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Masternode statistics

Active:    2,138
Inactive:    72
Total:    2,210
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 7.31% / 4993 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 4,281.0000

Last masternode reward: 3.0000 XLQ for aYk5a4FaWSbZFxzR6uiB3crA6wzfTcLvdV

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 342,587
27s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,427
24 Hrs block time: 1m
24 Hrs block time variance: +1.9232 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 1s
Genesis block: Dec 05 2019 18:35:15

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  6050000
Protocol version:  70919
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 32 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
ajxvNc865tQbQRUaKqRwJZTzesQua7vaZDENABLED709191h 42m 8s ago
aSrkamuTw79gUMsW142SKjLNxRMiRepWTFENABLED709191h 44m 38s ago
aVn1XfSEwaTwwcQQ5poi9FtLvnkjUTZ8EqENABLED709191h 45m 7s ago
aVaBmhCeEkt7HoAYiDpqV9ff7EuE5PtjUWENABLED709191h 45m 18s ago
aY23djATy1gtDN91DvpNYrZyiAMXsuFD5sENABLED709191h 45m 33s ago
aSuRdHs7oXKKEHJs2dWKnwM9Jq8YmNzWerENABLED709191h 45m 42s ago
aadwhuaQsfUTwBcGSrck6WPLU9KZT6bTDqENABLED709191h 45m 50s ago
ad6tYAhTTbSpBtXHweFhaYE1Xoh3x6gphLENABLED709191h 46m 2s ago
aUUquwiqr3mPHneTJEBC9jWbNBrfUF96WCENABLED709191h 46m 5s ago
abFJJjXp9TAY2REzWx8pNaSHr1cFfsbaJ9ENABLED709191h 49m 59s ago
aZbUypPN3Gh4FB12RFTHuXcGYXV6P2JtUHENABLED709191h 50m 49s ago
aSzmCGkeh9J3AqCGE2Zdh2yzqVaYmfC16RENABLED709191h 50m 54s ago
abprgfGGKZciTrwbXy9Reafz89xURoPfcFENABLED709191h 51m 24s ago
aRSww7TheMGRuzD5w8hFqaXMUsdS69B6tsENABLED709191h 53m 51s ago
aQBMPXtcV196LDKX33B69SnTW22GdqvgFdENABLED709191h 56m 35s ago
aSHvZCKMDvxVUCg29EFiS57UENtEYcu2PWENABLED709191h 56m 59s ago
ack9Md891q3RWbtsgu2jPnjWRv9TZTzyyFENABLED709191h 59m 43s ago
aQKWQG1QpyPg4p2fX5vRhsvecpSrH8c4iyENABLED709192h 3s ago
ai3o5i8DZCroHUtmJZzU1fthTawb7YgPwmENABLED709192h 24s ago
aYgtGiMGoSTFMUupW6oKd8DirYyY1v3SaUENABLED709192h 1m 55s ago
aSQHu2x3qJwctuWCUAfUGUnRSmNXMnnUYhENABLED709192h 2m 31s ago
agavyx2xdFEebY1Q4rT568DZo76N111KqfENABLED709192h 2m 51s ago
aVxWyKH3fxEise7Mu91A2CLsJ4SJVZiw8zENABLED709192h 6m 30s ago
aUvm7yXTPg9KJvCLuTefnabDxL33LuWYNqENABLED709192h 8m 56s ago
aQhKcsztFHNrna3bQHBBzjGaRVdyLbc96tENABLED709192h 9m 8s ago
aXFVjhfJgZE129EkcZA5CXr7tnLvNuzavZENABLED709192h 9m 38s ago
aUhwZhoh1KfySh4RpjMDC5CdH5ZLC4FxNPENABLED709192h 10m 27s ago
aVGqjehyhG92z1dQLmzmNUzvw8Xtc6HEuNENABLED709192h 12m 8s ago
aYMfgfCUBjY1z5PCg1noenk5uoaZLQcZGqENABLED709192h 13m 18s ago
ahTZLQN1iLQnQTbejknJvad7GxL3GEyUifENABLED709192h 13m 41s ago
aX4uYqdarAcqyNFZpRWm2vmbYfnihMbixtENABLED709192h 13m 42s ago
akA1q5sgER85xnmuwsDeYv8noFxYgoAM1WENABLED709192h 15m 47s ago
agyMsicrdS51eib5JCHHQvJKg9jMDAgDRFENABLED709192h 15m 49s ago
aYLrYHDxew3tv8aAxMrnYS8VwLEbDwEWhQENABLED709192h 16m 2s ago
aasvoDgdn2fE9TG33X2zno5dezQpTMRDx9ENABLED709192h 16m 31s ago
aXjpHXuQb8cRqN5Ei1gkRZbeQchAQETU4XENABLED709192h 16m 35s ago
amqtqWUyqWrvzv3L2zg4uyanEJYwzZm3fZENABLED709192h 17m 2s ago
aVhBbLuJw25KXT3L9HeCjS7MGFyQhgAsAjENABLED709192h 17m 8s ago
afhuZKYzs4sJDX7KnLhhrVQzzYKtkjeuvgENABLED709192h 18m 7s ago
aYrsuhnKsSAfeAmuejVaujjLEVhPNQRWoSENABLED709192h 19m 29s ago
aRxd1hFAoteZX5gvszZfWfnF8PQdeQYCmNENABLED709192h 19m 42s ago
amWGbADosokbMorrxwSTbN6QCHdB3sou7tENABLED709192h 20m 47s ago
aSrwsjABAvBZ74DhpgR8riA3nzY4MZ9ytLENABLED709192h 21m 8s ago
aS54UVVLYPEEndPvvXLkbdnc2KT8VgMCEDENABLED709192h 21m 39s ago
aS1dfk2qKaTQA4F6wmvtAEbsJjUsio51nMENABLED709192h 22m 13s ago
aWhbJKw5tg11ak4mwRjaoBJ9Md8ScPk1RcENABLED709192h 23m 53s ago
ak7vBkQT5MzCDPdk5eCdrPitGbLy6Ro4v3ENABLED709192h 24m ago
ac2ZJBQpPgCMonTpsRFXv6cVRwYPxtN47kENABLED709192h 24m 56s ago
aQ9pARifipuCSpcxCLAhVgwE2rPQ5G28SHENABLED709192h 27m 21s ago
af6meQoMT6jGhpiatRNcLYjPjgAkvZFTSJENABLED709192h 27m 53s ago

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