Ultra Clear (UCR)

UCR statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    1,131
Inactive:    1
Total:    1,132
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 95.70% / 381 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 296,552.7956

Last masternode reward: 195.0000 UCR for CZxiZfoGuBH2KUqjBdmeKcz7NUQNbSWPHQ

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,759,390
29s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,408
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: +0.6668 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 1s
Genesis block: Jun 28 2019 01:35:59

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  3000102
Protocol version:  70922
Version:  169900

Wallet is connected to 16 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on masternode.online.

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
CUhwkN5cgwv6r1RTFxYHec5iEzcvJa8GSLENABLED709227h 55m 23s ago
CRkWCphYf12ErxycayLMHsPpiyrfTWfRx3ENABLED709227h 55m 38s ago
CGyY541ny6UCj76o8vMAepoQRkM7XLjfq6ENABLED709227h 56m 23s ago
CXtwbzkewMLn1o4daAmAoKzW3vypjA1N2mENABLED709227h 59m 8s ago
CcCmW3Z6GHPXtaMQokz8aQn5FwLMxcfUHkENABLED709228h 1m 23s ago
CbjxAd59qyzt5JupS4Bv4SgHZvPW1hmMTDENABLED709228h 1m 23s ago
CMhaL3BeDcDdPQRysjurmLJAr5hkBFREFnENABLED709228h 3m 23s ago
CGbAWq1paGbXFCTrPwRoQYuwHNkKctvLa5ENABLED709228h 4m 8s ago
CXVTzn7PXhJs9i5sv1TM1S5msq6RP7zf1pENABLED709228h 5m 8s ago
CWQLdxikYZiJvJzo7FXE4MB34km3Px5TNVENABLED709228h 6m 23s ago
CdJ4hpxHQdv6bGJTWKd6TQtbAJeeqaxYvnENABLED709228h 7m 23s ago
CLonawomD4WZPAsTZZBpnyS5ZERAmWY897ENABLED709228h 7m 38s ago
CXKLmvxnQBA7RPu7jDFjTwyUfCmmfGDpbFENABLED709228h 9m 53s ago
CMpEZDqTuwP2TynkDQzVpapNaDmsuKf44HENABLED709228h 10m 8s ago
CL7FexE3SRK9TCJoTHVnP1W2ZpEzNgn12zENABLED709228h 11m 53s ago
CNmXti1yJPn18vmkWhRKpNfsZA7PmYeC4fENABLED709228h 12m 23s ago
CX8S5oCB9L4M22xHMt6mGVoYC8vf8xarchENABLED709228h 14m 53s ago
CKcpVdShsJGSUd2D7oS2MLWUReNobqpmggENABLED709228h 15m 8s ago
CUZH9tZXLFdui11ZB1wNCJFr4w7L8AnFoTENABLED709228h 15m 38s ago
CQCcYjsPRe8Sj5ZwwBFJiwrrjozKTkUAbmENABLED709228h 15m 53s ago
CefgJrX3xeBFGNwRQV3RL4tJdpE3t3swDrENABLED709228h 18m 23s ago
Cb5qVtN5aMrub1Ga6GBuc27YLe87UPFdykENABLED709228h 21m 23s ago
CXvDAmpMnKtvXPAbq4g6gTcyG1EvYDz6hYENABLED709228h 22m 23s ago
CKPiHPga6Mrupx2xuY9ifoT5a7SEnuhk9TENABLED709228h 22m 23s ago
CbXTBZB4zG1PUsyXoCoVteQedX4ZxwsAi4ENABLED709228h 23m 23s ago
CfjgHjs4W3QdX1jiYmDq9zyhaorcVQbFQxENABLED709228h 24m 53s ago
CReDx9hzHMiExYs9y9uHPpi6ESUcS8VTCBENABLED709228h 25m 53s ago
Cc1yUh4YR8Cb2EWouGe9yMRVGE5koz3D44ENABLED709228h 26m 23s ago
CZo71R8PCCHExXt5MxMXw1ayRiaEtQYdszENABLED709228h 26m 53s ago
CV1hiLAg3opMSE33qEUpfHrWuTe3bJPNivENABLED709228h 27m 53s ago
CKBzrNALtwUyGnFj542vgBs9ggJxMgUvcsENABLED709228h 28m 8s ago
CKWwwp5Pu8H7GiHLFyiMEYVsL28dpA9PDPENABLED709228h 29m 23s ago
CYur89hqsr3SXS3P6iW3gcwqTj96wjx389ENABLED709228h 29m 53s ago
CKzrzkrN9k3EtCjNqC9VmLVm5P9wivPVuvENABLED709228h 30m 38s ago
CXfqXnFwSdhHk4du2NsrSRyeBDUndcNqPHENABLED709228h 32m 53s ago
CaU6RK54L9F8MPP2eALkM8D5Cx2ZbunkKmENABLED709228h 34m 8s ago
CUBcJ58F3ySrnub4L1SFXEshWU87dKhomSENABLED709228h 34m 23s ago
CNmDiTL2JMMMASDMkz8S2NLeQJFW8sRrVSENABLED709228h 34m 53s ago
CSenzM9QtTWoSUrnyuyiHKfboUbS3hArXbENABLED709228h 35m 8s ago
CdgZfq6i2Vg3VxBdAp6H2BWfYdgYUomJinENABLED709228h 35m 23s ago
CN91aiBCCv8b8CrQzXkqNurP9RjZLc2qshENABLED709228h 36m 8s ago
CM1H1XcgM39Df3ZYjAtMiR6zNQY9Y1e1pPENABLED709228h 37m 38s ago
CU3ZAtZWsZP9sNhLD9YGuwRtv54LC2TXtNENABLED709228h 38m 23s ago
CXuWGmLVS9TEa1AsrauomZGUhcrbqJgCk4ENABLED709228h 39m 38s ago
CbA72WSbF4Q3oTJYZFMT3ofhYJ55f2K6kdENABLED709228h 40m 8s ago
CbVb4GH95MX6qfkced37Pq7FojTXVwSVVKENABLED709228h 42m 53s ago
CKiN5TrdYxN5zVXz2kt4q9PMD7xgctpBe5ENABLED709228h 43m 8s ago
CYnV9k5Xz16hCz2RWXNh4u8L13hAdQCG7nENABLED709228h 43m 23s ago
CYsMHEiHPXRqsSGfiT3Y9pyxUefAMWjDQgENABLED709228h 43m 53s ago
CH8V5UgX5MFP1bTAmM5hWqHmgP7VhTFLHLENABLED709228h 45m 38s ago

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