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Bitcoin 2 (BTC2)

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Masternode statistics

Active:    155
Inactive:    0
Total:    155
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 16.28% / 2242 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 69.1500

Last masternode reward: 0.0500 BTC2 for 18cxYED8HvNaK2c53Dd9WsrpJjvt6hWCq9

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 3,007,056
2m 10s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,383
24 Hrs block time: 1m 2s
24 Hrs block time variance: +5.2997 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 5s
Genesis block: Feb 14 2018 15:10:05

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  2030100
Protocol version:  70914
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 10 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
14prKGAkRBRDFvzPHY2Mr8wZXgMBeN7zHfENABLED709141h 10s ago
1AS1rDsDPBNpwUMwxeMekU1KiLNmR5affWENABLED709141h 1m 40s ago
159Lha5YFtydXQ1Sx1vgf33cyu1gwo9dEyENABLED709141h 2m 55s ago
1CDvons2ANWAkHceqMFYHqGVrVzrG1mww8ENABLED709141h 3m 10s ago
1Hz6S4ZscL1FziwcpVsViekqohsjz1oZ4oENABLED709141h 3m 25s ago
1G1LVjVzRcnS9bH6RyNNkikmUYiU2UNcHiENABLED709141h 4m 25s ago
1K2rxh8jjDgGVRzUxToGot5HNuGCSPSqhpENABLED709141h 4m 25s ago
1BRFoZJeYsDtJCby5quso9dCX99bttmNXtENABLED709141h 4m 55s ago
12k5WL5SFwS5EBGh1rwjvkXQzrLSdibdqKENABLED709141h 5m 25s ago
1Fsq4bD2mBxBcJdBjXX5uxbzwBfCBaffVAENABLED709141h 7m 10s ago
16oJw5TMHrrL7iwJbEhnAehBz2wzXcmHvRENABLED709141h 7m 10s ago
17jiJJ9vmYvYvenKMgH4FbG1PPXHGA5jaZENABLED709141h 9m 40s ago
1FCbG9vTpkUZz43tQCtbzCzPVdwE67m2cnENABLED709141h 11m 10s ago
1FhAY39vhkaboZnxp6oqmEec3XhkMENKhpENABLED709141h 11m 10s ago
1B6sHhA2R6mprjydt4esW5Qkozwr14cBFmENABLED709141h 12m 25s ago
1Ap2Mk3b6BscekPcfQpywQpTh1w9EuwyM8ENABLED709141h 15m 25s ago
1ALaHzs9sTZ6xjKMyeiEh7nHK5c2fRsKfiENABLED709141h 15m 55s ago
1NRP7RfSYeHTmxXtdoeBh4WE6MDyg8GQosENABLED709141h 19m 25s ago
1ZUiFbUW9mWctDfuAjwqwuNTqjxSxA5AoENABLED709141h 20m 40s ago
1BHwTqhDts4Ua8KXa7J6QKirQ4oLq3YX3rENABLED709141h 20m 55s ago
1EVQMGWFMki1oPz5zNjH9wEmjs75ouKUBXENABLED709141h 23m 55s ago
1J6dv39j2CWbucHFcxb4pKnR4q3ZcokU4bENABLED709141h 26m 25s ago
1FpC2kjWbMMqobeW91me6x9RRHB153scFWENABLED709141h 26m 40s ago
15Y6cWDcgQtZxd2Y5u7QuPedURuBJ24K81ENABLED709141h 27m 40s ago
1K4gD46JHAWzoDfw5SL9V7Y9c3673eoyysENABLED709141h 29m 10s ago
1DT2b9eFJQ2zXuFdN15WGoSutZdAJGHQA7ENABLED709141h 30m 55s ago
12h9rBZopFZoS4Q9FLSyhx7R1y6r9dSH1uENABLED709141h 30m 55s ago
1CDx6qhh7x3diCbMdjsoLUr6Ex5eXpJvjSENABLED709141h 30m 55s ago
1H4GcqV2ZVYNLr2tscxF9hvo29TAmz6NHBENABLED709141h 31m 55s ago
14YQDAuZNm9DwmhUrpQcBr7tRYTKTnwKBtENABLED709141h 32m 10s ago
13WZoE4TEpX27yipFaKZQNqtT8sTkjDKrnENABLED709141h 32m 40s ago
13XcTsvNJubeHVzuYJf8NVAMGcLPjy6r3AENABLED709141h 34m 25s ago
1C9PYG5nHNu5aPEdgNv2eqeDdBRteoQByYENABLED709141h 36m 25s ago
17EAeSwjPQEqmJarGjRB3t7e9NsqPwrSnYENABLED709141h 36m 40s ago
17zymbZTxdGtcNMNaKpsV6K3sKasDQ2BEQENABLED709141h 36m 40s ago
15RiUsNgixgHDSxzP4J5vz364Ft55bPc7MENABLED709141h 38m 10s ago
1PxGJWy4t5ssG7B1XdQk2XM3zZHHJ9DQyTENABLED709141h 38m 25s ago
12XmuxzVPE7HHBMweFkfMQDGDKikfmcedgENABLED709141h 41m 55s ago
1APark9SK83fGVo9j6ErCfzKDpwr976nxSENABLED709141h 42m 40s ago
12eVJYsHSKVGZ9VeTyc1QHbBnB2mYRE64HENABLED709141h 42m 55s ago
16HVsHUWXHH2ymmDhGZuFp97GBrad4TYJHENABLED709141h 44m 25s ago
1JNVLkR173q8dP6szXSnPCon1JzYddVZ35ENABLED709141h 44m 55s ago
1292RHhQgV8oaAqdVJDnVM7ZaSMbinyxmJENABLED709141h 45m 40s ago
1KpHiFqp1u1hNRnqJ8kZdLnRTcHoXSGEyWENABLED709141h 45m 55s ago
1LSbPJsDwTLC45R9mdu9ycqHktUUJEJfWWENABLED709141h 47m 10s ago
1DXmJcArfoXo34oZ65U5gL7mSuW3jAVM48ENABLED709141h 50m 25s ago
16hDU2a1FEaEB7ZuUBm7S4qA87Ehn5JY66ENABLED709141h 50m 25s ago
1Pda9M42Ugmd3RN8U5pgdTg2BL1bbUQFNbENABLED709141h 51m 55s ago
1MsjZ7LsENc6yWtuA7mZqnobE8yBDpptWXENABLED709141h 52m 40s ago
16mjX3a9boEJGwiLykfJJhMyTyT6Pn4ZsyENABLED709141h 53m 55s ago

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