Bitcoin 2 (BTC2)

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Masternode statistics

Active:    199
Inactive:    0
Total:    199
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Official ROI: 19.07% / 1914 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 103.9500

Last masternode reward: 0.0750 BTC2 for 1JbYVYwWoybFhqvFKVy1fdJKZXMVLvoxwi

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,701,694
36s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,386
24 Hrs block time: 1m 2s
24 Hrs block time variance: +9.1229 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 8s
Genesis block: Feb 14 2018 15:10:05

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  2030100
Protocol version:  70914
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 6 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
1ESLqK5N5sqghPxzVEBxSso4G3FVGWtyYtENABLED709141h 59m 7s ago
1LyyEWX32xQoL6RzCDVGH7mcipf2PWEQX2ENABLED709142h 22s ago
12W6BRQ8xTYqm1eu86cD6t5C6SkVYjWUi8ENABLED709142h 2m 37s ago
1LEyXS4w3cWgKCMMrrhq2EN52QZPK2D9HKENABLED709142h 5m 52s ago
18gzMocSjXNQPnaA1cANVBw21pxknBG3NAENABLED709142h 7m 22s ago
1B8jmwiDQ9skatw5T46xkqi75J2jucpCnVENABLED709142h 7m 22s ago
14QZSoSJ9Qt4NV3MpXj2bYBU7J8iaiGuEqENABLED709142h 10m 7s ago
17mtRrFyQzigmCsMvv5PKESj2GztRUGQzaENABLED709142h 10m 7s ago
1KvrqaAJq3xmjnbRX5CpFugmn63cKYj7SCENABLED709142h 11m 7s ago
16tAKdWrdJiMVSPXhsSgUHpxV3yEwtFahNENABLED709142h 12m 52s ago
16BNAknMCdq1EQ6BQwFo39eJ6wEqi1NbmsENABLED709142h 13m 37s ago
15m4Cz2rdj43D5rth8JDEyhBPhtfAw33gDENABLED709142h 13m 37s ago
1NazxjCTN8mP7FaTevefYbhv6hsPg6578GENABLED709142h 14m 7s ago
1EaQ79kuW5iQzF7x7hnqDkJrdDZZD2vgbSENABLED709142h 14m 37s ago
1H1EttbcC3LqBLtTSvLzhd8s2tfQV3J94rENABLED709142h 15m 7s ago
1G38DsuzGNsNAVVXwfiujjDZnkCrGG5FXyENABLED709142h 16m 7s ago
1Pp4jedqiesiP3UMzF4ZMiqh6KiouBrgK2ENABLED709142h 16m 37s ago
18zf19S8ygWjA8tNzA1okj9v8FVTws7U2bENABLED709142h 18m 52s ago
1CnuXs1qiCf6Pg6FxPp7CkAmh96cFufP7AENABLED709142h 18m 52s ago
1QFyftC3RMUgr6yiqJ4gfqiXunf15AUE7DENABLED709142h 19m 37s ago
1G2nmaT76fbGACUVVuzYHV9G55oXfQPmPRENABLED709142h 19m 37s ago
1HbjdaxSMvozCREWQJRG6UYhyXNBrAcr4eENABLED709142h 19m 37s ago
18JzTWehrj7hKxhqA9AAmiEKXXHH5kiFqDENABLED709142h 22m 7s ago
1FgdTuKBe4oAQ8v7DoFDuik1FuDBqu3VSXENABLED709142h 23m 7s ago
1DEWoVCtkGdm3aRH3WE3yEk3WTdW5diy6wENABLED709142h 25m 22s ago
1BHdVYq1vvBPk4XpKDvN2pURXg3vwK2F5kENABLED709142h 25m 22s ago
1GsF6ieDLahLJ5FPAZcGdLijWdoaT9tbPXENABLED709142h 28m 7s ago
1FVmEgJjZL7Exm6vmTrGeuRYnjCPJ8RAbFENABLED709142h 29m 37s ago
1NyE6xP2XHWURFsyXFLkFGFm5P5R4NDtN9ENABLED709142h 29m 37s ago
16FEmR3Ct8VNSv7cfWxwkuEw4VMj1JPgaXENABLED709142h 30m 22s ago
1MN7gReye9cBWtdJmULnj66gi8rSvLs8HUENABLED709142h 30m 37s ago
18EENLr6X7AbLuDxSUjKgMSognzb7YLWzLENABLED709142h 30m 52s ago
1JLTVyJhd6sgdtVkw1bwi9HTHdEgx5tWAUENABLED709142h 32m 37s ago
1P9f3WwJxdAwvxr6mwmxdzEi7nGzqvAf9dENABLED709142h 33m 7s ago
1JFB1NJs7U4FZ8iUwbYcDaYGxWc6YcUkBPENABLED709142h 33m 22s ago
141MrNRu4xCYeZm6QnTuqFDZSnpV2WYbYkENABLED709142h 36m 52s ago
1K9Hs7NbeS1voT3opa8S2NSAbecw5s39RtENABLED709142h 36m 52s ago
1CkrJ3fQDQdtvHVJaqFctep74kZ7FLuyXDENABLED709142h 36m 52s ago
1PdHiWUkXv7b238SWrpLyViQaLiyDJeaTKENABLED709142h 37m 22s ago
1Kwe2msmkWu1GY1zJKR4twCrXKohKawDc5ENABLED709142h 37m 22s ago
1CPBBHbckSbdbyuz3AWHTbZ9gZbnrgEocvENABLED709142h 39m 7s ago
12BFdoDFYJqrzmu5hENJ77YaVq1woid6NSENABLED709142h 40m 52s ago
1NBY7pRGAWwr7G5WuURe435KofX1sAcewWENABLED709142h 43m 7s ago
1AH1vsU7wJHtap2Zcz1bzqafwTVN6sPuvYENABLED709142h 44m 22s ago
12K8fhTHr4VqucDB1MWBZwMWNk6pmhr4crENABLED709142h 44m 22s ago
13AD3egDVfLemyL3oqYvgZAA6AAuhABsdpENABLED709142h 58m 22s ago
1AhY7BFp8Q8yUQkGUytXsyx1E1N5WxKA9ZENABLED709142h 58m 22s ago
1JRBC8wsjpxNzRpWNqGKhzsBzybjZDmiNyENABLED709142h 58m 52s ago
1GFLtyQc3HEX64yw6AjMzLYcb62zX4PugjENABLED709142h 58m 52s ago
18T3UBsy7QfhMve1jFpA3HKugj5Q84PFJVENABLED709143h 1m 37s ago

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