Modern Investment Coin

Encocoin (XNK)

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Masternode statistics

Active:    74
Inactive:    0
Total:    74
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 259.04% / 141 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 28,032.9900

Last masternode reward: 19.9950 XNK for 4nAKutGnBnTNfujEdtiU9pA7fDMfeLGYvC

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 346,816
21s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,402
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: +51.2322 % (faster)

AVG block time: 2m 6s
Genesis block: Aug 27 2019 15:21:15

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  3000000
Protocol version:  70918
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 22 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
4nAKutGnBnTNfujEdtiU9pA7fDMfeLGYvCENABLED7091811m 51s ago
4eMc2Z3Azk4Sn83TRVTLwH9RDM4L3w6mbvENABLED7091815m 6s ago
4ruogcW3g51eduk5yodbJRqqLcxKuyvqoRENABLED7091825m 21s ago
4w2miLdz9C4nAUppwo9iModMhGEatM2s8qENABLED7091828m 51s ago
4iJe4mBg9SeV5ggVHSoGMxUusnDvGJq4dwENABLED7091831m 51s ago
4s5tiqwfM2hcaHhKz734PKSFUcN86bEUaiENABLED7091832m 21s ago
4ot4bQZdwvsKcX3W3Lw31YeNcvSxERBFwpENABLED7091837m 36s ago
4qs4jhL7u8J9mM23SLD87YmUyeAWLZjZPpENABLED7091846m 36s ago
4sv3NTUnZsqudoPf8gSJmv9CRcAwGe3fsWENABLED7091852m 6s ago
4nhjDcnyBDW7xzxGSNif8TjUEGYadRHQdtENABLED7091853m 51s ago
4xT6Tno7HRSZpUMFgKrfgdEjuynKpfDVANENABLED709181h 1m 51s ago
4fTzbxJHUeeD4frdamnYcEsVmuRykwsrWLENABLED709181h 2m 51s ago
4qzRhLSH4vDv4195oLqPZeuLGGDKK1jDdhENABLED709181h 4m 21s ago
4vMLDHTvMhMPXCdoTvtPh5HGNPcTcEvgUBENABLED709181h 8m 6s ago
4jTywsXEU7og4rJGArKPnmas3PcSez1NBuENABLED709181h 19m 21s ago
4kspgKKfVifSvKgLutPvi3aqXBH5vaTuZwENABLED709181h 25m 21s ago
4iBD4Eojsmo8PXdmch8ErwT5mRgNc2Y6pLENABLED709181h 28m 51s ago
4uJffQnbkbF94GLnzyCQ9k4Dmc1Qn815UgENABLED709181h 34m 36s ago
4g1QwMitCPECaPwfsdRNKGXuPhTZWqsQrVENABLED709181h 41m 36s ago
4oeQ4xm3WhxzVyVDc5UqcEtbeaH4BnU9rFENABLED709181h 59m 21s ago
4q3rSSBikyS3fU5bA4aKs5QEVbJM5ma9nYENABLED709182h 8m 21s ago
4dhoU1LftuYmjPXxDE4cPXNfZq8TDiiQ4tENABLED709182h 16m 6s ago
4yzEsJQrHRAtBJz8Nx14at4EwASFpLfUdNENABLED709182h 17m 6s ago
4z2MGMTD3kyH44uJzo6urWM6JLq61UQT7sENABLED709182h 18m 51s ago
51CxwrHBq6R1odB55fyTiYGV4rLkiTfeJ3ENABLED709182h 20m 6s ago
4w8WmwoWcfkThaXoGxjmSmJp9dmKSKvAKHENABLED709182h 29m 21s ago
4hwmA44XFb4p35vsu5PkaAFJefDSnfYEP2ENABLED709182h 31m 36s ago
4pB7nyK3JPjKiCSPxXGcrfSGvxzrEvzszLENABLED709182h 38m 21s ago
4u4tH8LcdoZ4ToSdPdFfviLwii7o1GAG4UENABLED709182h 39m 36s ago
4eN7UbDTxtN4ktuSVqxFTY7hm81JeFihoeENABLED709182h 42m 6s ago
4xF7s94XfjMwuYAvxdwgdTKdQfmU8N7J4PENABLED709182h 44m 51s ago
4hpnNhWAvEnp688MYHEEbQaFwTAaUP3UrxENABLED709182h 48m 6s ago
4eAqHHWQhXoT6QvgG1WmgUCs8miWMfQ9RdENABLED709182h 53m 6s ago
4fUnr5jTjSaZhEZKLaYgT5GqZcbYmf9jFHENABLED709183h 4m 51s ago
4zkeRmvxhwDATENrL5FBaLD1ZaqH9UcGi3ENABLED709183h 8m 36s ago
4nerF47vmvG98wY51jXnLmSBBrVK4Gide9ENABLED709183h 12m 36s ago
4igR5GkzWo23RyU7aRzpiDdpHDRdUmKq4DENABLED709183h 20m 21s ago
4xFjeEkcDdGWbEmCS7DrmvJTKH7A3F9ZV8ENABLED709183h 21m 21s ago
4fe5FqYn4yAkV6oE7qLj6sBRb7RrcnWuU8ENABLED709183h 38m 51s ago
4ewuza9Wo7jpBXsLpoCmYDELg3tx3HtSijENABLED709184h 36s ago
4iAyT15VdDNGH3fqPopoL82Y2woetXvKc1ENABLED709184h 11m 21s ago
4hr5hdKChPFAeWSE7pzfRp5NVNqbV3WdfMENABLED709184h 13m 6s ago
4t5Ytg9BtM9ijMNvE7nshHfLq6TrKNCqq7ENABLED709184h 18m 36s ago
4pRMYvpduq7cs9SXYHjMuHga5q2he5fEPPENABLED709184h 22m 36s ago
4mbExRebd6yeztWVTeyMNgSpZPPUc9QujbENABLED709184h 23m 21s ago
4yaTXNKmCPHvP648H7oSMqxiPEm7A2FGoxENABLED709184h 28m 21s ago
4irmtTRJLxMY8TdmniKWQQfvj4V2Maj9JeENABLED709184h 30m 51s ago
4gDscEC9KH76UPncDh3hEiaA6rWuN4Gx9TENABLED709184h 33m 36s ago
4rHF7vA5k2U34BhrJtZwKZJGhNev8wAr5KENABLED709184h 43m 6s ago
4eeSXwRfNkJhNjghVE73kQcp9wiXt1zEABENABLED709184h 49m 51s ago

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