ColossusXT (COLX)

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Masternode statistics

Active:    129
Inactive:    0
Total:    129
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 17.20% / 2122 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 1,040,400.0000

Last masternode reward: 720.0000 COLX for D6kqNKwxYidcs4zdKmQAvJhai3v38W2cty

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 2,955,200
1m 42s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,445
24 Hrs block time: 59s
24 Hrs block time variance: +1.5738 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: Sep 24 2017 13:34:02

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  1020400
Protocol version:  70911
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 16 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
DNyCcNKrtgzXsVALi2LzZpPy73kNiJihJQENABLED709111h 29m 1s ago
D9C7RxwLPs8M28eKuMt4tvWdJCYjsXuMfFENABLED709111h 29m 26s ago
D8XZKHWmqbMaeTg9BDANiJHasHLnYuow3AENABLED709111h 30m 24s ago
DE9A73LAsjcHCFfZnbRf7X5nFFNMukMpnZENABLED709111h 32m 42s ago
DCBzKBJyQqN9PUyGn6JBQrAYLMDuNi6cfxENABLED709111h 32m 45s ago
D7QDqXgtkPLMMrU7BBfrps654kJheGRy6NENABLED709111h 35m 10s ago
D6UfkHdzmsw9vRL1TdeZd6NkgZ58Ex8MXDENABLED709111h 36m 27s ago
DM6pBptq7xdm9pen694p6YBn8UChmy7VGMENABLED709111h 36m 44s ago
DMvAm1qkN3oruWiMFMscCGGipr7jTWw3d5ENABLED709111h 38m 54s ago
DBSTBXJ7wRrjVBHQPd1EqP3fpJzQiQeaYwENABLED709111h 41m 40s ago
D6CZbRSDurrDVPD5GhDLowvu5qqRuzwXgEENABLED709111h 41m 50s ago
DTE61FHPkE9XZSpPB7QNpveHeoeZwiFhwXENABLED709111h 42m 48s ago
DN7toVWoDrw8GAsRCKH7c7tszfAEQ6eeEqENABLED709111h 43m 34s ago
DMgAxgmehbCvvU6E5JEb85CSYjLWZNngakENABLED709111h 46m 19s ago
DNX3FF3iJ5jCechMFZfi5woQRQjgso13LdENABLED709111h 47m 27s ago
DLzSHPY3aaHrYJpqmZXn5BNeHyFh1Kxd6MENABLED709111h 48m 3s ago
DR7u9J9fx9kATC9UaqZZofW6KK5oWm5CCFENABLED709111h 49m 6s ago
DQjzefgU2aDtjx7cMeNJMST92Pm5oLm1BuENABLED709111h 53m 41s ago
DM1dDjRLWQZtK3tcBojyTX5hYxBjQEiNadENABLED709111h 55m 16s ago
DR1sR86yDty94R36j8oD2dU2Q3ME9tuNxRENABLED709111h 55m 43s ago
D5EkjmkaoQaqugpq6kAUqCwEBYnHdemkhEENABLED709111h 56m 36s ago
DCjMEv8rB2iXwM9afekaxXQnm6DWkFBcmJENABLED709111h 59m 20s ago
D6w62aAh4A2UyeRxU2S5uwC4EbbNVD3MpwENABLED709111h 59m 25s ago
D6ek7UtWg8HTaafvCjnJdGAqjJefv1ZN7kENABLED709112h 18s ago
DQXqdrAasFAbKbSF4GrELEyavY8jb3ynqGENABLED709112h 5m 53s ago
DTRFoB1bmYmgUdfBYUZpaJHdFe79FS2kiUENABLED709112h 6m 7s ago
DKi4bVe3dGfXn8hZPgbM1LrsNfBa7vP37UENABLED709112h 8m 1s ago
DNJ1kktEQhvomJxYoVRR7skJN3DLd7bYLJENABLED709112h 9m 20s ago
D6tHg9WAPADs8M9uS7Z9NS75c8W7qTmrPDENABLED709112h 10m 8s ago
D9LPoMwtS3yBSWq9TeB8Pwk3EJFoP4yhBaENABLED709112h 10m 37s ago
DASX3GmDe7RxqUuMpt5taHDiy1Mpd9yUJcENABLED709112h 14m 11s ago
DN9wuCo732qBZp3Uo5BwxsQwT7WNGTj5ArENABLED709112h 16m 19s ago
D79MCyq6wrahTpm6ZayDewZvV26bAAvFcoENABLED709112h 17m 15s ago
DM1DQ5n8D4BtWyQCSAe9sGtBX6G3XtwFp6ENABLED709112h 17m 42s ago
DSHiAdAzFYkWDKG1VGy4ZeBpZK6irQvPZYENABLED709112h 17m 46s ago
DSKydRSJc6c76kEScX71YEPBCSkUjF3vU4ENABLED709112h 18m 32s ago
DUMTi77jmUaGapBFwhiamQwZc83YLYS7gUENABLED709112h 19m 39s ago
DT2ByV6rqwSDaaxmmF2b4rxVYuo9DxKbJ4ENABLED709112h 21m 56s ago
DRBx4GnPv1MZSj6cgvx5YEkFgxY62YE2CSENABLED709112h 22m 57s ago
DCsBBgDPgoFb9XEkqgBozfnegyq3D9ZrytENABLED709112h 23m 52s ago
DNMa7rMcrJF5VqwTWFysYc8E2V5qELpuGzENABLED709112h 25m 20s ago
DRTYnica2bmxb5aSycfkVDRKTZRsNbtV9VENABLED709112h 26m 57s ago
DQFyWuoPfJmKoqjFBxAgPqkVjnhj69ig5ZENABLED709112h 28m 41s ago
DFafwoGxkKQyxCBKo7ahK4sdYoVBhcATQgENABLED709112h 30m 19s ago
DSpMVBc1CdAMayHdj7kV6THNr97CrekHvAENABLED709112h 30m 20s ago
DLkBDec9Rd9GD6Ltd9GHXALBWJDPQQsq34ENABLED709112h 31m 20s ago
DHRuBZv9PVgcpvw12da78tUau2VeXx6dt6ENABLED709112h 35m ago
DCCNxgNMAv5UCVxyfwtpTWsghjR4fcA71KENABLED709112h 37m 4s ago
DRbvAP3ioXo5jiPaiLKNwJHHisajRkv6tfENABLED709112h 41m 34s ago

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