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Ultragate (ULG)

ULG statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    71
Inactive:    1
Total:    72
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 40.70% / 897 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 4,520.0000

Last masternode reward: 4.0000 ULG for GgPX6EaDwXg4yHKxAVVkgeYW2JfAq5WhJp

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,911,922
22h 16m 21s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,130
24 Hrs block time: 1m 16s
24 Hrs block time variance: -19.7032 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m 1s
Genesis block: Mar 15 2019 14:57:48

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  1020000
Protocol version:  70933
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 13 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on masternode.online.

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
GgPX6EaDwXg4yHKxAVVkgeYW2JfAq5WhJpENABLED7093322h 16m 33s ago
Gbqi1i7AjZUTQQa1ASzPK5QPG2zEvN3u3nENABLED7093322h 19m 25s ago
GTre126QqbXsqim9NLbnmT6Y8EhVNYRz86ENABLED7093322h 19m 27s ago
GSrnG9W3UYt4fM9XqHS2oBtB5NZfwxM1mwENABLED7093322h 21m 40s ago
GU9dn8Rhf1ALhaz1LDE5haRbp5QnnrsaJmENABLED7093322h 29m 33s ago
GNZ64bttvSCGpCFhjn55Kr3PXbL1rXie4hENABLED7093322h 30m ago
GMRAHgHbLVXPt5TJMCrUZuFfLx4zGxjB91ENABLED7093322h 30m 33s ago
GVn3ker56ouyyQMH28NvH3YVobuzj5ZUqSENABLED7093322h 30m 48s ago
GUfwQx3cap4JMX85UuZMXR5zQMpASeFkSWENABLED7093322h 31m 42s ago
GQHyKb5VzZ3XUHynGECYVxowueoAyJvTVhENABLED7093322h 36m 18s ago
GQ4NBZVB6RGnDb62WE5zBt8KqRQakUH5wkENABLED7093322h 38m 48s ago
GetK1SJtxhD2iNcYk1bVQea5snZo7ntJz7ENABLED7093322h 41m 7s ago
GVpiAckVY5GTggg26BDgsi4qn7u8Kd2JUgENABLED7093322h 49m 6s ago
GNXrP9n6sCTXMFWvp9LSJ8E8pouDUQ8hwWENABLED7093322h 50m 52s ago
GXrN2Hswc4f81daAE1NRYXXiBWZrgHsVLtENABLED7093322h 58m 47s ago
GVo6DFtEFmE6L3bjhdV6KeuLDQXeCnB5x2ENABLED7093322h 59m 47s ago
GPu6njR51WV5CxhHYPFoDgyGqaYevu8CY8ENABLED7093323h 19m 24s ago
Gbcb2XqoXE1XzSPz8dpPG5EKBKz1gbH1CoENABLED7093323h 20m 59s ago
Ggi4tLFjSRC3zqmzkGhgefHk1gAZCMJjqSENABLED7093323h 26m 28s ago
GLjiATtuW5zYsUJtZP1mZQ2AXeRuz8DF5XENABLED7093323h 32m 41s ago
GdRGM9aMXEAgHGn2LYH8CMqLWi3yiUnsUUENABLED709331d 1h 30m 51s ago
GPdUvCG1Ao3GKzZZ9v3M25wzCosWhgMcBSENABLED709331d 1h 36m 54s ago
GdXStmhHQZfvxUUm46yceeFTCnZTN2dF3XENABLED709331d 1h 38m 6s ago
GM9ENMx9dFcEyFPYBQ4VgZDMVmnvBUgXVKENABLED709331d 1h 38m 7s ago
GUNykmpbG1g7GL19vuZUGHrPhqbvSd8FRfENABLED709331d 1h 42m 31s ago
GR1Bdbbi2TGfGRYXd2oYCKHYbqHgMZRgLtENABLED709331d 1h 50m 49s ago
GXATJdqW9RqBsE8ZffFYEpikjuwqnXUEsSENABLED709331d 1h 58m 56s ago
GTUmyhMi3NAAvAhJvMW6LwFqS7HUgFaqepENABLED709331d 2h 2m 10s ago
GKjJsru2C1dcAxCUe8NWLDXTxN7vSKSUaFENABLED709331d 2h 8m 34s ago
GbaNYsubnEiUgpTpYznrbnQBp2EYECnKdEENABLED709331d 2h 10m 26s ago
GMvwU4NerY927SqpGmsyUdESSf2B7dFAi9ENABLED709331d 2h 11m 29s ago
GMuoyNVgen9uEKUUKR6D346MGdVqjkXe1HENABLED709331d 2h 13m 19s ago
GNach2zA5RTvc1X96H6ZaDeb2k6ANTVBwKENABLED709331d 2h 18m 30s ago
Gf1d2RSGMEPVGPinYhSwxv8gGWHasccG6vENABLED709331d 2h 19m 37s ago
GgPuwJ7AkUDXGjLW65S7Wpor7n4LpLDpX6ENABLED709331d 2h 25m 13s ago
GfrDtYp37MKeY3NESw5oPVejNXZWbzGHyUENABLED709331d 2h 25m 43s ago
GVm3GerenrR4iNc2U9EtmPYJ1h7W5oLd5EENABLED709331d 2h 26m ago
Gb4p6cnydGNCAJUCevf1HWHNnNstPSgmkKENABLED709331d 2h 29m 10s ago
GKmpaC6kvpcL9E2EH6U3EuRieYaM9CnDtzENABLED709331d 2h 37m 33s ago
GN5fQLNWrUtYTL96okawxxJ7Mizi7V5mAbENABLED709331d 2h 37m 48s ago
GTTBJrTWDyaH2s9Fju29zdq3uSCaFbC3miENABLED709331d 2h 38m 52s ago
Gexyr4v1cqTX6cGoxX4ECnEemiMHPhWJDhENABLED709331d 2h 40m 25s ago
GNYJe2a88GhjuS7ZvCNWRhe1WFXD9zWBeuENABLED709331d 2h 40m 42s ago
Gcg5RfmE9zrxmwRktoA8ZjcEpxDWTYd24DENABLED709331d 2h 42m 23s ago
GPACHAai5woLruq6ucUu89yRS9PzkafEvUENABLED709331d 2h 42m 48s ago
GVLSrxKUeyU2VD41vE2i2RYxBBsM5t3yQdENABLED709331d 2h 44m 54s ago
GQTnB6hfcAoKjKxtXQZ8P6wcYMQJXgtUJ7ENABLED709331d 2h 48m 16s ago
GbQ1qbM1nbMcCB3Ed72nb6MEEPAfga8aWCENABLED709331d 2h 48m 43s ago
GTWwQVDmtxoZqcBQFztD5csvNxRjuwxM6EENABLED709331d 2h 49m 20s ago
GNZwdfqgxXLinRMedFMmeu6aACVUJZijsKENABLED709331d 2h 54m 4s ago

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