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777 statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    8,451
Inactive:    8
Total:    8,459
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 39.93% / 914 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 184,421.9901

Last masternode reward: 130.0000 777 for 7DFmnsNAvE1sGmwKXkgQy1yWAR597fWBKS

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,736,781
24s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,413
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: +30.7285 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 28s
Genesis block: Aug 14 2019 06:50:54

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  3020301
Protocol version:  70106
Version:  169900

Wallet is connected to 16 peers
Show 777 addnodes

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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on masternode.online.

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
7P1TuZZ8SzcwuioNFRZ9vgTAU3jHyTVjMBENABLED701044d 17h 52m 39s ago
79gX2VUe1Fm1jg6aWxgQ59UQtix9tv957UENABLED701044d 17h 52m 54s ago
74iXoFE25RW26h6dpkxu87Q89zFNbgcNWiENABLED701054d 17h 53m 39s ago
7GN9MvSkTX9cdFJxQVmGFLGRDdTpmQWFzDENABLED701054d 17h 55m 54s ago
7GqrTcZLH6nsGdVj1bkaytuebM2k5BpphdENABLED701054d 17h 58m 9s ago
76aEEt7LVpR7CmBbbNjZCaTxXoXEzHMsngENABLED701054d 17h 58m 24s ago
7PU7HfhfHysV3HGCvpB49kp1GeUknCYDGwENABLED701044d 17h 59m 9s ago
7C3D7dzLYevLqtjd46ViZzcgDUdNnvvzGBENABLED701054d 18h 1m 54s ago
76AM72e9rb8zHao9T36V35FsH6ymFD7itnENABLED701044d 18h 4m 39s ago
75P336xuJxZUpJPWam49UnnqCgpMS13XxLENABLED701044d 18h 5m 24s ago
7DLiNkdrj96REtThWEdD5buSfPTUDPpyDrENABLED701054d 18h 6m 9s ago
7KvQJkP2j6UqxCAvHyjSzp6qJjH1125D2LENABLED701044d 18h 6m 39s ago
7GzgzcYwU7sQ7xD5YSz9fK5cXHTCCCeDW4ENABLED701054d 18h 7m 24s ago
7AghopRuYLnsTppBb3FK1ghmnvGcR3Xc2hENABLED701064d 18h 7m 54s ago
7BgCBwWu2NpAR5sZcnRLhrUdyppfX8veEKENABLED701054d 18h 8m 24s ago
79qLQqwb4UYHrnkKi7kgQB9jowaL9wQhoTENABLED701054d 18h 8m 39s ago
78xGHLgRhPV97gLdiY4ziKMqE6uX7FPX9JENABLED701044d 18h 8m 54s ago
7PJkCuWYcntDZtqc6WXPG7Emx7DMpoiW6QENABLED701044d 18h 9m 9s ago
7CCedDBs6R6SG3zFdfj2z7C8xi1iViyJHaENABLED701054d 18h 9m 24s ago
7N2JQRLANmdFZXcNm7AFWznWdhN5NCqJYAENABLED701044d 18h 10m 9s ago
7CkXi8pTivTVDDMi5qNd44MiPKt1yiGH3LENABLED701054d 18h 10m 24s ago
7KoxgPuTA3zaHHsu7ATVWyhYz3a5if1Ed1ENABLED701064d 18h 11m 54s ago
7QkVMV4TSQVEb976YdqHS4kUoyNpvfPB9JENABLED701054d 18h 13m 9s ago
7D87u5QVjso8cMYU887frrqFBcm2jbFagdENABLED701054d 18h 13m 24s ago
7BYWKX9rUB1FDR4qSDycSrmAswM8jty3RtENABLED701064d 18h 13m 39s ago
7DGgeAaqW6f6smXzJzCvSg9qRZ7HSuUyAJENABLED701064d 18h 14m 9s ago
7NhEdQqMgwUTjCNoc9bS63Zk5uPQuf4D3LENABLED701064d 18h 16m 24s ago
7R5dP7s5b891B2kQPqXV4Cu2hBJYmkxwRKENABLED701064d 18h 17m 24s ago
7J7wU9Pk1vvtBq58xEY4mwdQ5cpTvaRqTsENABLED701044d 18h 17m 39s ago
7Cfnqpb2ETtbznDDHZ1v6o9ZMUnRQZa4EdENABLED701054d 18h 18m 39s ago
7BA9tEsFJf9sWze8hrbH79JiKRYboyTSJSENABLED701054d 18h 18m 54s ago
75BW4NESwS6udLZfWsnMstTaapxdbYyQ9JENABLED701044d 18h 19m 9s ago
7QkcNFTLzSKMxVRexyMJyGyJydq8Xf17FsENABLED701044d 18h 20m 9s ago
7APcFJoGwvNWwUQVdMNWYPx24s2Kq1zEYsENABLED701044d 18h 22m 54s ago
7EarhAADdRXxaEX8y2H2g6NTxUma28goTNENABLED701044d 18h 24m 9s ago
755JN1YmFbDMy3nHF4oWtcavJPguZy9LMdENABLED701044d 18h 24m 54s ago
7K3fLKjVR3dwyhkmN1dhVSdUFKRKBx5ceVENABLED701044d 18h 26m 9s ago
758WxxBqekxiTdpXk88hv9QStbgbEMr78WENABLED701044d 18h 26m 24s ago
7AvQkeMcsXSWLypoGFcgunGNJyB59F4mBNENABLED701054d 18h 26m 39s ago
75zs9NmE5Aepp9THJx78jHDoc8Sdh1t2kqENABLED701054d 18h 31m 9s ago
7L8AC5Fog5UvtCr57RTeKWtponde1obtqhENABLED701064d 18h 31m 24s ago
7PT8SpJzcSfqz2aHXa59LVK9vCEAG2uvHUENABLED701044d 18h 31m 54s ago
7Pm1qVpXJFhyJgwMBPmzuwPGJxNZk1mr5RENABLED701054d 18h 33m 24s ago
79yULRAEWKmi9JRXCWehBY9Q9cd44wsaMwENABLED701044d 18h 35m 54s ago
76r1CVgUkmaL4yy3QqnRsGueTie1cdkGZrENABLED701054d 18h 36m 24s ago
7Nz29Hd2T1nVod9THccK8EhnfhdExZFemZENABLED701044d 18h 36m 39s ago
7P9ZJTTbaNgMBiRSnb7NCY4x3PdYJzJtTCENABLED701054d 18h 36m 39s ago
775txvvcPCr8TsSLX6VcLYFyXhLGWtvSbQENABLED701044d 18h 37m 24s ago
73RKxuHNrtYxtGmdVF6qRWfGpb9B6pjuCSENABLED701044d 18h 38m 24s ago
7S9vWWayC2NroYXJkQ24QCXJBEeQPpU6wmENABLED701054d 18h 39m 9s ago

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