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Bitcoin Incognito (XBI)

XBI statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    763
Inactive:    1
Total:    764
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 85.86% / 425 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 5,384.7500

Last masternode reward: 4.2500 XBI for BPoFb9GtCEcQPHh7dU6PTgdwuFNqYUeoXg

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,797,935
33s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,420
24 Hrs block time: 1m
24 Hrs block time variance: -0.5535 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: May 07 2018 15:22:56

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  4040000
Protocol version:  70998
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 16 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on masternode.online.

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
BPoFb9GtCEcQPHh7dU6PTgdwuFNqYUeoXgENABLED7099858m 4s ago
BCKQKcqUuVPi6Yigj6688VrQswJ5pHQmFkENABLED7099858m 57s ago
BRWGnys11eiQ7QEKFXnvy3vKPTGSDgYtzfENABLED7099859m 21s ago
BM5Fd4YMeVUpjxV53RBRaJ8eUARcMh4V55ENABLED7099859m 26s ago
BJiARX7qwusawA2DaP3FW1Tq9c58X53ozrENABLED7099859m 36s ago
B7WfonaaQvNjN5d4b2dTXEmsXWhmYryViEENABLED709981h 54s ago
BS9az3BBxb4oHASF2WWqHE4VbpYuZkpQMnENABLED709981h 4m 18s ago
BFmRddPVWmexQXceBCVtpaGugUzq7hFuu5ENABLED709981h 5m 59s ago
BDWSSjC9S9poQMuNiti3PcJ6Qy4ziKTue7ENABLED709981h 8m 46s ago
BDXqWcXjEXW3Kxej8d1Lb2qeDVQbn7FQwcENABLED709981h 9m 37s ago
BFP6SLU7ebt84NTc3n2r9HJrraYVorFmLXENABLED709981h 10m 7s ago
B6xSjQXAJJFegiamvqZnBQJh6rDE7DziC5ENABLED709981h 10m 30s ago
B9Wt89hkKSf3APCkxgfgmTqMndCDDs45oXENABLED709981h 12m 29s ago
BK4SjiSxAcScwef4z2RJn5kse6V5YWC1GdENABLED709981h 13m 41s ago
BRBciNMhhTsPcL9EAQp3pNLAC5y2dLxPiDENABLED709981h 14m 39s ago
BJAoW7xTddH1kYCstMURhJccNtbLqimFX6ENABLED709981h 16m 19s ago
B5c7PJ27zC5BmedNW4LYhwwp5rXKR4keLTENABLED709981h 16m 32s ago
BS7B21rjecA3SBiCyEzZv42D7xnb9uo3UUENABLED709981h 18m 6s ago
BK4vtYR1mhnnHC1RmWaNL1taXdQsybvow2ENABLED709981h 18m 41s ago
BTWPutUhCDqtabFPMUH8nhYkCUCCa7F3r1ENABLED709981h 20m 8s ago
BDs6dDvwg6nt1ndow9Uhy8BSX77tots74WENABLED709981h 20m 10s ago
B6y5thGivjFCCGVM6Zt48hnGP3vASzA2TaENABLED709981h 22m 30s ago
BHKgjSR4BCNKiBHFwqcq8YDTAcHH6v9nKFENABLED709981h 22m 57s ago
B7aAhM7UCnXTUWnCy7RCTkKTLQydu3TLqeENABLED709981h 24m ago
BEwrzgY4xBpfpFWghAumSdE9BywmA1ndLfENABLED709981h 27m 37s ago
BMQN7iH5e1RnhG7KDJePDSbpoqrUEzQ88LENABLED709981h 27m 46s ago
BJP1ZCRhb2MNmJ323bfhQLs2WcG219c89uENABLED709981h 28m 34s ago
B9GWkyn97M6Efs5mtPUd8imYZxwg6PpBnMENABLED709981h 28m 58s ago
BAzCkGYzeKJZhLuETzfySxe6THPM2D8SmrENABLED709981h 32m 3s ago
B5nznd8ZnVoacrsYDCKsj5DwGVwnW3zSkSENABLED709981h 33m 7s ago
BTEkWpT6Zf7EyGRMvTEHHVf3KKmZ5RtRP9ENABLED709981h 33m 57s ago
BLzhamrYMUXbDt4D1Lucwnh4rXMH3kmf96ENABLED709981h 35m 14s ago
BQW61nVymtAwrhz7wsZ5RQs7EM1ezSBeCjENABLED709981h 36m 17s ago
B5HnMTbV6hTv9ReVG9JBHoAZbQVysTbH67ENABLED709981h 36m 40s ago
B5c5YKPniJkDyTVNeS3BuDEFrfwvsuXjpUENABLED709981h 37m 35s ago
BCvcGru3RvWRVz7dVChUHimGTzm1BdDeZJENABLED709981h 37m 39s ago
BJZQKkWrkvh8Q8XCNZHmx81zxStMpT8JeqENABLED709981h 37m 50s ago
BLjvkXM4rNy36yDPzJD4TfUhf1CMbjoWqGENABLED709981h 38m 50s ago
B6Z5gXmN2S118a7FYXd85kwCFuUYrghRAuENABLED709981h 42m 35s ago
B8pTuoZBnYCD4icJCPLbr7D53iwcLnDAnxENABLED709981h 42m 35s ago
BNn9sz8i686f5deMTdU3hQw6fosiaQuoAxENABLED709981h 44m 56s ago
BB6wDt54z1Fxrsmb7C3RMqyeTihPmUPHFhENABLED709981h 46m 43s ago
B6Sy1NRmB92xNBU3rqYcLw9yPL1EJYxBUCENABLED709982h 2m 43s ago
BKHxPWRirLiZy7ZjvCRSv24jWLMMhwp5FCENABLED709982h 2m 50s ago
BMADUTUyix4YxsKHVeXD9NAudQvsqE8ueVENABLED709982h 3m 26s ago
BPSG2VyQyGBK9cbvrLPkxocFXoDcBoZigbENABLED709982h 3m 43s ago
B4aaRAtcRZBizUZBHHzNP1kXC4nUchFPFYENABLED709982h 4m 6s ago
B9QXCedqL6taNnaqHypunr8CcKxTiXqmZhENABLED709982h 7m 4s ago
BHJsT3uyvTKHLB2C5wAVyBWm5PscqTHQR5ENABLED709982h 7m 25s ago
BTmp3nH5BSWXfKFFmkGy6pkbEp6SvVTYaNENABLED709982h 8m 40s ago

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