Sapphire (SAPP)

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Masternode statistics

Active:    1,080
Inactive:    11
Total:    1,091
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 6,528.15% / 6 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 1,214,100.0000

Last masternode reward: 855.0000 SAPP for SeJ4TK2BKVCSfrXKYXHcRvbWmihrPCpiyN

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 616,186
8s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,420
24 Hrs block time: 1m
24 Hrs block time variance: +0.5656 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 1s
Genesis block: Apr 25 2019 08:24:16

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  1030200
Protocol version:  70925
Version:  169900

Wallet is connected to 139 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
SXupY5qBwtqKDmzkiYW9UfMVC498VCJAmhENABLED709252h 18m 21s ago
ShfCtEZ8DnvCcC9SM6D5DYZ5sSjoAH36H8ENABLED709252h 19m 19s ago
SdpgVjJB7ot6cXWEV5GZ5rxawQhUUg9BUFENABLED709252h 19m 44s ago
SV8S1je3K6UJ3XEH2tVaiNqeRSwafmekcPENABLED709252h 23m 12s ago
SRzSVitrbNPS8Kr6mhkUuTQTAdFxpsga6mENABLED709252h 24m 19s ago
ShjaxryD8T6AqoHzKD46byLKoxGuHyWXfUENABLED709252h 24m 52s ago
SZH4qg6uWLoLDj4PVQdvVfoYNjm1VHJBoDENABLED709252h 26m 58s ago
SZ73huvUsZkH8SfKUYeK55AbMs6ZtpBCWdENABLED709252h 28m ago
SYDPJ8dsTJBqu7tY3vHmrU3SkED5ryPxhoENABLED709252h 29m 44s ago
SXjUzhH529x99ZmGq2QQ3vDaFQiEkWQvdxENABLED709252h 31m 21s ago
SSik2zZWMLNbyCyR2QY6Sqpn6qn6D4aypmENABLED709252h 31m 28s ago
SPm9nnjK93RG7dT3H1jMY2rLoozABjfmwCENABLED709252h 32m 12s ago
ShMezqRZ85Fimqdbma8s3ZUbkJyB49qXWeENABLED709252h 37m 33s ago
ShmdSCUqdFx2d87HbZtAuXArAhymTeZqFjENABLED709252h 38m 17s ago
Sig7juP9fVAWhFPP7aupC11zHsCZHewVruENABLED709252h 39m 5s ago
SZdJCNhhdznYZwMKDXW3RmLGvMiZm4hCFDENABLED709252h 40m 26s ago
SNmFB5NsH3jxd3k3FQWcGJNKkPMhj8QnhRENABLED709252h 41m ago
SSzVNdynT3e4ua1DwdEm7rzgCwAfmQyMs6ENABLED709252h 41m 10s ago
SjP6uyBz15SdgvB4ybF5vjHVWGFe8ZihVAENABLED709252h 41m 23s ago
SW2HimA7z7NH1c2pgq3c64X9G3J9RmTfjbENABLED709252h 42m 19s ago
SSWxqJiaWyou4wt9cAVvgaaaDewNUfH3HVENABLED709252h 43m 54s ago
SMexJrZJv6GFPJVWyr87vVW4YCkhMshBpAENABLED709252h 46m 30s ago
ShvJZBgXTTcLaGa2btC5uV86Pt2FcV4yEgENABLED709252h 46m 54s ago
Sb525fTYhxuttee3AafnHFoLtjkGyL3B9pENABLED709252h 47m 28s ago
Sa3iCuoMaZNQ9yJTF4a2Q6yDvFirnAg3DPENABLED709252h 47m 31s ago
ScKMh3mmwhdnJh67MXp4p29pgGFLWGfpTGENABLED709252h 49m 30s ago
ShE6LFHE9N8zHryb47hCqjdNG247sLiQy8ENABLED709252h 49m 37s ago
SkC9wrE7o956Cm2xQGXW8rtedeUTS2rPUdENABLED709252h 50m 16s ago
SV5eQkjQqdENkTsmhmJAg8hk6ZebGhRp7WENABLED709252h 50m 46s ago
SVh7rNvh9kcVCQhMBLNQwjAxhktR4CqTSGENABLED709252h 52m 20s ago
STLhBi1cvpgEPmnNaPY1ACjBYQGMe2xmS8ENABLED709252h 59m 55s ago
SdFyMVcSZwnF4iYPUGDQxw3r9aNCfcSFJaENABLED709253h 2m 30s ago
SdrZ6MuyWHgEm9ixPkJvhReQvpdhUtMnCwENABLED709253h 4m 12s ago
SiZ2vsphSPWZ8aREML3cLcHf1vbYb2RxB9ENABLED709253h 5m 11s ago
SP32qBwDAYS7dPy7yuXdBSebPF1YYWCDH2ENABLED709253h 5m 41s ago
SQt8VRraUgSuek4Q3cPMQqJoDzfEepzKNdENABLED709253h 12m 21s ago
SN24ta7niuJRyGaAc3M67eJnSVg3QTHhR9ENABLED709253h 12m 25s ago
SYZvahPAdbbP9jejeUwDv77svEKZxbCKXgENABLED709253h 13m 21s ago
SZaJQLfkxDnYVJnxHkjFqvAkRZjDZYaCb9ENABLED709253h 13m 46s ago
SbQVG1ku4HzHie1mj4MjinxaEFtF2Gt9B8ENABLED709253h 16m 49s ago
SUQt3D1kZo7KNthrzCSnevfmk3GytspoCjENABLED709253h 18m 23s ago
SRgCE7DTwJyb1xkx8Lg7GMu6hmCLYWVz34ENABLED709253h 18m 53s ago
SjCPuadpvd72ozzjrYymQp6r6iqJA4G1w5ENABLED709253h 19m 38s ago
ShEHnvihyBcnYTH1naKTmW9tZoc8rBSUQHENABLED709253h 20m 37s ago
SXKcsTKC7Dn58UhTFZ7CcbLotorbTaGLmZENABLED709253h 21m 55s ago
SRGErpJ7CHJh3keMYVE1ynh2Xkp8Ssn7qWENABLED709253h 21m 57s ago
SWfedhhyk2uZFRYUKhsa2FfKkffcsoo2vwENABLED709253h 21m 57s ago
SjyHhQEEkzdx5V7yXsWKb2Aebfehj6N23nENABLED709253h 23m 45s ago
Sf62NvWDwmpRuLyK9doBChTSWAsFcTrpBPENABLED709253h 27m 12s ago
STQsV6hRyPnrHbfvCF14CRMZ9HjiHtLEZmENABLED709253h 27m 23s ago

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