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Bitcoin Incognito (XBI)

XBI statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    773
Inactive:    0
Total:    773
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 81.78% / 446 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 5,189.2500

Last masternode reward: 4.2500 XBI for BEyTtNg6g5yobJqCMNNUTPt3TEk3CLiQVe

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,805,950
34s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,416
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: -0.8308 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: May 07 2018 15:22:56

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  4040000
Protocol version:  70998
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 16 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on masternode.online.

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
BLkykZ4JFya9qpKpDAbtkWu2gQnXryicpBENABLED709981d 8h 13m 32s ago
BTjfCqqzY7DkAo3AAuNnfzyDPphfigPuwoENABLED709981d 8h 16m 52s ago
BMuZ2Ftxff79wb1yhNiATkcaH3B4956w6fENABLED709981d 8h 25m 5s ago
BAceVvJHA1RaT4P6BJZv6v6Vu3RgHYqVNAENABLED709981d 8h 30m 12s ago
BEUwGTBnz9qWMpXV4NQBjQUkcZ6E1fTDcBENABLED709981d 8h 36m 58s ago
BD8CV9bQDQrfTHbniU65ZDRkUtTGaYvBwpENABLED709981d 8h 43m 13s ago
B9cMfQ6nPurivm2UbFRX7w3BXBfhd21J4aENABLED709981d 9h 13m 10s ago
BDnpVsKhkWAz9DmiZFKan3qbzsSbKgfftxENABLED709981d 9h 27m 32s ago
BRKhvdGVrKp9gb5JVDfVeQSxF69WRrAXiaENABLED709981d 9h 36m 6s ago
BGC82JHvexUSR2yDjxy4N92ec42itLvfUaENABLED709981d 9h 42m 17s ago
BRWGnys11eiQ7QEKFXnvy3vKPTGSDgYtzfENABLED709981d 10h 26m 57s ago
BEfMVVWaWtketTq7BZLpi2PgYmVq9zKMePENABLED709981d 10h 32m 18s ago
BBJJF8FNYVb78n9denoDPo1ibUFoMN9zs4ENABLED709981d 10h 49m 40s ago
BNrXJY2XQUeLdtaUiawhNu1BZcHypzh6fDENABLED709981d 11h 3m 57s ago
BFRHDSPDWxciFHU1oxemHfkicX4DjRQdN8ENABLED709981d 11h 44m 36s ago
BPZAU2XUZWcJrrcvwgorX8qHyL2dPntZU6ENABLED709981d 11h 47m 46s ago
BGFFkzaBwxVCpp1nyk5Zv5wC8dL31ufKYGENABLED709981d 11h 56m 10s ago
BLgNRRDRbobDowuj6fvwkh4CHoGNGmSzmxENABLED709981d 11h 56m 35s ago
BKa7pnTNKpaLCZ1o6bMTZA8AmjdPZQ64QRENABLED709981d 12h 1m 43s ago
B8zQNn4hJggEpXdKNmFw5oFMhN3NdQrNcjENABLED709981d 12h 2m 35s ago
BM1vTH3in2dyGinFithATnaPKzJ7FSFU7QENABLED709981d 12h 26m 32s ago
BCZwLQi8oXJJRAkSxWWeBt6VctNEmv1V9RENABLED709981d 13h 2m 42s ago
BDpxF65Z18wLCJwC4tbZjihp1jcht1mZxNENABLED709981d 13h 7m 31s ago
B7qzuo4FYJFqqefjLEYdSy2wbqRXLpY8SZENABLED709981d 14h 3m 8s ago
BDRMt33q1UNGKcyd9ioqpUsKbrXypjSJ4yENABLED709981d 14h 8m 7s ago
BE2GZC9b7mzsqUdiJVrZvcKeuRbVeiQYtBENABLED709981d 14h 10m 38s ago
BBQhbTEU6wPpYhtonLCFzAwgG11dPFvMJCENABLED709981d 14h 17m 55s ago
BNfGyKXS5uk8BBJCU8vqAyQJ2FCpFiK4teENABLED709981d 14h 30m 7s ago
BQT1VV3m8m92nwKePv4Fm8kMZhujUNV47eENABLED709981d 14h 34m 34s ago
BS8EdLdYUHuD9qrb48PBsL5nquHWtxnjCeENABLED709981d 14h 43m 32s ago
BHY3ARL8m69fWWNjmfH8Nb1zLhc8j3hEqQENABLED709981d 15h 23m 8s ago
BMXVuk12TXQDMkmMZrEcNhE9FssvaabxyvENABLED709981d 15h 36m 7s ago
BDCarcyTPDxXBLEnABL2M183W1j1LFJrpPENABLED709981d 15h 36m 53s ago
B9ETxNdFExGLp9259iFa3kzVNib3dDF8aSENABLED709981d 15h 58m 53s ago
BSwnR7nnJThaFXz4GWFiNcbYv45kSurXfRENABLED709981d 16h 31m 5s ago
BMUonww6jX2TPitU2TYtrLb2oN6njo8j82ENABLED709981d 17h 34m 6s ago
BGVB5zgWJEJk3xvedSR8M41NFYfEwg3Ev9ENABLED709981d 18h 20s ago
BHjGUukaWyCbyihwvwrJ2opDqopULBg3LvENABLED709981d 19h 3m 3s ago
BTeftgStFhSMg94nCEfNyxjaFdeTXdMFcUENABLED709981d 19h 18m 9s ago
BQadMAbmrhqwuLRHup6nCnzE3AKyfBDq4CENABLED709981d 19h 20m 22s ago
B99rCDqf1STckTEaAEZ9W4WUnt4vSP6sR1ENABLED709981d 19h 58m 59s ago
B59abv63opbqGBgYKeBcSTStjV6Hpfshq4ENABLED709981d 20h 5m 29s ago
B5c5YKPniJkDyTVNeS3BuDEFrfwvsuXjpUENABLED709981d 20h 5m 43s ago
BQpAZLiWJUW2hogisySdeHovjfTAredk9KENABLED709981d 20h 16m 39s ago
BDZFXnu5uGd6kKSUP1PDYGMYBYWfBWA77oENABLED709981d 20h 42m 40s ago
BKpagVFEi3gqNAqXxLgiQT5yUobGLjGzddENABLED709981d 21h 18m 14s ago
BCKQKcqUuVPi6Yigj6688VrQswJ5pHQmFkENABLED709981d 21h 24m 9s ago
B6Qa835tr4afMViMedVcQkd1FHCGfbZBiLENABLED709981d 23h 25m 1s ago
BHMhiQSicGbmaAzwH5m6w2wGeNtpg3wj2zENABLED709981d 23h 30m 15s ago
BECDrFXgJwQg44d25DqyjAhtkhN8m4Kt9NENABLED709981d 23h 43m 22s ago

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