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Digiwage (WAGE)

WAGE statistics on

Masternode statistics

Active:    154
Inactive:    0
Total:    154
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 79.28% / 460 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 4,045.0000

Last masternode reward: 5.0000 WAGE for DDx9HGCD8r2vzxXyeJCLxa4DDrH1UMMRNh

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,989,769
1m 58s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 809
24 Hrs block time: 1m 46s
24 Hrs block time variance: -30.4100 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m 14s
Genesis block: Mar 27 2018 15:11:30

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  2000000
Protocol version:  80810
Version:  169900

Wallet is connected to 9 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
DDx9HGCD8r2vzxXyeJCLxa4DDrH1UMMRNhENABLED8081037m 41s ago
D8iDduLKG4ooVoz3E5TD8gRuvBbBhTv7bcENABLED8081037m 56s ago
DQPMic7c5JynqwhnCQyunEDJNgLoF3fRovENABLED8081038m 26s ago
DMgiAfTvc4QgmEnHHayrDQuSkisB1oURxhENABLED8081039m 26s ago
DNhfdhKies13cTENP2PGEn6PF9uNtoCnY6ENABLED8081041m 11s ago
D6gScoL98hJAkaq8yRqUmomrvZrqxCuM7oENABLED8081041m 56s ago
DBWy9gZu6Wg2vGEYrpm1zLkKAEfSk4HL5fENABLED8081043m 26s ago
DBTmmFqmGA4WeBHHY38MQtiqw2UbB3qijoENABLED8081044m 11s ago
DAmiZV6QxgYYmajQG1HZqnp1uUCKAgjkDfENABLED8081046m 26s ago
D9zugacYCaK7AbNyFPTHYjy8KXN79JsE1SENABLED8081048m 26s ago
DEsGz5Lof945fKypT8FPxW5YH8onUTQitJENABLED8081049m 56s ago
DRrgKnSHoC5RWU7z7g71NDhepjzcFX7o1WENABLED808101h 2m 41s ago
DPezmJS2kfpMLGj8gR8uTdzceWu9FxGFdJENABLED808101h 2m 56s ago
DC2ED598mKpiPHoQASfwVAxiMVPDwnhrkcENABLED808101h 4m 11s ago
D6am1sfmE1PNuxEELbuqrkQSYgPHEoAZntENABLED808101h 4m 56s ago
DEwKfDC9oMhrrLk4j7AseKpKPwuS2o69ZpENABLED808101h 5m 26s ago
DQQfnFaMfF4HvCMfCDfyaZErCx7Z6AZEtBENABLED808101h 8m 56s ago
DAHB8uYJKMJ9o9TyNk6pbyzThVqUwUGJMtENABLED808101h 9m 11s ago
DUT9qPCCHbjA4YdNqoBPXkGgLzhY8EAu5NENABLED808101h 14m 11s ago
DU6yWgeUY3iV1vjrK1YvMGK7ixAWPY3tY7ENABLED808101h 14m 56s ago
D5ANiRpZNrrUBuu7ARS44JPJACdRdNrBRvENABLED808101h 16m 56s ago
DR55ESHvZYb1wwmzgUVgcTG61k4RhC4PEwENABLED808101h 17m 26s ago
DB1WhNJ1BGgHwe6fri8JA5pNCqQqTxhBzEENABLED808101h 20m 26s ago
DF3cKNN5fp49mChNAks1eLrFWgRsB9ZdFDENABLED808101h 21m 41s ago
DDTafog9ndmfJDyKdwVxfhNPqEiszDuHyvENABLED808101h 21m 56s ago
DTLeBuSVBTq6komjdAvRPcHYBbkrAyMGahENABLED808101h 23m 56s ago
DNREzGf49r1UGfUQqXGKKRxqPGeA5ErVJfENABLED808101h 24m 41s ago
DR1vvqmjsdPTXbRV6NjQBj7B2RcXpr9ck4ENABLED808101h 26m 26s ago
DNiLnyRasTmzQQn9fFD88sEkTQ2SpS1Mr9ENABLED808101h 27m 41s ago
DAjQJq9TJa6VLzVC4nVLZJD2rWHMC5gYSYENABLED808101h 28m 11s ago
D5V2GZi35oTdwpHPtiParzBhvavfnBCyEnENABLED808101h 28m 56s ago
DAj6YQY1LkfNpbbmuHzYA3p1hrp3UkPp5kENABLED808101h 38m 41s ago
DNXSWTZupM7F3GftMbULNTywAYohfDhfiVENABLED808101h 38m 56s ago
DTPWvSeh2vXLBXJRidTzA6qU4QHnmuwAJoENABLED808101h 39m 26s ago
D5dCaywiX3gif8kbK94WDxUVV5X8dewJrBENABLED808101h 40m 41s ago
DQkw27LB7j3auH1sya5tziD9fqNn6cuayxENABLED808101h 41m 11s ago
D6uTCMSqsDn5wcRALwt3ztwuPNKW19Ps37ENABLED808101h 42m 56s ago
DCfvRd3EnoaJxnd1zLaUABNw6rnKxJoAA6ENABLED808101h 43m 56s ago
D9oTbrPM4D1DLXndcqdcYPRMxFnyLZ14hmENABLED808101h 44m 26s ago
DN6M7c93DHnqDmJyz8GvR3QTR63toh7AJyENABLED808101h 49m 41s ago
DS1vJULpBpTXVp7udSSWR9Uhhz53RBF58BENABLED808101h 50m 56s ago
DSwudJMLxi99U4f8xm67yUSoMMZXof5vweENABLED808101h 51m 56s ago
DRTgTXJAtCGABc5cWDXZgZc5ex3XtCoPVtENABLED808101h 57m 56s ago
DDoAFN7n6662bAX3N9Fh6PzfUTYVVzu7wjENABLED808101h 59m 11s ago
DFckwrUD9N2hZdr5NgXS6bK5YhoirzKZ9gENABLED808102h 2m 26s ago
D63CZPZTBCmiEKe7w1LNbHaphsoyws2RAyENABLED808102h 18m 56s ago
D8TbxnATe7qjiZgdicJkmcmeWFE8s74NSsENABLED808102h 19m 11s ago
DQTcXZcdqjSbaQJLbtiPaMYRJ8aRsZXFjYENABLED808102h 19m 26s ago
DDVkBMNrqF1tgyXafS2U7zyKsT6brtUiT8ENABLED808102h 20m 11s ago
DH1dackomtHsR4pWckVDCugctJdFMzz3byENABLED808102h 22m 26s ago

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