FIX Network (FIX-1M)

FIX-1M statistics on

Masternode statistics

Active:    248
Inactive:    0
Total:    248
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 0.95% / 38421 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 6,445.7143

Last masternode reward: 80.0000 FIX-1M for FN6Q326tMCt78E6Cp54NSLjyCc7xV6x1D2

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 930,037
3m 51s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,386
24 Hrs block time: 1m 2s
24 Hrs block time variance: +49.9147 % (faster)

AVG block time: 2m 4s
Genesis block: May 30 2019 15:04:12

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  3030905
Protocol version:  70926
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 16 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
FN6Q326tMCt78E6Cp54NSLjyCc7xV6x1D2ENABLED7092627m 12s ago
FV51SLJNGq6erXYSmURN5t8MJbjaQVGNzcENABLED7092651m 26s ago
F7aMEk3frzDPP7qijzAk5t7MSFcFRgon5oENABLED709261h 8m 17s ago
FJ6CnCfuXgqE8fLNDuj2w6Y6gUChHbC8SpENABLED709261h 58m 58s ago
FL7Km8QWw2DLUGpce3VmdgzdZGQ2U2MAuyENABLED709262h 16m 10s ago
FFLT6gakKrH6jU85EAadVzHd4P1JYDP2TJENABLED709262h 20m 58s ago
FAXMDDRJoPu26GXn7YsGZbEK7wSTRgu2ZrENABLED709262h 29m 45s ago
FTpQ6QEQqMme9PMLwcyG2iywf7zHSL8oFnENABLED709262h 52m 17s ago
FCLyHDVRMGau9Dtt7652ArnH4FKadQYbgMENABLED709262h 56m 37s ago
FMiAeKuABcahXygGD1RpxnFbeHP2dWMbFqENABLED709264h 13m 18s ago
FSRbZKsFTiMPC5LMkN6qSo2FvQXKLdcw9SENABLED709264h 40m 43s ago
FPuShZwvkeDUAMyHZaCtusM6ddbfztRHoQENABLED709265h 8m 6s ago
FBiqwCbE8mYYZ4ZeJeepTvZgBwJ5k6DrpaENABLED709265h 22m 5s ago
FAr4jCRW6JCPGhkoVFQakmaQajr4kcYB6YENABLED709265h 23m 56s ago
FK6umFm33E2i8F4VasUVYkGT45obCWNhfaENABLED709266h 54m 12s ago
FRUtmrriZKjpRtEgtSnhYhghYviKE931DxENABLED709266h 56m 9s ago
FQSMwmpmvaRUgKHGCr39wEtLDnkpLQkYHDENABLED709268h 3m 53s ago
F8JYYYCEAu79C1UnrVjjnUstvPMKZhKMAcENABLED709268h 15m 16s ago
F7kThcje2cxhJrVb1gNbh7Xe3cqy9uuRzBENABLED709268h 19m 29s ago
FMYz3ERm8sMkMoi1YXHpgkK8GdNaXUfDenENABLED709269h 29m 35s ago
FJUMYTEegayjsi8Wdnqe5c6mkdNgjktZtSENABLED709269h 45m 30s ago
FFtDocT68wkNC5Yp3aLtFZCugQvzprHjtTENABLED7092610h 29s ago
FMYgXaBKWdjbBh4PxazRWkunp1W7rM4jDmENABLED7092610h 11m 17s ago
F9LazBCo2huwPUHDnApCMQkxc8vh5LFXLuENABLED7092611h 17m 50s ago
FAMAFq98JEDsTjVzibo2kt22eYGoFWtLW3ENABLED7092611h 17m 53s ago
FUUgLQEC46FxfShcGgyjfQDZLHknoitiV3ENABLED7092611h 38m 35s ago
F66p97esjuC9XPEcZ3DtpKN6UYq8NcMD94ENABLED7092617h 7m 20s ago
FB6dvdp4c9dSMZFauELfJwJ1tHXACUBCQYENABLED7092620h 30m 7s ago
FCf2LmV4qogkvCFrmY25q6ePmLyceUPttAENABLED709261d 7h 13m 19s ago
F6FvJp1j3ye9F515KnHm2CUA7ftFi75uMfENABLED709261d 10h 30m 43s ago
F7Q7NSP5ierh2JuFdDNerZutg4yvbX8rTcENABLED709261d 13h 24m ago
F9J6QgKAwRGKK5Ho2wGvZHm26g8FBDkrx8ENABLED709261d 15h 11m 59s ago
FHxRHSfToGiCuzFiR2jEJQ1bVAcCDdUPVHENABLED709261d 16h 21m 42s ago
F91ABmpvAGKd1u1D7boduegAEVtpDXRfAXENABLED709261d 16h 35m 25s ago
FPhaQSxPJXVjAFfPy3dwTbrreh7uNsABtkENABLED709261d 16h 37m 10s ago
FFG4tSj1iY7tXs4BmrdEM5J8adNpjgvY4mENABLED709261d 23h 16s ago
FQJNQVxTFShq9xPDJen5uNyT1FfRCFmtLzENABLED709261d 23h 43m 46s ago
F66PUpMSFkQEkQBSc8rpp4wCzJ5FnTCe2GENABLED709262d 1h 35m 25s ago
F9TLdJ82Sm6TYTyk8Pr1BiWZ4mmzvnseyvENABLED709262d 2h 54m 59s ago
FADK9VTTVarkLC8rKq8DMZfBpNfFr2rWybENABLED709262d 4h 21m 7s ago
F9Agy9tFisM3BreuRxrHMcGvvAAuVgDUNhENABLED709262d 5h 8s ago
FAkBZUuTccJocdmFPDYSeq7qGa765JjjWAENABLED709262d 5h 8m 29s ago
FBExV4MF9o3oqX2Jc5NrxuM1EzPRLb5fQEENABLED709262d 5h 17m 33s ago
FJerzW8ESYhcbaTZgQYV1DSE7Z1SAb7RJiENABLED709262d 5h 21m 31s ago
F9w7fPP2TJdkRguXVWTjE8PgeRFUwtY5c5ENABLED709262d 5h 23m 16s ago
F817pn6KxzQPBSQqMq3GTLTK65RmdESHmLENABLED709262d 5h 30m 28s ago
F8NaYSZeRkiLKenJcLaRzj2SCAL2QGF7qEENABLED709262d 5h 32m 18s ago
FPBPD7BHzYYNX7nq7RVpz3FKwKjKUb5bJFENABLED709262d 5h 49m 13s ago
FDGyiVnn4EFGzArPduS9ndzbJtCsVQLcWVENABLED709262d 6h 7m 55s ago
FSVfHdS4iVJPmFpryJSEkfJ2h8XqxxYorCENABLED709262d 6h 9m 21s ago

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