40s ago
WWch8xLLcdjRsgRe8dkacYHLrZfH6Xs8ThENABLED709271d 1h 29m 57s ago
WeiYKZrszo5xe7kVore3MrnqQ7WHQr6wkWENABLED709271d 6h 52m 31s ago
WQvJMhmbJqQ8uWdoe7Me8o2yNEjGkh2XNaENABLED709271d 7h 32m 6s ago
WSegDeJxYgfGgV4YPDJSJ8fq1TUehcwZZqENABLED709272d 1h 15m 49s ago
WSbZCNPYiCXUXeb2qdWaSDbBSVyzDYYBmPENABLED709272d 3h 20m 55s ago
WWriw5wKC8GCTg4asdTB1tt3DsvZU562xbENABLED709272d 11h 31m 46s ago
WfNGGAvEnaLYZhdDKnvgiUGYqghaRw7nqjENABLED709272d 12h 19m 37s ago
Wf5ZoVVVdKU9yMDjstqoiCyQA6pQHcU5tqENABLED709272d 13h 42m 35s ago
Wk24gCZ1CNMZ8BT6jPBoYPtvPGXxzT2czRENABLED709272d 14h 58m 39s ago
WT4o7DJ2QmpgGn5V75pNDRVCy6b6kbaGMwENABLED709272d 15h 58m 30s ago
WWEpnXQ2pPdKizYjE78S2rTLz3Jtt4TCV6ENABLED709272d 17h 44m 8s ago
WiuSiHxF95uheZgyWbmq8RpaffdtiMvykrENABLED709272d 20h 9m 1s ago
WRokz46LmMCWhCKAZabRgzPbruq4SqtQmAENABLED709272d 20h 10m 44s ago
WWho3oNRQbeb2e39ZteHELuh9tWdDFjf4JENABLED709272d 22h 55m 10s ago
Wf6tSCTQNpP75wLTDmmdaHkFu5s8UP8BdRENABLED709273d 1h 16m 26s ago
WPJEYZ3j9hkmpHm4uaouvatdCRPxXfRxXxENABLED709273d 4h 47m 45s ago
Wji93wnUJYkbwmExiipPTauzZAsPZNFG8YENABLED709273d 6h 27m 17s ago
WgaeKvnMYyRpBcPasqDaXHg6gqYapWFriAENABLED709273d 7h 37m 12s ago
WPKEZBaxC1hjRiz3HV9yVfXo1G3HLKjcNsENABLED709273d 8h 28m 34s ago
Wb85ZozFq9t1CA48QhCaoPeioysXh5oppJENABLED709273d 9h 34m 42s ago
WkTEcP4iPFLBAPuxPUUoQRqnc81WqBeCyaENABLED709273d 10h 58m 53s ago
WSLZHy1kiojSHJ1r1B6GxtrbMQAwyActjqENABLED709273d 11h 20m 8s ago
WmPyjYVeD2u4XqioN4uHHGgYANPGMk4boQENABLED709273d 12h 22m 17s ago
WTg3TGU1HV4ivDEupVMbQaHrXnhfVJRBqqENABLED709273d 13h 43m 33s ago
WYa8pe6HMqxZAdBcXx9zA2pGsVYF7rDYQVENABLED709274d 33m 53s ago
Wc1G9RscC62VhJjqxapno6RAeJQNjam5FhENABLED709274d 1h 55m 18s ago
WQKBTLLomguj4XsHC21jme4nnvXj14ewZRENABLED709274d 16h 47m 20s ago
WfzSuD8zz1LqSUJqjBgqvpY7om79EhZ3ULENABLED709274d 18h 51m 35s ago

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