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Masternode statistics

Active:    8,338
Inactive:    1
Total:    8,339
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 40.47% / 902 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 184,872.9767

Last masternode reward: 130.0000 777 for 75yCtKb7bns7PQDqcFkifxFVFKM29FwTmp

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,728,154
31s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,407
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: +30.5391 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 28s
Genesis block: Aug 14 2019 06:50:54

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  3020301
Protocol version:  70106
Version:  169900

Wallet is connected to 16 peers
Show 777 addnodes

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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on masternode.online.

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
7DR6XKv14Zn8AGhjFjvjCCf1H55m7WVr7cENABLED701061h 3m 31s ago
7KsamAQ7REH5vaCA2ZNWBkhgSR5gYoSqA7ENABLED701061h 3m 46s ago
7RGBvZtUZfsuHUEeoZkirZuGZzFe1SMCbAENABLED701061h 4m 1s ago
76ZgyzVbZpN2x5YEVunrYDnnjGE8xkGxsnENABLED701061h 6m 1s ago
7DDBpQY6ww4oCpzzfaYTnEDt5WDZoEdfouENABLED701061h 7m 1s ago
7RqM2UqLNveFXvtEjTyZCDC6P1pL827KuhENABLED701061h 7m 16s ago
7MF4kUFGWtF17w9njsnqPdd5KZ1M7z75u3ENABLED701061h 8m 46s ago
77ZKP9UqTEZeUfSBrwwBPEzcLoMSr1kSxUENABLED701061h 9m 1s ago
7M9Km7ubKw3ydcwnijG7s19hvQcRvgcTL9ENABLED701051h 9m 31s ago
7EQg1g6ucB5P4iBfwBB8CTjjnvwmzZvYseENABLED701051h 9m 46s ago
74hrRLnBCfsCGkpDSkJc4gYFqzoSs1sKAKENABLED701041h 10m 46s ago
7LjR18nSBZneKRW5FVmaywhv3Vb2d7Bd2QENABLED701061h 11m 1s ago
7HxK1X6e5ejusiyzUqQqsQEpmYkpSrbZhbENABLED701041h 11m 31s ago
7JXaiX8d9GWSvp7moCiKJ4wEPyNYbCKjTdENABLED701061h 12m 31s ago
7LjKNcVZ4Ub5VExnZRNcfQa9dNTJb6L4k1ENABLED701041h 15m 46s ago
7Rh39sdBLnEDcCJQzB3xozNsTEQs1eDLcPENABLED701051h 16m 16s ago
7KTzKoWMCHBQzH2PcfjS1GpBbVp7W28EeEENABLED701051h 19m 1s ago
7GR71oy21WsD8jYUPE3ih84aZEMcxqShDWENABLED701041h 19m 16s ago
7LyaWZepbNSMuvnDkxdyrKrfZhMzUVKiAoENABLED701051h 19m 46s ago
7S3oLmgG3aApxiGZjvfkdHiuXd1ShDfQYaENABLED701061h 21m 1s ago
7M1W6jbnYW9JgBtNqvFMshJ76FJhcWzjoDENABLED701041h 22m 1s ago
7DUE2aHxP9dKTt8LpRGuZRKsr7m9szK2YsENABLED701061h 23m 31s ago
77vq6oZ5wZS3PTTaKrtjuQa5Pjmw357s2fENABLED701041h 23m 46s ago
7QS6Yz9Kj9xWmoxAS8Wf92jXEvawxeJCx8ENABLED701051h 24m 46s ago
7PgVnogmLGYvmUfEnJ5hZqJTit4zwa4XrpENABLED701051h 25m 31s ago
7QAGtJRgGK3omtzobMa9KYsoY6MNRC4F9gENABLED701061h 26m 1s ago
7CLXcywntXkHjgcsqZg1PRnUawsAcH3jofENABLED701041h 26m 16s ago
79YH9DVpNw115tz3LW7KYzjHRsgJw1exEeENABLED701041h 26m 46s ago
7B8XgGpeWz3sMc3YqabJFyyZiJLc512KZpENABLED701061h 27m 31s ago
74f19BPtfsYf84ekFRbwgT6NTVcWjUASVyENABLED701061h 27m 46s ago
7Hu7HfuY3jDUyKNF5Qr89nTEPaNFPK2z23ENABLED701041h 31m 16s ago
7PsAxfaKKtSThEiupYzFSosXPgjMQazsP3ENABLED701041h 32m 1s ago
7CCXXSSVMSUJcqiGHFrhkNQtkWDE7XVFTjENABLED701051h 32m 16s ago
791QmC2HAZiW7gdjDhw9f63ibA1DcCugLGENABLED701041h 33m 31s ago
73pLz7pZMforWqAZ8g1ZJqff4PmtKmDZ2fENABLED701041h 33m 46s ago
73bmL3k2LzNbxkDSXc1CPGaBx4J6g4TQoCENABLED701041h 34m 46s ago
7Bapjkc8iefSmnuCdorGQkuWFX8Q1313WYENABLED701061h 38m 16s ago
7GvRr1erpMCFo4GuYjDUdjtuMDiMpYLjB3ENABLED701041h 38m 31s ago
75TYsPoZEKSzzCDooCu1KabpXdxdEHeLfwENABLED701041h 39m 16s ago
7NLd6bLRWP5q5b66ifeZXfAJZt4m7LR1hqENABLED701041h 39m 46s ago
7D6fXCDpRNpfhr5WyKPh29N4gBPP9VyuunENABLED701051h 40m 1s ago
7PCm34LMtY7Mj6gnmnw4HYYiCf5LnE23neENABLED701061h 40m 1s ago
7LGjQDVnVubYWRbX3D5gK4GLswFKFgTgKFENABLED701051h 40m 46s ago
7KqCZSz7WsNEfniK3Fr4cFKYbYwgLAXH4pENABLED701051h 41m 1s ago
7KkDhv7D9KPvGNMUjzeFzebx8Sbs5WDBp8ENABLED701051h 42m 16s ago
7LL42Xom5rJEEDBKf8YBFEzJLdFtodGJ62ENABLED701051h 42m 31s ago
7LNSUFVojmreuX894MWBSyW163JkFYu8fWENABLED701051h 43m 1s ago
7KZweGxw3LH8686FUChHyJFdMYGyR5eLVQENABLED701051h 43m 46s ago
7LdcwuYbbDuztmHStP46gdG3nMy777C41GENABLED701051h 44m 16s ago
7LNwnPgGASQSQ18exhB9CeDLpit8w55451ENABLED701051h 44m 46s ago

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