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Masternode statistics

Active:    3,160
Inactive:    13
Total:    3,173
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 35.82% / 1019 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 3,120.0000

Last masternode reward: 3.0000 FLS for FoB7mh36MP5iGYNkLMcD8vmN3r5S33hACr

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,244,697
15s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,051
24 Hrs block time: 1m 22s
24 Hrs block time variance: -3.6965 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m 19s
Genesis block: Apr 05 2019 06:09:46

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  2000100
Protocol version:  80004
Version:  169900

Wallet is connected to 7 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
FrKTKAP4b6hFPgWrbxeZWVFkW7UXRA4sY1ENABLED8000410h 6m 35s ago
FaPi9ua9NsvWRjjo1bkbkk1Fw2zrMesvftENABLED8000410h 6m 55s ago
FeEJfK5KUa7pPdMdEVEii1pVSoUxtzwQCYENABLED8000410h 7m 15s ago
FkJRc5DsnxHSZxRr6ceErEg2J3pZNQKzzzENABLED8000410h 9m 55s ago
Fsj4YitWizenEKsrxSmj6GfXZr3LvPbJsYENABLED8000410h 10m 15s ago
FiU98hsnb7NTsotmmdLnAvQUT5ck4pPMYcENABLED8000410h 13m 15s ago
FZHDCp8BQrA7xb6hQwKEB1QrPbt5mqj7jAENABLED8000410h 14m 55s ago
FkFVuZBBVfRzSXSWQPsxCYjuu7NrvrwrNSENABLED8000410h 15m 35s ago
FjV5WFL9AijGrzqMxZ2fGaFJvLX9RjkDS6ENABLED8000410h 16m 15s ago
FfgXUnaT7PxFsXb9YdvKY3wYUrdBRL8KitENABLED8000410h 16m 55s ago
FnXP1gsy92TY8ksCzbbsCdTeAA95jJT3TYENABLED8000410h 17m 35s ago
FkSrPve5bzC1VZ7XgQDCW2dvqLZhTjRFmnENABLED8000410h 19m 35s ago
FVTr6zzJ3vQKt6meDN2aPN3CpB2oRjDvyDENABLED8000410h 20m 55s ago
FZiJ2iSNv7THPUtASLpb4py2f2bsB6Wz5HENABLED8000410h 21m 55s ago
Fk2GJriQ8gVmbvqhKHZ1tGQsLvaCVeEaffENABLED8000410h 22m 55s ago
FeCcjnGCFbSsgzhoyCVrfJATx73tcv67JeENABLED8000410h 23m 55s ago
Ft6DhG7v345ntF1RW9RmRg7yLtR9oeoMciENABLED8000410h 24m 35s ago
FqxryEM4Vi3BuYiSBwJMwbNFbKvxDitK2vENABLED8000410h 24m 55s ago
FaEF8HobFZA2CusBxEqyoRSxmvWqs4oFaVENABLED8000410h 25m 15s ago
Fdi7nmXvG3bNMAG6zFnYfgz8KqRBQNpme3ENABLED8000410h 25m 35s ago
FkDV5TEH6UyqF4jSFamhxfQNmFX2niEnEUENABLED8000410h 26m 15s ago
FewnURM4CDD76wugwWXg6nixghjeRVZ7LAENABLED8000410h 27m 15s ago
FpuJXc5JYzBfEdC55baP6STJqr6R3gpwQSENABLED8000410h 28m 15s ago
Fo1FpH7s4FtEA2z21ZRZ3scsGGTxQhpBNsENABLED8000410h 29m 35s ago
FbnLbXkMCmgXEkYuhAwozNpLJGRN7qZ2wHENABLED8000410h 38m 35s ago
FYwoj7CxarVQ4CrAZd5TzmPWdcigvArjyuENABLED8000410h 38m 55s ago
FWYUy3XrVf8rz4ybGwpibQRKqo3rxaUK4FENABLED8000410h 39m 55s ago
FnxmYdXywLmvFN8ZoCapK9wgSh6u1omue3ENABLED8000410h 42m 15s ago
FogYPXyx1aZSNY1ugSyMHk3buUpydWTWxWENABLED8000410h 43m 15s ago
FYxGobZBhFP9qD4hEXPMFDwogc2Y8FTSVkENABLED8000410h 43m 55s ago
FqpUD1YW9BzWqwXL14pQpwnDyc3vZbxqysENABLED8000410h 44m 55s ago
Fm1B4TTg7RuWWgwv2YrVHyGLSJgGC8UGghENABLED8000410h 45m 15s ago
FsMdh7JQvwCvLGiYSSq9K459EorGgq4SgFENABLED8000410h 46m 15s ago
FhF88wEd95r1WGJvDZ9QrESJGMsLFyavDMENABLED8000410h 48m 35s ago
FhAekd17qBi2qnK9KHVRu3MknU7bBekgWuENABLED8000410h 51m 15s ago
FrSLnXbjqhdLq2qZcGsZXM3q5K8q6xAm9HENABLED8000411h 35s ago
FqJUoLdLPG4BwWv2ZbXjGFZX8fSxN1N529ENABLED8000411h 55s ago
FiYdy8msbkJKEyVbsXxChTGS1KwY4HPEcrENABLED8000411h 1m 35s ago
FYvWxpwNzoCfyNRWTqE8a3aT8a1b9TEHuiENABLED8000411h 3m 55s ago
Ffkbk9ZUpF1Nq9YZ2JGEn6CVoTUhezawjmENABLED8000411h 4m 35s ago
FtSD9ZbEpU6wGf66VXGz8gghXpKJPNPohKENABLED8000411h 4m 55s ago
FYR4HSeXQDTyNq37vGnGS2two2TrFszYZaENABLED8000411h 5m 15s ago
Ft7dWEm17QWGYRVTTG3ubP3ea3jN6mY3dgENABLED8000411h 6m 15s ago
FYNuTigZ7jKXyKrvPdY7jQydC5uqe6ayB5ENABLED8000411h 6m 35s ago
FXdsXhA2p5NDfD3dToK1yGwWfYojtkaUfCENABLED8000411h 6m 55s ago
FVrXKgeR99rcjp4hSKZp9bkjaPru2txCMEENABLED8000411h 7m 55s ago
FgZo9RDbv8P99EwTQbqHr87nzZoZF8bCREENABLED8000411h 8m 35s ago
FgtXx76Y4oEn9QXBpUujDQjhW8CwUsoagSENABLED8000411h 10m 35s ago
FinYv5wr39fh3QSwEL597Wuo8DLGDvRkVLENABLED8000411h 10m 55s ago
FWEFKDbm9cENDupsoPUb2paMbJSUjWzC5sENABLED8000411h 15m 15s ago

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