XLQ statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    779
Inactive:    8
Total:    787
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 20.32% / 1796 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 4,293.0000

Last masternode reward: 3.0000 XLQ for aRYEz8hy9ZcsDNtzU7pcyYrom1Sd2HWzVf

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 971,644
8s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,431
24 Hrs block time: 1m
24 Hrs block time variance: +1.0734 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 1s
Genesis block: Dec 05 2019 18:35:15

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  6050000
Protocol version:  70919
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 16 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on masternode.online.

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
aTEQXfdSrktjK7yETPPf6HaQhRbydjT5rhENABLED709192h 35m 29s ago
ad15MVokQigG2HndPCdQXq7MiK3eMHCBdnENABLED709192h 35m 37s ago
aZpSmqT13acbKUKfTSqttGcLLnUMWxSQuJENABLED709192h 36m 45s ago
aQew49Xtr4k4HqhVB1Dm6814B3qnWesX3qENABLED709192h 37m 14s ago
aYrsuhnKsSAfeAmuejVaujjLEVhPNQRWoSENABLED709192h 38m 54s ago
aig5quK1YMQnqc2kdCp2UUpPGLv84JmapcENABLED709192h 39m 55s ago
agrxMztUz8enNpNFcUa9tPZ5C3K4MLE2XfENABLED709192h 40m 57s ago
aXg8bxhXfZncLrehStchrdER9YtifrFxj3ENABLED709192h 42m 17s ago
aXGEb3DUakTGhX5Qvhx3ruGDcm3JwDnDVzENABLED709192h 42m 53s ago
am37cLL1x4gQD1SwTqiGkeVnApxw3KybkTENABLED709192h 45m 29s ago
ahh6n3QUChNyLLJnHDqSghmLYSXgpZe8McENABLED709192h 45m 31s ago
aUgeb3ZWRx3gfYK3Lj3CAbrNnMNrk5GbiQENABLED709192h 46m 8s ago
aU6uwLk7GSM4JRpufAVdK9SCVYGdpzGncMENABLED709192h 47m 17s ago
an3aLchmNFwCAAfgzQTcfQEGhEi2TwhBRuENABLED709192h 47m 25s ago
aW3HBzUEcN9PP9fYZoXxVhVwxGrEdQ3PNpENABLED709192h 48m 26s ago
aattyQckGy9Qm51L4baZdHu5AQ4LDqndS9ENABLED709192h 50m 7s ago
ajNVHfzjfhuH6ZvcYg8EwaNJu6zcpeLtMeENABLED709192h 51m 30s ago
aRuzFBxkRdKqwDMxjdLBPnXCjqqJoVGcfrENABLED709192h 53m 7s ago
aTrBhgMYXmRCyjRukpZUjPCjAip7YBw2hbENABLED709192h 54m 6s ago
ahudbmm4zhw58sj5y3hGzMoPVeK84DMu2FENABLED709192h 54m 32s ago
ajmv18UnNE7sXGA45e8SyJvopLd4WjvwYHENABLED709192h 55m 6s ago
ajUvxRqnGogtxrYjzRYpdj71KESBf18DcLENABLED709192h 55m 14s ago
ag9c84yQpP7sXzSEx8P8RkmH9D3rAy5u7eENABLED709192h 55m 51s ago
aRNuZnJqW9itVg7z1JAW3L14vBJ2gtFCFpENABLED709192h 57m 33s ago
aQK6Urt8EmzgSBBqn93pHdWrLyKKqgpNCRENABLED709193h 46s ago
aVvgvQACY4h2xz3g64UfFyxWbik2TJNiBjENABLED709193h 3m 47s ago
aSF5SfZwihuQKtPFW3gjKuzccoZZrQ8V2RENABLED709193h 7m 10s ago
aaEHbnWp4ZP8Qc2a5hZsBTdDZv7wLMUkeuENABLED709193h 7m 57s ago
aR15WuKt6ACawWuXQsnr8wfZVYc54kFAypENABLED709193h 8m 3s ago
aj2jCDpEHHNGM9uJ77WmHMeAdaL61WD2jtENABLED709193h 9m 40s ago
aQP4QJF98VXQo9fGsb1LjK8o86VTYDffSxENABLED709193h 9m 43s ago
aT2aXkg4u97PLY9AbrXjiNZjLfvfztNQkvENABLED709193h 10m 7s ago
aV4TuJ3SsxkFrvnFNj3YenitrTnP3xirkXENABLED709193h 11m 14s ago
aSQL44YGo6mRtQXpTZi8wi1xGsJuFGyLxsENABLED709193h 11m 29s ago
akAb47XYf9bNsawqPF7xijFqkCZhLzz8D9ENABLED709193h 12m 1s ago
aXkyERg1qp9KurepgE5Nxuu8QNRDde6WxuENABLED709193h 13m 42s ago
acXYcqMdLQT758K7ouRypE4hgudyaFCYuuENABLED709193h 13m 44s ago
abeQdcAFj1KDavmEbZ6CeMyw82ugq87XZMENABLED709193h 14m 36s ago
aUg9buj9w2BPHESrHcRv9hL5YQEa6y5LfSENABLED709193h 16m 7s ago
aTz6uVudYnxsmPj7bRqsJDTRX5MmKyHeKUENABLED709193h 17m 29s ago
aWwfeA2DQqrqDjHF6vPAg7R6Us8VLMNCRpENABLED709193h 20m 49s ago
aYW7QsS7a9VR75Se8P9imQmMfSe1BCvJi7ENABLED709193h 21m 5s ago
aeLQactYrHewwQeVCLfr55hXELz5c7g7Z1ENABLED709193h 21m 26s ago
ajeZ5kcaoo1b9H5hYCsdGcnstjy7PXSXm7ENABLED709193h 22m 2s ago
ahLq8rNiRqoTeAScW1YezPRBVY4KpmsoQuENABLED709193h 22m 7s ago
aYntbuDVsSGp9BUSeox92S3ntZqmZg5YqZENABLED709193h 45m 8s ago
addx3j692iUsY9hi8d9G5QFtuMRFMRFqm8ENABLED709193h 46m 39s ago
amCSoAhxAFbKL86PmUFnBZKJJPBPMLZoj3ENABLED709193h 46m 48s ago
abJkuyf11k9hzbTFDBCxGDFnBCLrjtw3SuENABLED709193h 46m 53s ago
aQwN8M5SQ7MGUwwcgWebfZLrvj14vHNN9fENABLED709193h 47m 3s ago

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