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Pubkey:  cNvjqtzmWd6ufWT6PRmsGRywggrKbZvDJD
Masternode status:  ENABLED
Wallet protocol:  70719 - wallet is up-to-date
Total payouts (past 14 days):  2
Total earned (past 14 days):  4.25000000 CHND
Last reward:  5h 46m 15s ago
Mean time between Stakes:  7d
Estimated next reward:  6d 18h 13m 45s
ROI for this Masternode:  55.40 % / 659 days (counted with last 14 days rewards)
Official ROI:  132.82 % / 275 days
Masternode win ratio:   41.7106 % (Selected Pubkey ROI vs Stated Masternode ROI over the last 14 days)

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Last masternode rewards

BlockTransaction IDBlock timeMasternode reward
304,1904fde22f380a3da548e2319bda7448fec1e1e5afcd50c3b9d93d82f6cbd8b214f2021-10-23 06:38:452.12500000
285,519203eb38b87303fc5a3278598a51f79d7430a6976bdf66bbb114099938ed8394f2021-10-10 01:34:002.12500000
282,21421905daf4324e79f35344d18d82aff3f9c4dd3a637daf4202cad7ee4347c6bd12021-10-07 17:29:302.12500000
278,85192e37fe77088ecc6c27589a225bc8955ee1cf682021bec5d48818a93575feb6f2021-10-05 08:26:452.12500000
266,522a2c5a088b42fbaee7ee0bb875e303f0d50dd79cfb278d33c26cc3f7dd59f89602021-09-26 15:15:152.12500000
263,17231216fe89ccc129bcd1aa0b84d893d333fc5b3ea849b21c078646f3cc9c9426b2021-09-24 06:16:152.12500000
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