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Zenon (ZNN)

ZNN statistics on

Masternode statistics

Active:    141
Inactive:    0
Total:    141
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 32.40% / 1127 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 625.8000

Last masternode reward: 2.1000 ZNN for ZKqdLexiiNht6d9GSMJRKy2M3j1QnUgioz

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 965,899
3m 9s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,422
24 Hrs block time: 1m
24 Hrs block time variance: -1.7256 % (slower)

AVG block time: 59s
Genesis block: Mar 20 2019 09:02:32

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  1060400
Protocol version:  70928
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 50 peers
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Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
ZKqdLexiiNht6d9GSMJRKy2M3j1QnUgiozENABLED709281h 18m 14s ago
ZQSFM3Te7VjKskERjaKQyEWhAFb4siQ66wENABLED709281h 20m 29s ago
ZWVLYDFRWvYFW2QayUrZCWjRwyH88j2sDwENABLED709281h 22m 14s ago
ZFheDQWXiNTKm2QFBqcPLawGLv1cpgkRwSENABLED709281h 24m 29s ago
ZXNgmWbddidepDepnPZuNqnDQpYxLdD2swENABLED709281h 25m 14s ago
ZDo53GooxDEiAnjthLHm8EY5Pm5GJ8CJsfENABLED709281h 27m 59s ago
ZQ7fFzgXen3DudiLspf1cENUkLs57KzwPLENABLED709281h 28m 14s ago
ZV5LxdqJfYq1CGpiPvZA2XVMtkctvjbwk5ENABLED709281h 29m 59s ago
ZPBEnX8CmrgW3Gq2bEQDNt9XpGPoMogf65ENABLED709281h 30m 59s ago
ZWcQUUzx4NHPyjwFniN6tAmTgq2fNgVuX1ENABLED709281h 31m 14s ago
ZDMvJinWmgUsU2RAkYbgSytcQFcSLugmX9ENABLED709281h 33m 44s ago
ZCc9SQJxsGstswiyVXBNoiGQ8DpacG7oUhENABLED709281h 33m 59s ago
ZP9tdJgnEuMttMZAvw9haEDEYjTjyUzhbmENABLED709281h 34m 29s ago
ZaHdFbPGRUuU52Bb8Gs7N4FdHQWo8YzYPgENABLED709281h 34m 59s ago
ZVBMpKXn7q2C4LZWpXjJqaJ8Dr25y12yeXENABLED709281h 35m 29s ago
ZWbKEXEHrxLvbJD3g4Cf9Q97gLjLaV7gv9ENABLED709281h 35m 59s ago
ZCxnwby9vdpp2mf8nNiuiY9EjFJhcJkoGHENABLED709281h 37m 29s ago
ZDsfohJPfA4UbnGNoAQJYjqTP7FL7xQEy1ENABLED709281h 37m 44s ago
ZTs7ksoycvNWAPA4wjgP7wXk4szV7QJ3fQENABLED709281h 38m 14s ago
ZHCMKSSC2pAuy8aTGnwoT5YhiQv5ZSszZtENABLED709281h 38m 29s ago
ZKRtfKypX4CKuv9oodcrsaXgZtXLUaQUJFENABLED709282h 56m 29s ago
ZLL7KAXiikrJrDfzSLwbQiYLgxCtAxukT5ENABLED709282h 57m 14s ago
ZXNeBu4MFrM66wszV4WjwL9o4PSVJbCqENENABLED709282h 57m 44s ago
ZHXBiyPBcdBfuXqBn6NwUh2PK9m6jLFL3bENABLED709283h 1m 29s ago
ZVBugjJWn8HAtYdZDDbk7ESUErVcuhJtySENABLED709283h 2m 14s ago
ZbJwptmFQ8t4Lg7nEkptxisk93pW1aVxBEENABLED709283h 3m 14s ago
ZKcTaPrZmbZg6tGd3AJTUaXQhVgYjwJn5rENABLED709283h 3m 59s ago
ZCiphTv1hPb21qotxdesskaBJ4hcBMkimRENABLED709283h 4m 14s ago
ZQYY9PrsfQVvzRU4U5yNrgj5vms7RSpkzdENABLED709283h 4m 44s ago
ZKsJ8tTr2k3Yqiw7kMqZXFLVaTiJqbRZ9tENABLED709283h 5m 44s ago
ZKb8XVVBqZvdWAFEXMSNqYxKRdCtL4q4zJENABLED709283h 5m 59s ago
ZFBAAhX1WVEXGDVTT1Bd5jP6nXKYpdY4aCENABLED709283h 6m 14s ago
ZMkL6qirmexhrWwSptyhobK6AScmr8JARBENABLED709283h 6m 44s ago
ZWoKwc3Fui3FbnJxyPzxSY7gt1JS3TVUbwENABLED709283h 7m 14s ago
ZFos2MhzyM5nNMeFuF4iSfjUxhYoAcYJnSENABLED709283h 8m 44s ago
ZaFbd8N9WWbbDT9YQ9ny3vWJzjH6toJMZQENABLED709283h 8m 59s ago
ZPX7AK3KGKSubPx2W6n8XUYhmnGHLWnKdYENABLED709283h 10m 29s ago
ZMYn2fz6zQWEB2aiNzHVrtoNWpAfWHh7X5ENABLED709283h 12m 14s ago
ZZ4wKotensZqhzeXr6mbRpTiSCzG7eRdimENABLED709283h 12m 59s ago
ZRiE5wJkqeFNrx3SEpDSJ2UE5EAuFX9YryENABLED709283h 15m 14s ago
ZFz5Dube5FKCG29dZYGw42rovpQePhq5eXENABLED709283h 15m 29s ago
ZFAQ1gKkwKYzpy28nVSN5eYgmCLP6Gj18SENABLED709284h 36m 14s ago
ZC7wXdq3wA88DM8zv8E9ECMafm3wtVSjqxENABLED709284h 37m 14s ago
ZW8MTAoGZGhfZWjtyhZzbdHMdcHqSFhdQHENABLED709284h 37m 29s ago
ZLQSNtVLiuhp1ZPPvwDXUTMYhV7Qt5RGiiENABLED709284h 38m 44s ago
ZFDxYcWEMoRyfyP6H6BJ4bgCgA7ADpYLbiENABLED709284h 41m 14s ago
ZWtJWfgDbi8VSFyMA6qUn759CKwBiNKeBfENABLED709284h 43m 44s ago
ZUhdverEQjPQyFXue2SYqYbHVkbPp2G3ESENABLED709284h 44m 59s ago
ZPecKV8twNDzeH6ed7R3x9wLHg7F2mQZkrENABLED709284h 46m 14s ago
ZLHQBAG1YTHYfPzs72SRxr2DM4FLWgYPPMENABLED709284h 47m 44s ago

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