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ZCore (ZCR)

ZCR statistics on

Masternode statistics

Active:    273
Inactive:    31
Total:    304
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 134.55% / 271 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 7,180.0000

Last masternode reward: 5.0000 ZCR for zJZLugTiU9LeAa9N9KBAfibXEqTTFjg8NW

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,524,879
1m 16s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,436
24 Hrs block time: 1m
24 Hrs block time variance: +0.6946 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: Sep 10 2019 16:58:36

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  2000201
Protocol version:  70922
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 16 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
zJZLugTiU9LeAa9N9KBAfibXEqTTFjg8NWENABLED7092220m 7s ago
zSPxadF3FcFMZumwUBSbLy2hZWRjfgaHCbENABLED7092228m 32s ago
zNtGf91VPxNbCFBbNkJ5hzZBnF1wY9YKu3ENABLED7092229m 11s ago
zSG1BcXXnutLw4AP7WzHxNZR1UfFE2vMRKENABLED7092230m 39s ago
zAkZ7jcqP3hCuJz9G2shY8mi9WZxXn61jRENABLED7092231m 30s ago
zXhjk3ooPTfDYgU3PU9ooJD6zNdgNuukGYENABLED7092234m 19s ago
zKQSi2NsVgvggj68hgMhmRqw6YHSxzdV1GENABLED7092237m 23s ago
zFDmFUGGCMZYaDYLfP1wZnkUTciBuwc3NfENABLED7092242m 47s ago
zRhM3U5SEttjUcCEaAAWpfSgqvBHiccTZQENABLED7092243m 50s ago
z9pbBqv2wWCbEKq3kGGro45VEHPEAAjvi1ENABLED7092251m 26s ago
z9484E9mSrs19XvhGE6wztr7JHkTbziz8FENABLED7092252m 24s ago
zLgXiRemEC79TwYb8DB7jsGrFRGp6J7kkCENABLED7092255m 10s ago
zN4eLLpj55WVV3dRRWBLJaDe6P8sg1HmKpENABLED7092257m 51s ago
zV16UKE8s9ErWDpZpFSLGZ4eZLvr4UXgWgENABLED7092258m 12s ago
zS8iBQzJ9TRcW1a8R9YDX99NtvVT8n84RRENABLED709221h 20s ago
zPTfdaW5qFhgijuQDG3ZwbRmt5FTn5Zd6QENABLED709221h 42m 10s ago
zHhrf8mv66oMxt7MWhpGPPyTMwYRtRB9F3ENABLED709221h 46m 22s ago
zGsj9Q9BuDpbF5gpu92o3TFWaZeKeCaeTKENABLED709221h 53m 5s ago
zMnEMupnjTykEeFJgBfjdTippJv6qN7bSdENABLED709221h 56m 55s ago
zHjJY48TYcDMiKEotTxW5F6gkNrKtqM79CENABLED709221h 58m 19s ago
zRfwCD3QkuNk29kH1fSsLuKtdzZiRLB2EZENABLED709222h 47s ago
zVRLrCKBer6D77disfspvHMXwMURWcpKN8ENABLED709222h 7m 7s ago
zQpR9CGHB2JRQTprFsDUT56cJLL9PUv7JtENABLED709222h 9m 43s ago
zCEXKVRime2PhEDjGvRstpE3r8vwyn5Z72ENABLED709222h 14m 17s ago
z9H6rS3G84GXHE9La57BVcR5nywsZ3KfiuENABLED709222h 22m 13s ago
zKrefhikmVYCLTQ4ZVqbNrBcTryUJmf1vQENABLED709222h 24m 27s ago
zGfA1kxnAuynCEzD2kTXhZN3xQYQ3dzbSeENABLED709222h 25m 25s ago
zLVLCm9gSCqkvGArrVZWE8dXMLhss9vBagENABLED709222h 29m 20s ago
zLGzVD54DRms1hTbcmGV3Cvxo7nAiPMNXQENABLED709222h 46m 2s ago
zKdaY1CHbMx9TKhoLb1mEtJPYPe9tSiB5jENABLED709222h 51m 20s ago
zUNLFspegcmRw85VvmZDLBfBT59LgjATMdENABLED709222h 53m 55s ago
zLWJq2y2YdHZuRRNemJioKoCduMKhB8gZqENABLED709222h 55m 39s ago
zHWh8BDoFXNgPhJ5E8yHB5Bubs4gQ9hueDENABLED709222h 56m 56s ago
zDShPFzmxx6rFQeXCxnekskgn6YLZtSYyzENABLED709223h 2m 30s ago
zKRSbrriTc4yhiHMUvAPmt3VE7Bf3D4BGqENABLED709223h 3m 59s ago
zMmoG5r8u2rnYf4sdwMdZ5qNQugX1CdCEdENABLED709223h 4m 1s ago
zTiAC9XGEkPHZwNkjiJ3yPkawXbJ8DiVArENABLED709223h 6m 8s ago
zGzHX9mCjovoH5XfyGBMd1sAsbuhmSY3JnENABLED709223h 10m 25s ago
zWEnv6arryGEvJ2tgMp5iD2DohBhiPPXauENABLED709223h 11m ago
zPF8qrfnisJo99aqC581qP3BFJzCVup7wrENABLED709223h 14m 32s ago
zAdQLPWYnhhEcvREGuLnPV1FCvwNEERSiMENABLED709223h 21m 4s ago
zA5GWsujKGnuJkxAY5XbpEswB9V1sX87yLENABLED709223h 22m 35s ago
zA8DdVnqKHT1nbWMCmgVZqPhBk16WrKRr2ENABLED709223h 24m 57s ago
zKb5DdybZezfEF1ThupE4CkXT8MpiwfrmMENABLED709223h 28m ago
zRhUmJQcc7FpY3wjTybgFnLVZDm9sqHcotENABLED709223h 28m 16s ago
zNMQDPonREF7iSgHgHQ9oxa5D3DDKCDAxTENABLED709223h 37m 7s ago
zTAC5hcEyuX2cRMGoKzXDB6iEftSj9ArLRENABLED709223h 38m 40s ago
zSs4QrutPDTQ9Zs7JotW6KHggwV6yKxDkkENABLED709223h 40m 5s ago
zT71pSfc1quES4242PdPqskHYCiz6jye42ENABLED709223h 40m 50s ago
zMaPzSgyQQSUKGpVRyUH76ckaWUGuMhA3yENABLED709223h 40m 53s ago

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