FIX Network (FIX-1M)

FIX-1M statistics on

Masternode statistics

Active:    395
Inactive:    0
Total:    395
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 48.38% / 754 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 523,592.0800

Last masternode reward: 12,176.5600 FIX-1M for FHd74BmFtgq7icRsRuLiz4zMgs7Knp8Qz9

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 603,726
12m 45s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,386
24 Hrs block time: 1m 2s
24 Hrs block time variance: +49.9318 % (faster)

AVG block time: 2m 4s
Genesis block: May 30 2019 15:04:12

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  3030803
Protocol version:  70925
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 16 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
FPivtXmc5z2o3fgNYm8fu6sAKmwnTqGPG3ENABLED7092519m 30s ago
FHd74BmFtgq7icRsRuLiz4zMgs7Knp8Qz9ENABLED7092550m 16s ago
FSzGgmff3G6ZiP9dm27j7x7p5dWFsuAEhZENABLED709251h 28m 54s ago
FUygyCSnxz7LF2ZwSCSrwVtJrLYv9Wo7ewENABLED709252h 16m 9s ago
F8g9Qp355x1RnVQ3FaEqh7Nw1aq1y869woENABLED709252h 19m 40s ago
FMffAi9ysChzU2sTKfP7zo2vJqntT2RsEtENABLED709253h 28m 20s ago
F7Q7NSP5ierh2JuFdDNerZutg4yvbX8rTcENABLED709254h 14m 30s ago
FTpQ6QEQqMme9PMLwcyG2iywf7zHSL8oFnENABLED709254h 30m 40s ago
F7ZvT2P9r7bY1s1saFZ41k98taBFjitJjoENABLED709256h 13m 1s ago
FSRbZKsFTiMPC5LMkN6qSo2FvQXKLdcw9SENABLED709256h 16m 13s ago
FDwLjMTD5e4yEG9rNJCHjE4uH8YgpvB7AqENABLED709256h 44m 35s ago
F6GMjPcuWcfUfguiqECE55FPSQP23fQp7YENABLED709257h 18m 56s ago
FSe2kwgdujc2u9FzVSFd22Tca7vqLFUidYENABLED709257h 19m 15s ago
FKhjDQNgNRDCJfMXAwedFg4Fyrgez6NhrKENABLED709257h 23m 26s ago
FGyzLqMUjaSmkMBYPtPmG2VwrdfC8nCQS1ENABLED709258h 9m 57s ago
FEip9vg6mGBeVgFG5X2bdg53sRz5PkNsHAENABLED709258h 33m 56s ago
FA9CpSx93k7bwGyrRNpsQqUSqh1DAAAiThENABLED709258h 50m 44s ago
FF4RJKSngLnz2zwsDcCGwr9TcrRi4qgE7MENABLED709259h 40m 58s ago
FS7KikVtKvfqVLHMusesph7p9hcbhJDv48ENABLED7092510h 49m 10s ago
FUMhUPb3z6j7CmGnwY9hptWMtwjMz8nstvENABLED7092510h 54m 43s ago
F9zKehCKqWZyaZsM4DKHQvoeafNRwhpyHTENABLED7092511h 42m 53s ago
FTYajCCYmfvL5aJooK9qzbdwa8xkgQ7gH9ENABLED7092512h 1m 39s ago
FDwBcGrDRqExdCRDPiEPbSMVt5jnEcdG8QENABLED7092512h 22m 26s ago
FGwUqnoZe26HzY4vx24vYUugD8CgBEUeY1ENABLED7092512h 32m 40s ago
FDYZiyzfCb1U3sNW5PfehLsXn2LuBM4SBgENABLED7092512h 48m 52s ago
FUiyqrtvjg4oA98HyvgSfhdJiEFzdxyx3QENABLED7092514h 32m 21s ago
FJZ3kBqKGqDKLC4oZXdnUYCTdw63SLfKQoENABLED7092515h 32m 46s ago
F8WJ32HHbhHC1GNBmu6uLCJoPVfVChRRNWENABLED7092515h 36m 23s ago
FAbomUqCydqxeYizj5dGZVGpzTnwWs5aYvENABLED7092516h 39m 21s ago
FEr3sc8aiaRG2y67f58g4Q5xttQMNezf6wENABLED7092516h 43m 33s ago
FSMjx82JqNzs1JF9nt5DCoMNYqG2VFCLCTENABLED7092517h 52m 15s ago
F6JiqN7dQR15zn8odjVYz1gM3tkmqsLV8cENABLED7092518h 9m 58s ago
FGv2NkgxcCV4MTCr7hofCbwvvdnV6DPQS2ENABLED7092519h 35m 51s ago
FGrRPA8fcHnxnAbWrxpx4d9TKixNFPSNrjENABLED7092519h 48m 20s ago
FUcGiW7Ac5FLYdddxfKvexHzuz9dKHuSypENABLED7092520h 13m 44s ago
FPPscrugRdeVxEDxYDXgiWwW79Mcd4frnhENABLED7092520h 37m 36s ago
FTkxzAMKNHaGAzZUhnoXB1SZBAqxSFi6yeENABLED7092522h 24m 5s ago
FAr4jCRW6JCPGhkoVFQakmaQajr4kcYB6YENABLED7092522h 25m 45s ago
FPuShZwvkeDUAMyHZaCtusM6ddbfztRHoQENABLED7092522h 28m 30s ago
FNjrSqszicjvT8FfMgYoikSNezNprdkUpZENABLED7092523h 31m 50s ago
FKCuBr7BAgdSxwG3JdK2cMDdUmRSD61rTvENABLED709251d 50m 54s ago
FCrAy2oEcTnSiZo7DQHazD7wrgTHJ6w4nXENABLED709251d 1h 8m 20s ago
FGw11cG5rmXMAnVMat3tYA2527fsYWBzrxENABLED709251d 1h 55m 26s ago
FEahgG5JCz4va8HqkSWpH2L3yXoZtA7w1FENABLED709251d 2h 26m 11s ago
FV51SLJNGq6erXYSmURN5t8MJbjaQVGNzcENABLED709251d 2h 38m 27s ago
FSMxHeAUhn6sXtWFytJR9Rv5jRgVGCra5pENABLED709251d 3h 14m 24s ago
F8KMqLdwWz3GPbSu2iUvyHAjRhcbQLzUngENABLED709251d 3h 32m 11s ago
FURK6ayjqymR8cKMBvuje3ruk9NETbtazdENABLED709251d 4h 16m 32s ago
FDZhB35uvNtmc7Mzk7K4xteh3gLKQ8dDFLENABLED709251d 4h 31m 21s ago
FNdUg5MqLxuYtS1v3R7CFZyQDzqMHfd7poENABLED709251d 5h 32m 44s ago

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