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Bontecoin (BONTE)

BONTE statistics on

Masternode statistics

Active:    688
Inactive:    0
Total:    688
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 259.77% / 141 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 4,896,500.0000

Last masternode reward: 3,500.0000 BONTE for BBD9zhSDkCBggUQkeswwZGbB7jRWR98B1A

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 918,640
1m 28s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,399
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: -0.3729 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m 1s
Genesis block: Feb 18 2022 10:46:02

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  1000000
Protocol version:  70919
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 8 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
BLN4MBEVZFtHXwHcRUP2yA9Tj8sTYRbkEJENABLED709191h 44m 28s ago
BJtqhH888RsUqiYACDtP4amytnHDceN9EpENABLED709191h 44m 43s ago
B5ze4z6P4pEHkGw3QvYcuevJppufm9KvgxENABLED709191h 45m 28s ago
BRuuRsADgA1jmxvYVCKFtuU8yHtdEdRtENENABLED709191h 45m 43s ago
BGSAsiwLRHm8W7msWMfEyxzrwdSu96r68QENABLED709191h 48m 43s ago
BLCUHujFhYpfD9vpeWedxvJ7XwFyzXMJnaENABLED709191h 51m 58s ago
BGX39Eapgif3RHPGeNmtnCRRotiVf2esFhENABLED709191h 52m 13s ago
BPK2B3bhvzv6ZbKv58ALQ92gQsYDk47MqWENABLED709191h 52m 58s ago
BBDeFcVbG2Vd2uKW2uBPs1hwFVh5bVqWZ9ENABLED709191h 53m 13s ago
BNTpVGrYbyg7HV1LQiVV8F2CRfzpsStm45ENABLED709191h 53m 43s ago
BTfGzP39N5reXkimP3Veo7WkfcK2ezzGtxENABLED709191h 55m 13s ago
BKdcaUDQkEa7auMjd5aKcxaeFZR6AAgAaLENABLED709191h 55m 43s ago
BTkGRDe3Ba4HSCqYpMVofw9L3fLmQVQVBVENABLED709191h 56m 58s ago
BCQfa99G1fnjgrK1ATykX1A1nmaewSGbUkENABLED709191h 57m 13s ago
B8g1anz9q7DEBgufubztXrHjHoYVCyQs3iENABLED709191h 59m 13s ago
BLCMweXFJJ948XMvQxgTCU3vX6Rg6NwvAmENABLED709192h 28s ago
BLMdAEDRch4jT5adXRJghTb1WoDhjDePx5ENABLED709192h 1m 13s ago
BK5LqixuDYLziFi5ddihfMwoUX9WuegrbnENABLED709192h 1m 58s ago
B7zSVdfF7RCoTTzySiyqG9keaGjbCDNjJMENABLED709192h 2m 28s ago
BJuiM9C5aUDmU2iRyAVN1ZcSXs7gWq7yG1ENABLED709192h 3m 58s ago
BSqf42HVJbZiWu1fkP7Z2qB3QxmDH6CAsPENABLED709192h 4m 13s ago
BDhf9xbWVJcvWsEUkk4ksUwvUJhcxhYPPnENABLED709192h 4m 43s ago
BPyARP4wELbysnDnX35jDGEYQRd6SQ5a5PENABLED709192h 4m 58s ago
BJ4pX9hcocSxuiaGrN9hNB9Nw5P1JVz8w4ENABLED709192h 7m 13s ago
BPDGcLU3qLwpZtQqznjXfeqZoprL9zQ86rENABLED709192h 7m 28s ago
B8JoDsvG66GFdXSTfzRi4rDixw2qHu3DFzENABLED709192h 7m 43s ago
BHgjtxm9wPr7Yo4QCC16CpB3CEAupBPd2PENABLED709192h 8m 43s ago
BHnuM6YxeMMypdDMXRCKLK8kwkzqoipxwAENABLED709192h 9m 28s ago
BPL2Wi35F1Rs1RKa6uj3j8HuWLzQtXKHE9ENABLED709192h 11m 13s ago
BC2L3qtQQNCUGMeWxLKkwDy6T1oqVMYa9sENABLED709192h 14m 43s ago
B6rcmnM4Wswnfw8vnoDcBB78XrdCTCNYZhENABLED709192h 15m 13s ago
BAzzGoLc87jmMzCWghCraS5JbbqFerHLquENABLED709192h 15m 43s ago
BTQbGXa2TVYPMiUXXaRL9sd88LbsboeWjEENABLED709192h 17m 43s ago
B6dWE4k3DjVPmG6m4wstEqti2iJkVi7Kd5ENABLED709192h 17m 58s ago
B7ZQuE8B9LjxNV8oZBFTnwAcTNWeiAaoEkENABLED709192h 20m 28s ago
BDUCt1NVeq1PtMpNa7BsPrRJvfR3udtCyYENABLED709192h 21m 43s ago
BHw82E13PZAKHTELPn3YM8it1vA2ocrM7qENABLED709192h 21m 58s ago
B7q5xfViZ2yxjnYCNDhokhuhhc2dgT16VmENABLED709192h 22m 58s ago
B6NdK7mMkUPV148yis1AYZYAyMrWQjqVzKENABLED709192h 24m 43s ago
B9rJHHAzPgwJfMSLS7VxSidSLtv6iQMZe8ENABLED709192h 24m 58s ago
BSZ26vL5mgbEjPkzuXHcUNEGbu5iSMnDnKENABLED709192h 25m 43s ago
BDQaZdePHgYuU7aCuyLD3gS2sed7p1Uts1ENABLED709192h 27m 13s ago
BLjjszBFzung3Qg4njovstzqtHs3jjKAdXENABLED709192h 29m 58s ago
BL1bn76EfGFDXof2Nkew9H44xsqpoGFfR7ENABLED709192h 30m 13s ago
B9yiqoAkZ2pTVxPoHiJjyxaCikiJd6rpbGENABLED709192h 30m 28s ago
BTi9KvuLyCHi2vuiiLpvd3WaSQUW6TZSdiENABLED709192h 30m 43s ago
BH45WPm3NYb5GQVQWbufKa4gxJ9CPPXSN5ENABLED709192h 32m 13s ago
BT1Npd8fHnzG8t2S2n4rkJPA26LXCKvvnwENABLED709192h 33m 28s ago
BT8ef88dz5UwpkxJVPfmvQGzYgDUFjrQiCENABLED709192h 34m 28s ago
BC5imxHGEDRTdyqzfXzrnAgdxtDBCtkGudENABLED709192h 34m 43s ago

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