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FIX Network (FIX-1M)

FIX-1M statistics on

Masternode statistics

Active:    353
Inactive:    0
Total:    353
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 57.02% / 640 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 551,424.2171

Last masternode reward: 12,176.5600 FIX-1M for FTTuo9oAyZ9YAcPx9B3icYg7nxTWBPDovq

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 552,647
1m 59s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 693
24 Hrs block time: 2m 4s
24 Hrs block time variance: -0.1226 % (slower)

AVG block time: 2m 4s
Genesis block: May 30 2019 15:04:12

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  3030803
Protocol version:  70925
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 16 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
F66PUpMSFkQEkQBSc8rpp4wCzJ5FnTCe2GENABLED709251h 8m 14s ago
FV4SMSR22aEM8hL5uEPzvMUZJf8uGNzJgGENABLED709251h 12m 9s ago
FTTuo9oAyZ9YAcPx9B3icYg7nxTWBPDovqENABLED709251h 42m ago
FQZRULnugjFSgjEKMVdc2tqzgSYLWme2bjENABLED709252h 9m 19s ago
FEoCR7VqYq4wMwiMb1EbmUsHZ3WFK8U62XENABLED709252h 39m 35s ago
FRHLmErnzqtKBnQfAhMGnhSTAUyEtmRg3fENABLED709252h 53m 21s ago
FFrxi3Y15Jp79bY2nPitYJnrWCNfXH5CuSENABLED709252h 56m 37s ago
FLH2s6Bsu9JECCxYpKJJCJDN79ipreLoc5ENABLED709253h 17m 55s ago
F8r2ZTeBePDY4DhS5LZfZXpv89vjbTQ8BQENABLED709254h 3m 8s ago
FMq27c8khrxwgFeGUN2rGLQ7MfeV5ynUpFENABLED709255h 6m 4s ago
F8NaYSZeRkiLKenJcLaRzj2SCAL2QGF7qEENABLED709255h 39m 5s ago
FQkCNh1pFtz7zr31ZwHpkKikhx9wzRZDyvENABLED709255h 39m 32s ago
FDoVLJULEu7F2DRGiqC5REJz81qMprW3AfENABLED709255h 45m 29s ago
F7aMEk3frzDPP7qijzAk5t7MSFcFRgon5oENABLED709255h 47m 36s ago
F617Wvsudmqk2pkxxmjHtNzbV6M15kp4UFENABLED709256h 54m 38s ago
FNDyBZxFQ2kNPEibQcbxVrsUuaggoE3xRgENABLED709257h 21m 18s ago
FTtr63n2dq4aj3KBQBc1gGy7eLtuYNCFXeENABLED709257h 37m 42s ago
FPNrFbzcBEWmm3dt4grUV3wZ1tZkbkkttJENABLED709258h 9m 12s ago
FGuqx3ZcXZTovan9KdNYf51vkxv3nL9zkoENABLED7092512h 31m 37s ago
FMKt15jrimxYq9AeLnz4uN29g62XNhNJaNENABLED7092513h 18m 53s ago
FNcfMhC4tDNibiGzQJjoyqM27T4ebRNZNqENABLED7092515h 8m 29s ago
FGTK7MEnvAnnCnvVY3kn5D4h64yS2LnTNXENABLED7092517h 7m 35s ago
F6JiqN7dQR15zn8odjVYz1gM3tkmqsLV8cENABLED7092517h 11m 1s ago
FTS73vyYB6ytga8CTdUpz2GYxpVisyWL2tENABLED7092517h 29m 11s ago
F8qziqMt8kygN2potEy2DEwMRBaXn8mALjENABLED7092518h 11m 53s ago
FNAvbs4QwRfmUaoZ9A4yveeH7oP2ke3sSDENABLED7092519h 17m 41s ago
F9zKehCKqWZyaZsM4DKHQvoeafNRwhpyHTENABLED7092520h 35m 42s ago
FUewqb6hhh6tUCCuCoNGMAaVtNiaJ5KXWzENABLED7092520h 46m 33s ago
F7dPTAQKED62jmDLXzzA1s3ScCyRYVRE3nENABLED7092521h 31m 16s ago
FDUQP6BhUR1Qp8S9L4fUL1Njdk5nxZbJ4JENABLED7092521h 55m ago
FKFqTw332acV6irSvVDeB1Qh4h6jW722QZENABLED7092522h 25m 31s ago
FPdMEwxq8m89KjZRKRNEcZBR8bu8XJaz9MENABLED7092523h 18m 50s ago
FQSMwmpmvaRUgKHGCr39wEtLDnkpLQkYHDENABLED7092523h 53m 49s ago
F9JbSqhWEoUuzwmGbzC5yzwQLeNpRVJTmdENABLED709251d 22m 5s ago
FM8SbHu6f5ufSGnuj2DxqywyTXWJ5ND61GENABLED709251d 39m ago
FAonj373GdgjsuLKUt2vLjbLaxT2AbKZT3ENABLED709251d 1h 2m 34s ago
FDYZiyzfCb1U3sNW5PfehLsXn2LuBM4SBgENABLED709251d 1h 4m 24s ago
FKaNFs74rSd8g4AWUPsYBvvfGgYtfKHCwDENABLED709251d 2h 12m 27s ago
FF6ff5myASbYxu43jzdRQuSQm3dETpe7taENABLED709251d 3h 38m 8s ago
FKzmFXfo4vkwdNG73tRSBqaALqU1WHDuZpENABLED709251d 4h 36m 6s ago
FGiwAaMcL9bgz5Yyf1M9SF44rtYzA71R7cENABLED709251d 5h 53m 31s ago
FAer7K9ZjbTQVX9twbkjLA5zamWW15Uw2MENABLED709251d 6h 12m 47s ago
FPg4wsA5aMpVUrH8gxP2TP3JE4fLMvNZbLENABLED709251d 6h 58m 24s ago
F8FQNeHEe6JSm9vTD9wsgJEq3VhgWkcRkQENABLED709251d 9h 6m 56s ago
F6Rz4JU2J4hFFaerLd8nCj5FBKeG8wdUT2ENABLED709251d 9h 16m 53s ago
FUSqPmUgwHGjkRBj7TeGohMDRxmc9xNeeuENABLED709251d 9h 51m 43s ago
F8eYuAQ6Hbzjq7Rzam8JtbaGckVBfWhtXKENABLED709251d 10h 19m 7s ago
FADK9VTTVarkLC8rKq8DMZfBpNfFr2rWybENABLED709251d 10h 54m 17s ago
FFSsNHdAsbbSTZw1cpY5aVJjirWxhbn8KgENABLED709251d 11h 28m 42s ago
F6Cuur7yu7LaZx6L37au2Nfpmfwc4pR3zSENABLED709251d 11h 39m 33s ago

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