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AirWire (WIRE)

WIRE statistics on

Masternode statistics

Active:    124
Inactive:    1
Total:    125
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 503.35% / 73 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 59,850.0000

Last masternode reward: 42.0000 WIRE for CU6Kcw8W97qczig4p1PWdBRAXXSeS9XYjj

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,020,751
2m 18s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,425
24 Hrs block time: 1m
24 Hrs block time variance: +0.8687 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 1s
Genesis block: Apr 14 2018 13:59:25

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  1050000
Protocol version:  70022
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 111 peers
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Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
CVTy3gvf3Aq1dRkbTtt53wrGYPp2WMaFGfENABLED7002254m 24s ago
CbXwdQVVKqE3H68ePsfRrf2QYkTDwzcT2TENABLED7002256m 55s ago
CRc6eih6f5KEdJ6we6zQvXBPk5tkiiuEKzENABLED7002257m 27s ago
CZwYDjpUN8bZnzijBgMtLNwQ7Uwm9ZjyaEENABLED7002258m ago
CHvkEauYpjY7bm8MBBiqEgdqL65RzrsmwGENABLED7002259m 8s ago
CYFSsnUP4HBLQsy4PgjfVtzbEymF515PQBENABLED700221h 43s ago
CRsWos1Hs3QbXUaF383mPxvn58ZUnYyTY9ENABLED700221h 1m 27s ago
CMyTMWWDrc6izB2vhRHkJ7WJEDXr6ZXu4QENABLED700221h 2m 26s ago
CWP3vTuYxYNicNQNfg3smYCNDfuqk6G8hvENABLED700221h 2m 55s ago
CT6KTv8GTkC98eGjvhERoBNAgs448gjQ3sENABLED700221h 4m 48s ago
CXpDEvC1sqqYS8zxhW6UMMx9ZjHnY9bDQ2ENABLED700221h 6m 4s ago
CR4cWxbZj5xQpZnhYRLC54Dbsek9APCitrENABLED700221h 7m 42s ago
CSFLQuusNqWFLiHtm5VkWkqdwLarYJQhhLENABLED700221h 8m 1s ago
CWfbsYgoybKQNDBdjvyuHMbymbcG4CFMaJENABLED700221h 10m 11s ago
CbED9RHHdbA8ebJh9ae8JNnwfJk8YgSJgzENABLED700221h 10m 24s ago
CJ8HhYAvLx7grQn9etWpvapvTCvpCNKVbjENABLED700221h 12m 37s ago
CMm4pBtCWgzNzVjHZEAdcMgHdtkavNdrXWENABLED700221h 13m 24s ago
CdwoM1rhmHCC6x3kLkXA2hvEpZWb51J2EYENABLED700221h 14m 21s ago
CSJGwZK97KNUCB1ANMtiJixipwoK4e7tezENABLED700221h 14m 40s ago
CLYYbWTtid2wATfGBwpk6GjgqpvuN9G7ZkENABLED700221h 16m 27s ago
CckqczVY7L4aRte8nBwPLDCq8epG7wxZ3QENABLED700221h 19m 21s ago
CVsUAP1nSuLdNF3cFkHkzoMtKWrsKuHQrnENABLED700221h 19m 22s ago
CcF8K97qRBXx9yYizdeP1r1EAj2PHGFiKmENABLED700221h 20m 11s ago
CV3hTUqo6vdNkKGXb5KTL6NDE2qdLfHTEAEXPIRED700221h 22m 51s ago
CLPDHZx8UvtGiLRdqQZT4tZo7MgxSRPA4ZENABLED700221h 23m 1s ago
CWqRFCYAh5kttEYiW25GKXpBraaiaiaCbZENABLED700221h 23m 28s ago
CcV94WCRfKRjG9b2vFF8PFf7t8xMdWuDQJENABLED700221h 24m 14s ago
CMPRNpYgE1kdinMdrxCEjDtUbt2tRX6p2BENABLED700221h 24m 45s ago
CTk7XADH59JJzJUXzSUALWFZRq6X1gCUbRENABLED700221h 26m 26s ago
CbvZoDdQiCP6TL14dmnEVPw4zm39iotwDXENABLED700221h 30m 34s ago
CX2JSS8kHxUQCig38mSdoPA6m7AJQPYpuMENABLED700221h 31m 11s ago
CJVE1qBQVBD4Q2TDM37ayqmqf5EJ1F2g1jENABLED700221h 31m 59s ago
CMtVeCkxxq8YZkHH6c9naLJCcpwnPxqLpNENABLED700221h 32m 33s ago
CPt83UyM6k56gtBkHMbA9mnM2SKdeSTSfBENABLED700221h 34m 20s ago
CZLdLYhJc1QVujNJpcapabEizL8U6SnG89ENABLED700221h 35m 43s ago
CX9koDkk3ARV5Za2cGdqrxvunvFZxG5TTgENABLED700221h 36m 13s ago
CeH2yaW2zmm4KSTLkt5CtUcftp3ehkc47HENABLED700221h 36m 32s ago
CHeCfZqT1mBymkPH1JopMVsJs8NFyerukLENABLED700221h 40m 20s ago
CNum7yrrs9FV7utPA3DoTbcnQbeQLkoPToENABLED700221h 41m 30s ago
CKZ1Srffh9ohBVrjFqpDKqVcWrHu8M7HUMENABLED700221h 46m 6s ago
CMcr48fqnFWyhCAcGhinMFLgAfd7JJ3ieZENABLED700221h 46m 36s ago
CQmQFH2Fn68NVCxqrUT3JUyoa2grqb2XwPENABLED700221h 52m 20s ago
CdJTBCfG6gTbjdwdwKRM3u6EVEiZzH17pwENABLED700221h 52m 43s ago
CVtp8kgYaYdeZ4aZ5WjfqAPBFJc4EUnLFhENABLED700221h 56m 53s ago
CHAS38G1BPX1AwRSBt85FdWzngQH3JmdXrENABLED700222h 1m 35s ago
CWEuhsAM4BYwC4boiVQmcnvbxjYK7tSiGmENABLED700222h 3m 10s ago
CSMjWjQGu22T1F7gjxRkyoPqE4QAAf3r6vENABLED700222h 3m 40s ago
CZrgyao9mV9Z6hV2hyo2WhKjASfQNAjk9dENABLED700222h 3m 59s ago

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