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Zenad (ZND)

ZND statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    528
Inactive:    3
Total:    531
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 110.98% / 329 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 6,421.5000

Last masternode reward: 4.5000 ZND for ZSNoMkApjao8BwEYC2HGhTzcBBsEGuuAug

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,118,747
2m 51s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,427
24 Hrs block time: 1m
24 Hrs block time variance: -0.5291 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: May 17 2018 14:34:21

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  1000101
Protocol version:  70714
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 146 peers
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Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
3jo2a33ffa2ztn2b.onion15198ZSPGpsgHxfSmXaCDD1mSyjSczmmHHLCvuUENABLED7071418h 22m 7s ago
adstapk7rm4dyzct.onion15198ZR4rv7JUfRvqyQJppMwL9HH5bhm6CAR2vAENABLED7071418h 23m 28s ago
btzxbdk7dfzck74e.onion15198ZThPtWE2ki4efXR3FKu47GvseXmnK2FvMqENABLED7071418h 25m 5s ago 27m 1s ago 39m 19s ago 39m 41s ago
qwbsrkjemikhdq3m.onion15198ZaYKuAwJJxXfvFec9TevkCWxAsDnHPQwngENABLED7071418h 40m 45s ago
45ghnkdmc5ktfbt4.onion15198ZapjLQLdZNMPrNi3Hijctfr5Nb5Cphsdp3ENABLED7071418h 43m 17s ago
mrhqa3cbj5tdofbp.onion15198ZXfHnLFfRszVu3qYp8DpgmLPLWV7No54K4ENABLED7071418h 50m 50s ago
kaxhgocqt2dfxs2n.onion15198ZHmog8X2X5Pp65MuKpfucXqJMsmah5wauGENABLED7071419h 22m 48s ago
ncr4vws35xs7ze2n.onion15198ZSPwrNhW4dueMWApSoBXwuh4HZuaDMpFHcENABLED7071419h 27m 47s ago 38m 35s ago 40m 5s ago 44m 53s ago 51m 32s ago 10m 46s ago 33m 7s ago 56m 58s ago 18m 17s ago
2a02:c207:2038:3042::115198ZRUEDGC2a8LCyVYKLN1mKW2ZH89CXkvLrmENABLED707141d 18m 51s ago
2a02:c207:2038:3042::915198ZDuFfU4RMnA38jjAfxmHUBesyvPLqoruZAENABLED707141d 2h 18m 49s ago
2a02:c207:2038:3042::215198ZWEhP7T3oj5CCzE2CDcMeNpMh7BWN12Dx5ENABLED707141d 5h 1m 13s ago 11h 32m 42s ago 12h 11m 9s ago
2a02:c207:2038:3042::515198ZRMom7bs6kaBr1Sm5yonyQGpJsipXu96joENABLED707141d 15h 10m 37s ago
2a02:c207:2038:3042::315198ZQYB5g3PwPmWYNcs6F3trDhDFqJUsVJjZEENABLED707141d 15h 40m 9s ago
2a02:c207:2038:3042::615198ZUZY9mR7gKBmcRy3hCDmnB6bd5aFPs7QkmENABLED707141d 15h 59m 57s ago
2a02:c207:2038:3042::415198ZPPMS54um1WAeWR2fi88ssF1gYwbxpAkvTENABLED707142d 17h 45m 40s ago
2a02:c207:2038:3042::1015198Zaj4HDXxZVLudEeJiCJLuDqSkKijYYBva9ENABLED707143d 2h 35m 8s ago
2a02:c207:2038:3042::715198ZbMrVEaZJ7Hx5HAEspxo4HXtyBjYpnKEtaENABLED707144d 40m 30s ago
2a02:c207:2038:3042::815198ZRiV8C4rzPTNGffz5ob83n5gs3h83juVG5ENABLED707144d 7h 4m 5s ago

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