Integrated Distributed Ledgers

XGamingUp (XGA)

XGA statistics on

Maintenance: No website, block explorer and no market

Masternode statistics

Active:    33
Inactive:    1
Total:    34
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 25.19% / 1449 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: unknown

Last masternode reward: 13.8000 XGA for XEuWG25ot3nPGoiXVre7rUC9ScxuLLVWT9

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 329,695
15h 35m 20s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 165
24 Hrs block time: 8m 43s
24 Hrs block time variance: -88.4426 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: Apr 22 2019 09:55:32

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  1000300
Protocol version:  70923
Version:  61000

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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid 7h 5m 41s ago 12h 57m 56s ago
2a01:4f8:a0:519b::417140XFxHC9CosBzu9Q5NrZwyYy3YEoRZbgcnRSENABLED709231d 12h 58m 42s ago 13h 1m 8s ago
2a01:4f8:a0:519b::1117140Xa9tuAf89F4kDyePRgom9mRawtr1ELx91XENABLED709231d 13h 2m 55s ago
2a01:4f8:a0:519b::317140XBV5fPMzaBZE9tauresE1yeobPm3V2KWQgENABLED709231d 13h 4m 14s ago
2a01:4f8:160:53e9::100817140XW1bgE9gEwwDTLeJvEBj41Lbg8Scnq9QrXENABLED709231d 13h 5m 1s ago
2a01:4f8:a0:519b::2817140XSUULgkYwChLHBs5kZuh2v8oXqHoWW4NwLENABLED709231d 13h 6m 14s ago
2a01:4f8:a0:519b::1017140XHLSXbhVBxAZpK1asDviYH8A4XxqfZs1tiENABLED709231d 13h 6m 43s ago
2a01:4f9:2b:315a::70917140XCQaMeR8fNWzwBimTGKpsiq8H26LL3ryEBENABLED709231d 13h 7m 51s ago 13h 9m 10s ago
2a01:4f8:a0:519b::117140XJYAP2QoxDrh72ZTJXb7PjsmVqnXQwqYMWENABLED709231d 13h 10m 35s ago 13h 11m ago
2a01:4f8:a0:519b::3017140XGooXfoPqqmdXTtbQSKnWA8hkAL6U7owbNENABLED709231d 13h 12m 3s ago
2a01:4f8:a0:519b::1217140XE2SWtB7ksbQuko9JnZxJzKVjre7vTDg16ENABLED709231d 13h 13m 58s ago
2a01:4f8:a0:519b::2417140XVrxyid9MAYLexugaTr8FufdBifqU4Gh3hENABLED709231d 13h 15m 46s ago
2a01:4f8:160:53e9::100517140XWi9GzKHu8Ufxae1cVdpZYQKuXd1wmevMHENABLED709231d 13h 16m 27s ago 13h 18m 14s ago
2a01:4f8:a0:519b::3317140XZiuPKVaLpkvRn1kzH6VQY7psH25dvHx6PENABLED709231d 13h 19m 41s ago 13h 19m 51s ago
2a01:4f8:a0:519b::817140XPVuBQCHtRtJw7CoGGdv17g48WkRwLy7NPENABLED709231d 13h 20m ago
2a01:4f8:a0:519b::2917140XJpAjcLk7egygRpoJxzh88UEK53Rt9HYdqENABLED709231d 13h 23m 57s ago
2a01:4f8:a0:519b::3417140XafN77yKf74DM9P8XKDhk7mhQ8SZGFQKj1ENABLED709231d 13h 26m 25s ago
2a01:4f8:a0:519b::917140XU4eakQdLTTk5cvvZ3rDDn1XbnJCSidYb7ENABLED709231d 13h 26m 55s ago
2a01:4f8:160:53e9::100717140XFsnzdTwD9MgoLzmbifYNTnbkijeHKP9qtENABLED709231d 13h 27m 21s ago
2a01:4f8:a0:519b::617140XVFLLf1sqCASiM6WX3kGF2AGBe8kEzYdERENABLED709231d 13h 28m 20s ago
2a01:4f8:a0:519b::2517140XNjsKjscuFaR2sTNM1tM6zwVCVftTMNbqFENABLED709231d 13h 28m 27s ago
2a01:4f8:a0:519b::217140XTNRnu4VAFfHeCXgLAC61Rw2szAiqQYsFnENABLED709231d 13h 30m 17s ago
2a01:4f8:a0:519b::717140XVmkzt4GnH9BEUeN4WTgQCj8ntyKb3HoUpENABLED709231d 13h 32m 18s ago
2a01:4f8:160:53e9::116317140XU8oioyn8p9o3sdTwjRX9aNTHLc4HW6JLPENABLED709231d 13h 33m 19s ago
2a01:4f8:a0:519b::2317140XLLLoVYqXUZaSW2pZEfG7DmrFVPF3F7cXwENABLED709231d 13h 34m 41s ago
2a01:4f8:a0:519b::517140XNoaqUzCR7MXsX3RrNEk1guCehwCVdYxKRENABLED709231d 13h 37m 5s ago
2a01:4f8:a0:519b::3117140XNEgQnjFJ8AdfjtJKXc5mfaH9EAfot3gErENABLED709231d 13h 41m 39s ago 14h 17m 48s ago

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