Peony (PNY)

PNY statistics on

Masternode statistics

Active:    2,092
Inactive:    1
Total:    2,093
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 60.62% / 602 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 347,282.0000

Last masternode reward: 247.0000 PNY for PTSaoD9UTatBcCYrVoGvQXdx6pYhCrGc32

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,564,300
7s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,406
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: -0.0010 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m 1s
Genesis block: May 12 2021 13:14:05

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  4010201
Protocol version:  70104
Version:  169900

Wallet is connected to 16 peers
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Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
PECHiDDG35XeorouGjPok8Y7XBgbxGCCFzENABLED701044h 12m 37s ago
PHvv65AUQRyS8ppPWSaTFyAPvNdhcb7eFtENABLED701034h 13m 7s ago
PVqkHicjp7vLDdbbEWbTR9ePMKy5e2QVcAENABLED701034h 13m 22s ago
PPLx7hbRutszKJQAyvUL7TuYiyJ1eFWxjdENABLED701034h 14m 7s ago
PQLr8C3t7bAAd4pEEzey1M2KCFKxqYg9kNENABLED701044h 15m 52s ago
PAjXSK9v7okkRghE24Uc5yJAhcw2h7mMuKENABLED701044h 21m 52s ago
PNtijcTSgA4E9y5xYuNwWzVeeZBL8zg4HnENABLED701034h 22m 7s ago
PW5bKvZJf4w2iuP36TmrEiRW6GBtdCnU9aENABLED701044h 22m 22s ago
PLkuRfN34M5SKw6Dp82YVG6RoqFh15WhEMENABLED701044h 22m 52s ago
PHek3SBdRH5rePUtUFFESBi2MGTeEoRp6FENABLED701044h 23m 37s ago
PTVKda5q1cpjG7QqjggrjbdShqSW8WKgC3ENABLED701044h 26m 7s ago
PBtG1ei3jke7f8X6m94PNjK4hUBRALFfhCENABLED701044h 26m 52s ago
PVCwdg2UGNjwsLcsMNgKLgvFZfAzB1mBySENABLED701044h 28m 7s ago
PVqVQLxneqWMgn7ea8Ezynep81WdeGys6KENABLED701044h 28m 52s ago
PXtTDmBcoN2VVjPu2scsGuPtzVYV2o6JVHENABLED701044h 29m 22s ago
PE7djgSSrqAzZyYY76hi8XfN7jGquQVQfoENABLED701044h 30m 22s ago
PLEhEDWZXqQwRCfcxmSnCyG8VG8QN4wfUhENABLED701044h 30m 37s ago
PMtL1wuzBaHtxrei6SD9QhCSaSQQwaEG7CENABLED701044h 32m 22s ago
PK455xEHgp6kvsM9eCg3EgY3J5AeGF9UKWENABLED701044h 32m 37s ago
PFfg9yV5he2Rsmxdnpd7YJHwkKYQW8pFMHENABLED701044h 32m 52s ago
P9498foakq2v48CZ4aESUqRNDZivc5bYicENABLED701044h 33m 22s ago
PBUia3WKFfrHzvWWtgAW8NW7QsvttWrMztENABLED701044h 34m 22s ago
PFvbazHp8vvPoJhx3vzQt8Ecq668CZqW3QENABLED701044h 34m 37s ago
PFwN4mdUDg2GJfUfAwES5Q5GY39mNYPXdFENABLED701034h 35m 7s ago
P8wqmtAeVLBJg71ShG5wLY6rkrLiKbFos5ENABLED701044h 37m 37s ago
P934ANzZorFSgV79tNsSsYdgaQiHQ4pMWeENABLED701034h 37m 52s ago
P9r7P5qtvPMWn3VtYd4rZkbw5CDxGfrCobENABLED701044h 40m 22s ago
P9Hwe7oHojfLacgFsJkJTDzYbUgehEP8J5ENABLED701044h 40m 37s ago
PULzBF72djBiXvU5xnXBsrvWi6kKGNsxyZENABLED701034h 42m 52s ago
PR54UrpS2aDouxGACq1eGuUKAtzatkb7tHENABLED701044h 43m 22s ago
PPAHyK6Mzjg1K5rhVdvPhQHGKqmZn4hJhYENABLED701034h 44m 7s ago
PFAtSFHuCK93CJkHNXNfYXURUq4Pu4se6HENABLED701024h 44m 52s ago
PQmz37nJTSx6exfVC76iN62osqrix4ubeKENABLED701044h 46m 52s ago
PN7axAmqZ4ECBFgcUaMPfBZPqRDZbXbE9TENABLED701044h 48m 22s ago
PGuqs38s4v3UB3utoZZPjA7RjKPmmCWLi6ENABLED701044h 49m 22s ago
PSJ9rEKkFnrtgfdJ1tLng7mJmkCsUmZeqgENABLED701044h 49m 52s ago
PQmS55QfNhysLFwtHQQeM4kt89jWNwVfmxENABLED701044h 52m 22s ago
PLeVzcyKwGc7sQLCUbueUHkMqiCouGRT48ENABLED701034h 52m 37s ago
PPd4ZFQxDKrFQzYfACdYqVFLVJRX6aJKseENABLED701034h 53m 37s ago
PGkHLzeGcXffg8Rpt1nkDs1SdStsuKWNo7ENABLED701034h 53m 52s ago
PNg1zxzGyqsxcXiGAxqjVQSBBMfCEzVnCvENABLED701044h 54m 7s ago
PVVgZn3xgrmAtBLJyoR9FFZaUT54ge8ZXrENABLED701034h 55m 22s ago
PPGsHvPTQTXJnmzw8i3vA9GACrA6A5FVcYENABLED701044h 56m 7s ago
PL3QaZ3qapTKfbvcyPXjxh4fbmJ52zeMQ7ENABLED701044h 56m 52s ago
PCdbsLqqGanubxbpLtLPU1JSPWdD5C4D84ENABLED701044h 59m 7s ago
P9w3NQmCPf41Mt6wwdvYbTnmTEeWeM1zDrENABLED701044h 59m 52s ago
PAZJVAkfRbNY8vJSmbZohooL8s5zBpxGcTENABLED701045h 22s ago
PKcem5hwQZAoQdL9uZkFYqR2rfDBjzpZ8bENABLED701045h 3m 7s ago
PXnVRGRhHUivmnWmpSFaLHf7k8U5nQiCByENABLED701045h 3m 22s ago
PBT6wmkxrYCdiUjzUiSNuHW6zTkw379tB4ENABLED701045h 7m 22s ago

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