Ultra Clear (UCR)

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Masternode statistics

Active:    526
Inactive:    0
Total:    526
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 155.06% / 235 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 223,453.6324

Last masternode reward: 156.0000 UCR for CbdoGxerFTrNm4Z7QnnxuSZWUrhWW6bJpf

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,174,459
1m 16s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,404
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: +0.5881 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 1s
Genesis block: Jun 28 2019 01:35:59

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  3000100
Protocol version:  70922
Version:  169900

Wallet is connected to 16 peers
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Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
CYkHRvAcN1otRxiatEyAoqcjw39WAZedrNENABLED709224h 15m 17s ago
CGspEJCLntsba7Ze8BGumn9LZspNzsz879ENABLED709224h 15m 32s ago
CTP36iADAVqjT2tArA55oLVbkjXdqJXKXjENABLED709224h 15m 47s ago
CW9DXE3bZokhJbWWNsx9haVUkcTr9NmqGCENABLED709224h 16m 17s ago
CRpLX44G2Y4XSn3NzCoqEw9nnG94NCiMTjENABLED709224h 16m 32s ago
CdBh6ryPqxsCZbyQpf4s2inVS14xwT5532ENABLED709224h 18m 17s ago
CcjBRRB1wteTwo4SqRgTJ2Ncsswf8jkgvYENABLED709224h 19m 17s ago
CaH47rAJCDb53mniY83hXDsMK7QBLpjksiENABLED709224h 20m 32s ago
CUzEBaSPAwjQhmNVyKQHMK2dXcjUEMnQmEENABLED709224h 21m 32s ago
CQ3zfvsHngsnqtFvcn2vwMwCLmr6dL9j78ENABLED709224h 45m 17s ago
CVsVj8hjDU1ZLUgWtCjMrHiso9ryErTENYENABLED709224h 45m 47s ago
CT3mLpjCDjC3MDxg9bJazVBCGtnLL4Y115ENABLED709224h 46m 47s ago
CRebZxuMBXj9Z1z21LdzsCqYWRf9vPfKTmENABLED709224h 47m 17s ago
CfDsCEU6vq7agH31xumAYz9RuUYZVbvFEeENABLED709224h 47m 47s ago
CYxZXRpaxsWbT5HxbHxKRbPCKP56rydpXEENABLED709224h 47m 47s ago
CbREfp7vTLGX43s5qxrk4BE99skbSrqUA5ENABLED709224h 50m 17s ago
CfUZ4f4yYH7vNoxkopCAD3yzPDtsW5FimkENABLED709224h 51m 17s ago
CLGXhXA7PtLdf6Yzvy5jUSERKXTUqcjsLnENABLED709224h 51m 32s ago
CVUSgZwwFqb29zaSHTcsJhPrCXk97fDRByENABLED709224h 52m 17s ago
CaaPLadHcN7NF3rkMdtW3gsVt5A6C9PDyGENABLED709224h 54m 2s ago
CZefmLzhu4hRpoGfBjtA2AWHogcKbsuNd8ENABLED709224h 54m 32s ago
CeceXJLmYacbPR5ycSySG9z5H6BHaQyxbXENABLED709224h 57m 32s ago
CcJ5WvPfvqMxfbtpDu4Tinn6L1TB6uBkNCENABLED709225h 2m 2s ago
CNBNUZkteToHab3s7LYFe5ftuA36HihYomENABLED709225h 2m 17s ago
CU3ZAtZWsZP9sNhLD9YGuwRtv54LC2TXtNENABLED709225h 3m 2s ago
CcLPqReefWvYaxG52QSvhh2GbBbZ3M1aHNENABLED709225h 3m 32s ago
CR4Lree6dJfqZWFLPLtw8wzvqgRegeXoY6ENABLED709225h 4m 2s ago
CQXCq7kFSU5SSUQbTuN2MSiW79Ra4BVigSENABLED709225h 9m 32s ago
CNoP1iUyBaL6q7k8ohCq21nLkHh4K2FN5gENABLED709225h 10m 2s ago
Ce7TMTUC6RTRMQfJtoELVBYdXJDagX8zDNENABLED709225h 10m 17s ago
CWs2haNeHXojTVjYAAvJZfa7HNhAwmgNT8ENABLED709225h 13m 47s ago
CaNCewohSQ9Vk7L6GjB7m3n8QsQ3woRmFXENABLED709225h 14m 2s ago
CRMj7hescTF9tnL2Lm3PyPWyasNYN3UxWSENABLED709225h 14m 32s ago
CKEYmyTTTyJtZtwAEUa8pTZVpkHrgs9uVrENABLED709225h 15m 2s ago
CP1GhEiTYjGkwASoPmRF9H3AsfRKszZEP6ENABLED709225h 15m 32s ago
CMotKZVDjdUL2YZP9QZxiCmVmK7Eg9DnViENABLED709225h 19m 32s ago
CJGnNyjkgUqANY9z85jnAvnkwqzUwoEx4gENABLED709225h 21m 2s ago
CamZudgUrM7kVkXK3aYdV3pPG31Xsn4SA8ENABLED709225h 21m 17s ago
CfWBpfzMGfusMxA9vD2ZyAbdC2hHy6dH9vENABLED709225h 21m 32s ago
CZ7W6eiVcbyBe8a7fed41j5KcXpjYAZMexENABLED709225h 22m 2s ago
CHTQ5TWvuJFVSKZfPeBE1TZGeXL9or9yr3ENABLED709225h 22m 47s ago
CUdAuFx9Gc4Nz3sAjGoGCfsCtXkTzV5ixZENABLED709225h 23m 2s ago
CacoUzfd6FiVH6tw2TEzw9nCz8kSxjZ68XENABLED709225h 25m 17s ago
CaQtuQHxDekyABhTPSHXscV6BXZ6rKdVq3ENABLED709225h 25m 32s ago
CWmj7iLWh3uMxTUxSnYbWwd92n3vj3i8MsENABLED709225h 25m 47s ago
CU26vu65XdjxxdPPfvQSGSudcfAKZam6uEENABLED709225h 26m 17s ago
Cefe9URB5n8fMvcigCCtk7jAtz7TCbWy2bENABLED709225h 28m 2s ago
CdduoK56AwhcXn4yQi75B6gSdtiAb1b4wzENABLED709225h 28m 47s ago
CSbqLZaVc9f6DgzwaeJBZH9Q8bUf1fFmQ6ENABLED709225h 30m 2s ago

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