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Masternode statistics

Active:    2,519
Inactive:    1
Total:    2,520
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 52.78% / 692 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 364,260.0000

Last masternode reward: 260.0000 MONK for MtUu3MbFuum9YLFj7amNci2v6svZ3fGwXu

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,568,956
40s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,401
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: -0.3232 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m 1s
Genesis block: Jun 01 2021 11:45:24

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  3010001
Protocol version:  70102
Version:  169900

Wallet is connected to 16 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid 3h 17m 40s ago 3h 17m 55s ago 3h 18m 55s ago 3h 19m 55s ago 3h 20m 55s ago
2600:4041:5b59:9100::41332270Mt5M7nW7FycaRFVTKKh9uFtrtgFksntcCDENABLED701021d 3h 21m 55s ago
2600:4041:5b59:9100::43332270Mg9EWRGNgSnYJBJgS6zHseoX9U8CUFe7kKENABLED701021d 3h 22m 25s ago
2600:4041:5b59:9100::42232270MgDbuaEPy6JkGDpum7vq6Dr15Bcxi1SsunENABLED701021d 3h 24m 55s ago
2600:4041:5b59:9100::43232270MY7N8mocLEkcQGEZMMwKaSQbbjrkDwHmVfENABLED701021d 3h 27m 40s ago
2600:4041:5b59:9100::42132270MgcM3TDLGrpwFQjZ32VaH9iLX619KUY1A8ENABLED701021d 3h 28m 40s ago
2600:4041:5b59:9100::43132270MbdaS5ghHwZnoXUE8nKRVoJNnJ42XqxWGcENABLED701021d 3h 29m 25s ago
2600:4041:5b59:9100::40632270Mcf4nxh3xCoze5qKe4yXt9bMWb9HCwgPVFENABLED701021d 3h 30m 55s ago
2600:4041:5b59:9100::40132270Mh2nWcSAq2LxEu9BhnH9rFFXhAZT2hFqM2ENABLED701021d 3h 31m 25s ago
2600:4041:5b59:9100::42832270Mv4zxWCex3RCNYcUFsz6iZF8bnpRmXSu8SENABLED701021d 3h 31m 55s ago
2600:4041:5b59:9100::40832270MjqR1adSxpM95Knfg1vAXJhB31RmkKT5AoENABLED701021d 3h 32m 10s ago
2600:4041:5b59:9100::41932270MXdviy8ja3e2Ugv2wFdyn92vgEqQaNZphAENABLED701021d 3h 32m 55s ago
2600:4041:5b59:9100::40332270MejDzhNTJmYNfdSwxgG6shVcXCwuqQ2mQpENABLED701021d 3h 33m 10s ago
2600:4041:5b59:9100::40432270MjBpwy5mSDJzkEjN9MfPXvp3qwbZXzYMUNENABLED701021d 3h 33m 40s ago
2600:4041:5b59:9100::42532270McEeUHhAEpyxUx2rhwmCgvnkpNtzWnbmSHENABLED701021d 3h 37m 55s ago
2600:4041:5b59:9100::41432270MdF468zweektrqmHUfYPRKfEhgxyM4Y23oENABLED701021d 3h 38m 10s ago
2600:4041:5b59:9100::40532270MdQ5Q8NGkCBrgkgxHcEcw1gZzofLKh3SZxENABLED701021d 3h 38m 55s ago
2600:4041:5b59:9100::42932270MuvheordG5Pwf1uvrK6zqnw6WM7TGdny89ENABLED701021d 3h 40m 55s ago
2600:4041:5b59:9100::40232270Mm4A7zywuPVdAvDHJc9AtXa6ibBax7D18yENABLED701021d 3h 41m 25s ago
2600:4041:5b59:9100::41132270Mr5FsT91RJ7xyAUJysHPNJ1KU57jqS34vaENABLED701021d 3h 42m 10s ago
2600:4041:5b59:9100::41632270MbE1DZ9X4SMiAyu651ckL2CBBExHuxmtBxENABLED701021d 3h 42m 40s ago
2600:4041:5b59:9100::41732270MZoKMBiPmGfDPHUvSLWnkbepqfoCXumLxzENABLED701021d 3h 42m 55s ago
2600:4041:5b59:9100::40932270McGEtUC2S3Ej1wUHkGUyANp1o58LTEV3myENABLED701021d 3h 43m 40s ago
2600:4041:5b59:9100::42432270MnmzDo3ANpeSPLuVKMgxXJp9DYJ8sPNTT1ENABLED701021d 3h 44m 40s ago
2600:4041:5b59:9100::43032270Mcx45H6RLZT3Kz3HiiVr67dnDCEXn71DEZENABLED701021d 3h 46m 10s ago
2600:4041:5b59:9100::41232270MZDxdugMkEmqQ7E9NBZKvDEmzR3KCdSgFjENABLED701021d 3h 46m 55s ago
2600:4041:5b59:9100::41532270MhBnNRaqQdPfyqJh8CwWyX2RZLGfxnqHMkENABLED701021d 3h 48m 10s ago
2600:4041:5b59:9100::42632270McLjWA19xwFcDbn3pwhBSrqhbFDFu8CDkzENABLED701021d 3h 50m 25s ago 3h 55m 25s ago 3h 57m 10s ago 4h 10s ago 4h 40s ago 4h 1m 25s ago 4h 1m 55s ago 4h 3m 25s ago 4h 3m 55s ago 4h 4m 10s ago 4h 4m 55s ago 4h 5m 10s ago 4h 5m 40s ago 4h 8m 55s ago 4h 10m 10s ago 4h 10m 40s ago 4h 11m 25s ago
2a02:c207:2131:6119::2532270MYnTa5qFSEhs4gdu2QofgZcuEnT9FBw4ALENABLED701021d 4h 12m 40s ago
2a02:c207:2131:6119::2532270MnuKBz8HaGP7oAKexW15XzdrsD8dJLuRbSENABLED701021d 4h 13m 10s ago

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