Masternodes 2019 Year in Review


EXOR statistics on

Masternode statistics

Active:    219
Inactive:    0
Total:    219
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 19.78% / 1845 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 5,987.5200

Last masternode reward: 4.3200 EXOR for ENrGFFghemwg1QvGBwCtMRPnBzDSfhAJme

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 506,029
8m 58s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,386
24 Hrs block time: 1m 2s
24 Hrs block time variance: +0.0931 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 2s
Genesis block: May 27 2019 16:37:05

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  1000000
Protocol version:  70914
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 134 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
EX4EaMGP1yBDKwEx7nXn3qrWmoQrT7zGrjENABLED709141h 8m 23s ago
EXE4FCS8Nz5hnKP3gND74Yi1VEyHHrczYfENABLED709141h 8m 40s ago
EfbF749teS8cANCga8Wt5E97Z8Tf864oYmENABLED709141h 9m 30s ago
EVEGTtU5t3ycoHnwmGx5B5y8hT42UhzwHYENABLED709141h 10m 32s ago
Ee2JZmEVuJGHrwpfwdcqHieg8LYLsBc9JBENABLED709141h 10m 41s ago
EMm4XYnb6XJgiFBccipoKQus1PcZz9sJ2zENABLED709141h 10m 54s ago
EP7gmRFW1283mbyizrxy8mna4xfdCNptynENABLED709141h 11m 19s ago
EHXALxF5PgCwTRCKM5GXrKYJGKGov7zVC4ENABLED709141h 12m 18s ago
EXixNXJ31919czDpNrvYtV2ZZ1mWNhFvAVENABLED709141h 12m 43s ago
EZVKydw6kV525JCDwjnEyN1GgbbpWFERSrENABLED709141h 13m 35s ago
EXmco41vpsgF7wtzdvRMCWxoUQ6oNs7dfmENABLED709141h 14m 5s ago
EP9XiQK8mZ9GSZgxEynRsXFhDepnp7dEGpENABLED709141h 16m 9s ago
EWAD2KjBFmDoRB97KPkBLEAAxFnf2EeiGwENABLED709141h 16m 58s ago
EfzSZYfZgBczKakaXxNcRdxQ6kdFJtV9fQENABLED709141h 17m 31s ago
EbAPfSj7rDhULv6p522L4DQHp8Fxm9HVLQENABLED709141h 17m 49s ago
EfzHZuon4Ethqxg2C2E8MwCvit7ZkEx5XrENABLED709141h 21m 21s ago
EXFea2jtRPcCA8wncwWRoaa4jr7C7vc2CuENABLED709141h 24m 40s ago
ES2FXMTF6zbvcxMmTLK6vnfRkr5mXN9FXkENABLED709141h 25m 53s ago
EbdpQCiQQXUDmBENPYmNeq4Hf2tdCEru5NENABLED709141h 27m 45s ago
EKsdjzNnrX4X3F3rm97nuXenuUe8FcgtYfENABLED709141h 28m 4s ago
ET4JAg2pmyzxvhJyncGBHDh1ypJ5jMX7fTENABLED709141h 29m 50s ago
EeexF6vkq5PHencRrTXeZENCXDoB1KMxs1ENABLED709141h 30m 44s ago
ESV7xUyEJeeGmBfLhwGNyr2p4S2AbwuP6kENABLED709141h 31m 27s ago
EbHs64dPjjatHnEyPNMLDaR5qBKhUzRFEeENABLED709141h 31m 38s ago
EMjMsJRicZbYqMbEwecqeo7XvNgaUPPaE5ENABLED709141h 34m 40s ago
EVYgfm4W8hyC1AYWhziVvn3hAeQCLYkTHwENABLED709141h 35m 39s ago
EXeNwBjteUpDPwmVGDsXwCM4iZ3B8RwVSrENABLED709141h 35m 40s ago
EUHREWbjvGmRTc57bL1erkSkvRokhYrE8YENABLED709141h 37m 58s ago
ENqnFEKMwye4Jd7WzDkN7HaZxGzmVZAJeMENABLED709141h 39m 2s ago
EfvQSBnTCkFEDrvh7kp9u1EFAnERaTWQoCENABLED709141h 39m 45s ago
EUdyUR3UVt7jrv6yvYGPFLD7cFEsD1QTzLENABLED709141h 40m 3s ago
EedQ7SQSg87Rg8VeHYH9PZzrkxqTzGgwNuENABLED709141h 40m 42s ago
EJvSkxZsiujfaxcXnejbHFmqR2fverwnzVENABLED709141h 41m 6s ago
ESSpM9yreHkxmXspg5gARGrUvXb3EVkX9CENABLED709141h 42m 31s ago
ETumYvHnWLX8nYAoSqZk3kmhq9cx5FgjVMENABLED709141h 43m 23s ago
EXgDLJQ2dqtwbJ2UW6APvFXkJJLG8wrnnyENABLED709141h 43m 36s ago
EfUvs7szbVB3Hc526Bx68v1gUZX7DXDiqWENABLED709141h 43m 41s ago
EHRCQmPe1PoBDaLNcFmSRTZTVboMAkVFA9ENABLED709141h 45m 30s ago
EYoHENeFNGcWYxhNWv3PT8g33hRH7nEqavENABLED709141h 47m 9s ago
ERKnoZHwmZN7UgWExC2cVUs8Xbx1xvkPHeENABLED709141h 48m 13s ago
Edf9oPurqtGTbAEqh6sHD7btuQAqQtWtCiENABLED709141h 51m 59s ago
EMWu4ENLMxWDQDtGq6PTQE9V6Lkp5AaywCENABLED709141h 52m 8s ago
EJi6hUom2oVgSKEjBn7ZTiGvmexPvMx8tBENABLED709141h 52m 39s ago
ELNkYeNEXC3JzJaNajPnYAbE9RbMUbUvo2ENABLED709141h 54m 9s ago
EWmQgUMj927NtwZveeGA5WTZNkjVkrLMwbENABLED709141h 54m 52s ago
EUTa1dZfzDSKFsvHNrCMEb3uUbqWKKme1SENABLED709141h 55m 3s ago
EPjdDYKkN9T5piML2VUYrGAqTuZjPJzbftENABLED709141h 58m 40s ago
EeWqUwxhDnRYEybf59tWMArFfcDY4sjxiaENABLED709142h 3s ago
ERBi5Sf13uBfnod4YxmRniEDR3hZD9sBExENABLED709142h 1m 18s ago

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