Masternodes 2019 Year in Review

FIX Network (FIX-1M)

FIX-1M statistics on

Masternode statistics

Active:    439
Inactive:    0
Total:    439
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 58.71% / 622 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 704,500.9714

Last masternode reward: 12,176.5600 FIX-1M for F6CxEgYuh5o6JYtPnKiZgsMmxvfFC9fMaJ

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 258,337
4m 10s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 694
24 Hrs block time: 2m 4s
24 Hrs block time variance: -0.0606 % (slower)

AVG block time: 2m 4s
Genesis block: May 30 2019 15:04:12

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  3030801
Protocol version:  70924
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 129 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
F6CxEgYuh5o6JYtPnKiZgsMmxvfFC9fMaJENABLED7092451m 53s ago
FCYmL2VgRubUTKpyyS9S3Qq7ZvAcVfyewaENABLED709241h 11m 9s ago
FEjxNbnGohKMTCJBob5NfbALtbP6mo3QKvENABLED709242h 57m 49s ago
FGatpsqn1kZMJ6m6QKbe7Ruf7nWLrvgWFdENABLED709245h 20m 15s ago
FKxcWGKWtScUwriN8smMFv9rkNnMZzhqvCENABLED709245h 22m 47s ago
FLDruiBrC5t7K9dpUSCP32og2JTyK5qZCHENABLED709245h 32m 33s ago
FMj58DSDuqxpSnGxB8FDQTLyki2fZnkTpKENABLED709246h 26m 5s ago
FKQUj1t68MKtuzMpaph7n1tKFESJQSJcuYENABLED709247h 13m 20s ago
FJCW4PJVJaKHgSE46TdoxVCSKaQwoDeMBDENABLED709249h 35m 15s ago
FV6zT85DJBi16ZiBfsMJijGnQbLPAKUh4oENABLED7092412h 20m 5s ago
FRaayrn6vpvA45rJuY6LRAFaPnNCCjzDGZENABLED7092412h 30m 49s ago
FCfiSHFT9BmBAudzi7UQahmAGaHgAr6ehmENABLED7092414h 15m 14s ago
FSvf9m3LAvaqrNhLbFwkcxkZcYycszaXoMENABLED7092416h 2m 52s ago
FM9JnH2TqyCKxocRe7qP1TdvmC2MzutRQeENABLED7092416h 10m 37s ago
FBjjVzWn3ZwtLB1oTYiyzsrLNfkg2WNrJtENABLED7092416h 18m 6s ago
FGPGGGNLFaVtoWtT23Bvb3AYRdDWi39GkJENABLED7092417h 22m 32s ago
F9tDgQxaGjipKoGQFZqmVp74eP8oLMUjimENABLED7092417h 25m 58s ago
F7Xe6PsR8oXECMyEGn1pAMYe26zBiDdSPVENABLED7092417h 27m 17s ago
FD2iE7fvViggn4J6BRWscXoqkTqtCvNa1RENABLED7092418h 36s ago
FEzDcPmtPwL3vCw5L69T99vMrHSwRfiiCSENABLED7092419h 15m 26s ago
FKpigCAULUgS5ouhccH3ndYZBEY5ZzvX1fENABLED7092419h 41m 21s ago
FBwvQRNzHEwFJFKdhwQ9BPyxAqtvH1nMFiENABLED7092419h 46m 1s ago
FA7csgHuxz4fU1dtHtC2zExx6NL7UXMB2kENABLED7092419h 59m 20s ago
FCRK7CeyCDXXLfB8YCurgQdTxMwdq8kaZCENABLED7092420h 27m 5s ago
FKaNFs74rSd8g4AWUPsYBvvfGgYtfKHCwDENABLED7092420h 34m 42s ago
FV8XeEShRgxAMw9jKrvtiPBs75JqCnjAGAENABLED7092420h 36m 51s ago
FPTsEoPZrijui37CFGX36hqtWyWacvPDT1ENABLED7092420h 42m 18s ago
FEXHtk5DT2FaMeqzijhyseki8xiLN3mg7GENABLED7092420h 43m 58s ago
FRKrPxemsV4eb1g6PSXZQB1NV9aaxdaCn2ENABLED7092421h 56m 54s ago
FLrZqzjSxa9jpFPeeW56Rz5gXGBdpcWxPBENABLED7092422h 23m 29s ago
FGpVRqyAs4w5haYEoALhwZvoT1S8B1LaCAENABLED7092422h 56m 35s ago
FK8dSiB8eyvkwbZh54C7uKS2pdUV52gYL6ENABLED7092423h 12m 42s ago
FP3Zpdbdo2wrDk77ADDS6SfvPRnu34cZRUENABLED7092123h 17m 50s ago
FQZ8Cxrc8M6NsLGduwrwQCiaJXcRzma3NMENABLED709241d 28s ago
F7k2em1DSzL2BZpvZPTadLNbSRBqWrFPNPENABLED709241d 12m 42s ago
F8LmhiCVAFUMUAirex9Vis3ANkZBKza722ENABLED709241d 28m 44s ago
FUCwGKVQWRvrdsrvJbpCx5PgChAei3BfV9ENABLED709241d 36m 52s ago
FR8MtZkTDtyXam8SZgWF6AzX3ZJq1xzTm4ENABLED709241d 38m 34s ago
FFpMoCZ81rFFRhdexV6EcdDQJwWysYq1LuENABLED709241d 39m 16s ago
FQDH2itoZ2NPMQPsnhRRQC1s6VEiUTgUYWENABLED709241d 1h 2m 41s ago
FBrnowq35jGrH3352xuAmTHiDg6xJzJU8kENABLED709241d 1h 9m 11s ago
FDFkEj8cnhxFDDAwUMmk9Uy59ntVz4esFNENABLED709241d 1h 17m 22s ago
FDBoj7q8TrCkzTCLyEA8LL9nErXwv93waLENABLED709241d 1h 48m 28s ago
FP3jumX6oTPkju9ZLqoSMWwZLhLYo4edCwENABLED709241d 1h 52m 32s ago
FLZ42VYe4JydFWvxxmQUW3A5AE5Qg2fNdPENABLED709241d 2h 21m 25s ago
FKtrRW7W2idEHTWjy3Gq4kicMuo2xQkuYGENABLED709241d 2h 38m 57s ago
F8n8GVgsRE7kcmkdvU58rBpNLiJbgzWxjPENABLED709241d 2h 57m 41s ago
FEhQR5wXk19hkjaxLti1KmboeskUnVmTyhENABLED709241d 3h 18m 29s ago
FV4SMSR22aEM8hL5uEPzvMUZJf8uGNzJgGENABLED709241d 3h 47m 8s ago
FNVehXn7tmXYMuAxNPZvnEC8jyw6ebzLn7ENABLED709241d 4h 1m 47s ago

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