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Masternode statistics

Active:    0
Inactive:    393
Total:    393
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 1,768.70% / 21 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 9,465.3000

Last masternode reward: 5.8500 ZNZ for ZhCvPT9jp88uBGsbkVjNTKSuTxbTm5aCHn

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,891,604
32d 21h 56m 20s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,618
24 Hrs block time: 53s
24 Hrs block time variance: +14.6071 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 2s
Genesis block: Oct 01 2018 08:27:59

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  2000100
Protocol version:  70005
Version:  169900

Wallet is connected to 6 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on masternode.online.

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
Zrny2DJbs6xFoyWfTc9YcchcgQV78cCan6REMOVE700051d 9h 2m 5s ago
ZoMiBx5i55LXwUT18KGWVXYy5vPrr3WsSEREMOVE700051d 9h 2m 20s ago
ZnEkfb6B77rB2XPa6vS1wVHdWjrfZJqbmrREMOVE700051d 9h 3m 5s ago
ZuXpnMJrx5QyoD9FNbzyg95emp2t424hnEREMOVE700051d 9h 3m 20s ago
Zd9ZuowyQETdD4EtunUkcSzWcKj3EjtMDgREMOVE700051d 9h 7m 35s ago
ZdP4T4eg127WuLQzUeSBvn6u4JMSNwDp17REMOVE700051d 9h 8m 20s ago
ZpRcCd6FonshyJEwxd2LxbwCwSDHa61ThkREMOVE700051d 9h 8m 35s ago
ZdubYkzeKfmBZSmPEvNsWMC8TrPsBEBrGnREMOVE700051d 9h 9m 35s ago
Zm1KMh3C4aDkSCVGe2rqkeANnFSKpXZfxBREMOVE700051d 9h 10m 20s ago
ZmVuSmcJ6AhkuruxBYatTs6FBcM5Kn65JNREMOVE700051d 9h 10m 35s ago
Zm9dsJAXoNfpi5HMw8gkkbPT245kdVJidPREMOVE700051d 9h 13m 5s ago
Zw94ioYky8hW1X35BfPfoWguhCxTsgkgsqREMOVE700051d 9h 13m 50s ago
ZfSijqTFKMAWrW5ZfgB2hUo3Zp3zBqMgG7REMOVE700051d 9h 14m 35s ago
ZvMGpM2h9zwesTvMcrrS5ZiG3cP2F519ioREMOVE700051d 9h 15m 35s ago
Zw9vnPnuMxVmsri5aoKww1AyCFWd9J3956REMOVE700051d 9h 15m 50s ago
Zq3xV48bkdh8Y6YxqrQbY1zL2u3cLow1w3REMOVE700051d 9h 16m 50s ago
Zre5j3k9WP2FXjYY5MykSwg8Z9akfcaV23REMOVE700051d 9h 17m 35s ago
ZrEZpbM1FkCFMyC6ubjdXGoYTM1j5CiT44REMOVE700051d 9h 18m 5s ago
ZjcXqCknwPKJfXqqYiy4hTfQ4YZmWk9K7GREMOVE700051d 9h 18m 50s ago
ZunPSvtaaAd3bwpMzSStCiqE47NEK6v2QwREMOVE700051d 9h 19m 5s ago
Zhvc2qSWXZntoX9oqyJCXra7KoXx2zjhQVREMOVE700051d 9h 19m 20s ago
ZgWeHa2RW5zBvASG4sPutUk72umyHd7GpfREMOVE700051d 9h 19m 50s ago
Zz5XeYn7eSvyeaAQVLnmJ16M7PmdhpEN1GREMOVE700051d 9h 21m 50s ago
ZvyB5i8UNh5TAsg1urdU5C9dwB51L2XtX6REMOVE700051d 9h 24m 20s ago
Zirik8KNXtAhCaymckNiKvPuRJDRmchkzRREMOVE700051d 9h 24m 35s ago
ZvnqCm2mdinwxsDd2Av4wDsnsUKrS44WmeREMOVE700051d 9h 25m 20s ago
Zn4UAY1iXHdWL6b6i4FnbQoNkwQABockabREMOVE700051d 9h 25m 50s ago
ZnPX7EgZ2UmuvttYhecRreD7LKHDZF8vBBREMOVE700051d 9h 26m 5s ago
ZtMuXsJAgZQSo7xYYmXsYLS2CAipQxPvAUREMOVE700051d 9h 26m 35s ago
ZefTfvHShD5dbeut4nYtrZxSiwRTy6nqB9REMOVE700051d 9h 27m 20s ago
ZenJMEtzrNJREmyXfZ8wWTNhKDStA2nF7nREMOVE700051d 9h 27m 35s ago
ZzRMnppvVB5bhTuB46Q61EL92BpQedFbpBREMOVE700051d 9h 31m 50s ago
ZkMTy4hurprFzfvkwvqTv5YHBg3sBxNW9TREMOVE700051d 9h 32m 50s ago
ZeH3i51GkJW4j6ub9wEZYgmnwV1dHEii1EREMOVE700051d 9h 35m 35s ago
Zzan8292WuWyvDGYo4J8HaP11KV7wUqcp5REMOVE700051d 9h 35m 50s ago
Zs8LdEErfCBCi5XymHBehPaBchPbH5UC5cREMOVE700051d 9h 36m 35s ago
Zca4UxYSqUqrY9ao5WsS2mxpRwa5j9dVyGREMOVE700051d 9h 38m 5s ago
ZhWk9XXRDprqrLHy7dTkfR3GqgbkxdqQ1eREMOVE700051d 9h 38m 35s ago
ZctCr7oGn456ivKdNw65mwHWvAZfyvsf4dREMOVE700051d 9h 40m 35s ago
ZgvvrkXZTkw9NXN685wbV2jTyxozQ7YvtjREMOVE700051d 9h 41m 20s ago
ZzACMShjjR7r3n4R2ocrpGtHcaznGx5ktPREMOVE700051d 9h 45m 5s ago
ZhZWfCZh8XcBsyfUjiqQ3svFWa7Xidi9ooREMOVE700051d 9h 45m 20s ago
ZhCvPT9jp88uBGsbkVjNTKSuTxbTm5aCHnREMOVE700051d 9h 56m 20s ago
ZwhwZmc4tXt74qex3vuYPuSWiiBbLRchQzREMOVE700051d 9h 56m 50s ago
ZhAMuT6BbGuPJbM15PSfcHz2ZqUjyYAuDUREMOVE700051d 9h 59m 35s ago
ZbQksgn9upVu52AktmoaHsBpfTSgiBMsUvREMOVE700051d 10h 5s ago
Zw4QQ7Zd69bDADPXjHdYLGFVdxMYe1XcpoREMOVE700051d 10h 20s ago
ZsV5PiLUJqB896tsjdCMMmLamaFMpHXbc6REMOVE700051d 10h 50s ago
ZjLXcMEpE2gABWKAsbGSScWR5Pe7aEPqyJREMOVE7000532d 22h 46m 35s ago
ZiyY4anDoNnwHE5ZmTzsdzetzg3pQq8sRoREMOVE7000532d 22h 48m 35s ago

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