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MERGE statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    1,005
Inactive:    0
Total:    1,005
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 26.56% / 1374 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 7,386.5000

Last masternode reward: 5.5000 MERGE for MNEQuix34JpTdMrtQTWtBHKN3zQ9xqbY7j

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 2,410,637
38s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,343
24 Hrs block time: 1m 4s
24 Hrs block time variance: +0.5643 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 4s
Genesis block: Dec 24 2018 17:56:50

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  1000300
Protocol version:  70913
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 12 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on masternode.online.

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
MV9xtvqBYLCQi2fHpwmqCefq5UP1VXNUHTENABLED709132h 48m 48s ago
MBFngYZH9EbToMMfA9PChXs5DvWkXax7x1ENABLED709132h 49m 10s ago
MQPWCk3d3Zy4KqMYGVaDex7uKj6NSPmmXQENABLED709132h 50m 8s ago
MSKhnMr7eaPCgnstK6XEoJX5S5cXWuQn6MENABLED709132h 51m 12s ago
MVswVywZzWv28Ajrg2rjnF9j9ibDzGPhF9ENABLED709132h 52m 2s ago
MQKcBtSE29mkg7d3m6YB8qxwfsHcokRjLzENABLED709132h 53m 30s ago
MKg5PhJKFNSvVZE53EtfxugcezWLMnKubPENABLED709132h 54m 51s ago
MWx5ZrgtCbyXCuR6FpRSFSseN6iv2TWP1tENABLED709132h 55m 48s ago
MJdJkVqh4acujLCAFBMWksgwp6PnhQzfPpENABLED709132h 58m 8s ago
MGwDoJ4cNFxAqeGjh7qHa7CJrAhcczkroUENABLED709132h 58m 24s ago
MR9jc5mSFAVJnXCP2JgLPt4QKw6HAnBXZrENABLED709133h 40s ago
MSgTCWezt87EKaBg2KmniYtr4VyhD8LbKmENABLED709133h 2m 14s ago
MTg1raV6qUnnasqzhTufFi3df1T9RkXpduENABLED709133h 2m 15s ago
MDjnmFE8kx2j4CGpuoVNeU2JeWn1nc7ctyENABLED709133h 2m 22s ago
MD2nbmsHHeWf9N6cQRJqDpRcPwqDozyeGaENABLED709133h 3m 14s ago
MNCSfgywGpbMjf82t6Q3B7VmfMLP3dC3X4ENABLED709133h 3m 25s ago
MJ5Sz2R7AM8MvKzFrzHigRWoEcEAhZpnFUENABLED709133h 7m 24s ago
MDPjgyRqxX53MNbFYBKu8Ta7VhSuy3V9XQENABLED709133h 7m 32s ago
MUgWxCsimCNcoaFcd5ne6ovHYeFdrAqNJ7ENABLED709133h 8m 5s ago
ML1EQPru34B9RFBNG3Dnm8dYmyHr4rdzuTENABLED709133h 9m 32s ago
M86TuzFJK8CAYo8LWwxuAYFM7ifR8eAs3pENABLED709133h 10m 42s ago
MR9fDQ8wAmSnqSF24jbLjq4kW93rKeodCrENABLED709133h 11m 24s ago
MPL3AAmHZd4yaBeZUkHL2ToGUaepGmiK1vENABLED709133h 13m 9s ago
MD5yiP9A3ayLeFgotxWp3F8FnAFN8AtBpeENABLED709133h 14m 28s ago
M9Loih6z754Vs5AJLUcXEAbhuXq38QFn8uENABLED709133h 14m 46s ago
MKxEMnrRQKE7CJfC67khpxHThENbXqZ48TENABLED709133h 15m 29s ago
MRwJHF4sF32FqWoyZiAkzecnyGPKHWB2UtENABLED709133h 15m 35s ago
MVnoS3tcQ4zgsTMrhrD1PZJF9iuX5z4ChpENABLED709133h 16m 47s ago
MDbuwTKEGkDjC4dXXZ4amw3TQeW6rnrGBAENABLED709133h 17m 19s ago
MCmbabB9DmDHUsMdFoNVAh1UW4fELZSy1AENABLED709133h 18m 19s ago
MNsLMMTneQ214daNmi1CPhNZx4pm4zQ88iENABLED709133h 19m 10s ago
MSSZzDugFNvTaRGkSHgJDMDY983yFpC69wENABLED709133h 21m 27s ago
MLLo8mBsbz52vPk2uMHiKVJbuJNsHovvXVENABLED709133h 23m 39s ago
MCXDgqCP56cFbUopgqbvhkQcNjx5ew641uENABLED709133h 26m 2s ago
MFAqQUudfM57nRypY3N4ZLaLSd7wugsFeVENABLED709133h 26m 11s ago
MSSG9g79DwANKSSUyJjDW8ZQZRVecFdAa4ENABLED709133h 26m 49s ago
MH3MTBH1K9rpe5H7PDxxgzjykSeJUhbF2sENABLED709133h 30m 30s ago
M9kpPoS57Rs8RLvD6mg8MNNa3qD5utoDkqENABLED709133h 31m 16s ago
MV34LUQXcNBSSJpzSsjatRhvw7LGF81LyEENABLED709133h 31m 33s ago
MEDT27nLYUGp4BeGQr1PkvvFahKHcksBk7ENABLED709133h 32m 18s ago
MLiJfrVhkjcmjM1Lmcw44bRBXy49zsW3jkENABLED709133h 32m 29s ago
MWjM6ZMD6XiNJZTK8nFD3EhAu7Z9TP2m3qENABLED709133h 33m 55s ago
MAWQ89qLWfVUf9dJne27aWDW48wkqcsfJyENABLED709133h 33m 56s ago
M9DLXuMzhuFLhimsjHTeADKrENPNto2LkXENABLED709133h 35m 32s ago
M9RHknWsn37uAMU8nJhf1X2pB6wjLLLu3rENABLED709133h 36m 20s ago
MDscbhBCefKyq2SVGWMXcTGv9ZRjEczG3oENABLED709133h 38m 17s ago
MTside183Ed8hm5pabs7SgqWiw5c3kcGEKENABLED709133h 38m 29s ago
MV4BwP62N6K4gqfMbxzyxa97yuetiDgmZZENABLED709133h 39m 3s ago
MWpmcWftMjWNHU1qRveaGHNF5tRi2yKwgjENABLED709133h 39m 9s ago
MA944ztt1KRhAnmKjKoiZZYvmVbiyxkxYiENABLED709133h 41m 19s ago

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