Digiwage (WAGE)

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Masternode statistics

Active:    108
Inactive:    0
Total:    108
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 95.33% / 383 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 3,385.0000

Last masternode reward: 5.0000 WAGE for DU6yWgeUY3iV1vjrK1YvMGK7ixAWPY3tY7

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,701,815
1m 29s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 677
24 Hrs block time: 2m 7s
24 Hrs block time variance: -48.3254 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m 5s
Genesis block: Mar 27 2018 15:11:30

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  2000000
Protocol version:  80810
Version:  169900

Wallet is connected to 7 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
DR55ESHvZYb1wwmzgUVgcTG61k4RhC4PEwENABLED8081046m 59s ago
DU6yWgeUY3iV1vjrK1YvMGK7ixAWPY3tY7ENABLED8081049m 29s ago
DBzBCqqbKVej7cPo9kgVNiFYHQ1EYT58eyENABLED8081049m 29s ago
DLF4gbu9bYLwPCaC75YxwjqcgDyjeyKJHKENABLED8081050m 44s ago
DMyHttmdi1pwUt5SQWMf6WUmY2yLXAdPQVENABLED8081053m 29s ago
DH2QtmUSL6TUbX37d4DrxqRhBN1sYdNEVCENABLED8081053m 59s ago
DEVpXqszLBTXLip9WtT71N8buhoyKFLpXiENABLED8081055m 29s ago
DPoWpjvZKXmb8KpciC717cQUWC6Tb2eQe3ENABLED8081055m 44s ago
D6uTCMSqsDn5wcRALwt3ztwuPNKW19Ps37ENABLED8081055m 59s ago
DKRzauVELKYETx8cDEPWwezSJFsCA9zpCkENABLED8081056m 29s ago
DBWy9gZu6Wg2vGEYrpm1zLkKAEfSk4HL5fENABLED8081056m 44s ago
D6eTUxZvt5Z1Hqy387LPyMEBaeBcogj6TpENABLED8081056m 59s ago
DQMLZGUvcfEevqwsxocDGsYico8u4F6uiEENABLED808101h 1m 14s ago
DNREzGf49r1UGfUQqXGKKRxqPGeA5ErVJfENABLED808101h 2m 29s ago
DQ9NZtJ2fdafMWB7i2dCbxSt1LjiHPv3QJENABLED808101h 3m 29s ago
DJirFgxBGR59d3wAoggBnHWUq71WavzqEdENABLED808101h 4m 29s ago
DHjHcQZ3NFtTZCDN9ayutnmnmGnGpf7NtAENABLED808101h 12m 59s ago
DQANahFajPSHjiwTCD7fYsMKwqX57AQou1ENABLED808101h 13m 14s ago
DGvHs9YxeGxzV5TdKA1cG8G4ivxWdg6krBENABLED808101h 13m 59s ago
DDrMXmqvN2EoCiHKcRyg5bco2CX18oQxyFENABLED808101h 15m 14s ago
DQRofdzjV2jfaySHgtChVuQT4tLBB2B5ZRENABLED808101h 21m 14s ago
DAj6YQY1LkfNpbbmuHzYA3p1hrp3UkPp5kENABLED808101h 21m 29s ago
DK2JgDF9KjkwD9PAH5iVHWPioYXC8JoUPtENABLED808101h 26m 29s ago
DT61ojAJvnH2KNptFB5R2ENt8ZJRxeZVjaENABLED808101h 27m 14s ago
D8iDduLKG4ooVoz3E5TD8gRuvBbBhTv7bcENABLED808101h 27m 44s ago
D9zugacYCaK7AbNyFPTHYjy8KXN79JsE1SENABLED808101h 30m 14s ago
D9hnEyDgU5nPyp6qUr11Bkf58cjqNFfpwFENABLED808101h 31m 44s ago
D9nq762X58n8awLDApbsncyc9XeFSkDUbeENABLED808101h 33m 14s ago
D84E3x9Dc8UgSDYfxfrGsNxZvA1yamR8NsENABLED808101h 35m 29s ago
DDqqZj8wq14qZAv26btYqt9YWnZts1izxZENABLED808101h 39m 29s ago
DMgiAfTvc4QgmEnHHayrDQuSkisB1oURxhENABLED808101h 39m 44s ago
DTqejgwkSbwMUQbhPpkqZmLeKKJij24DrSENABLED808101h 42m 44s ago
DQkw27LB7j3auH1sya5tziD9fqNn6cuayxENABLED808101h 43m 29s ago
DRrgKnSHoC5RWU7z7g71NDhepjzcFX7o1WENABLED808101h 57m 59s ago
DTDFBXDhVvNEkf29kuC75q5A4U4J1LE5QaENABLED808102h 2m 29s ago
DEwKfDC9oMhrrLk4j7AseKpKPwuS2o69ZpENABLED808102h 2m 59s ago
D5UGFMNZfMit1zzVkGByuFVWhvzayGoNNLENABLED808102h 32m 14s ago
DTirFJhhHAVCj1QmcryD4d2YTXpvy4DUtnENABLED808102h 32m 29s ago
D9AJGiZUeDkwowJLBTDsWbX1uer7vUMs4mENABLED808102h 32m 59s ago
DHe7nzboTmz7qJxnQ51LrEuYaFStGUnpxbENABLED808102h 33m 44s ago
DQSsAfxYko3m9RRY4pN83DXv9rgr6aVpFQENABLED808102h 34m 14s ago
DK9auBM7G9Jph7nfPTbBAkDeW8zDmYShaAENABLED808102h 38m 59s ago
DF3cKNN5fp49mChNAks1eLrFWgRsB9ZdFDENABLED808102h 41m 29s ago
DC4F1sL3aMY6Uyibn7QS55LAwJotUg8TXPENABLED808102h 41m 44s ago
DAo7ab5cFtDV4fW4pnXy6hebRA9sNGqhi5ENABLED808102h 43m 29s ago
DNiLnyRasTmzQQn9fFD88sEkTQ2SpS1Mr9ENABLED808103h 6m 59s ago
DERVUoMQVFnxghLMTerFkKGuAUkVnkA7SZENABLED808103h 7m 14s ago
DN4jd8RegBdmdo6bN3LhZCAqyL4sQxdPW8ENABLED808103h 9m 29s ago
D9oTbrPM4D1DLXndcqdcYPRMxFnyLZ14hmENABLED808103h 9m 44s ago
DM3eBK8neuyAUiSLR29cC31DtcQzsU3RfoENABLED808103h 10m 44s ago

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