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Catscoin (CATS)

CATS statistics on

Masternode statistics

Active:    69
Inactive:    0
Total:    69
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 566.54% / 64 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 160,650.0000

Last masternode reward: 90.0000 CATS for CNCiaXsQbGmZYY4khtLPHrPzBSh4ktBgEd

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,063,651
34s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,275
24 Hrs block time: 1m 7s
24 Hrs block time variance: -8.4777 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m 2s
Genesis block: May 26 2020 19:04:10

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  2000003
Protocol version:  70933
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 11 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
CNCiaXsQbGmZYY4khtLPHrPzBSh4ktBgEdENABLED7093355m 10s ago
CRb6bNxZV4zYJvLWaW4hDzgU3FHnazWE5kENABLED7093355m 25s ago
CJwdXbiPyZEGi6mf38aYyu9nwttpnbZC8EENABLED7093355m 40s ago
CHz7ch9pBLURdeFafvEXu2ECod8ppYXwW3ENABLED7093356m 25s ago
CMXj3HUePCJjUgk95w7G7XYqNg8P4cjMaDENABLED709331h 1m 10s ago
CdQNasxt8FnzJuPAvnAD8NESec8w3j7pbfENABLED709331h 1m 55s ago
CcA8qfyrcmMue1PkiVrz2H5qJWs49teussENABLED709331h 2m 55s ago
CU9SEXNEVVsXbTQaJPs2wHqjeuqQ9z4rPCENABLED709331h 3m 55s ago
CeCFNawhEWthueZ5DqaBtz7GEpng4K86d1ENABLED709331h 4m 10s ago
CVcaVoudQwKPdmwvLKEToFC3T1uMZeg44oENABLED709331h 4m 55s ago
CQ2QgZfcKghwvPHpYwSazWaWAanRFgmar3ENABLED709331h 5m 25s ago
CQrNbg4n9jpGRww9ZMKwZfH1Jk7LXfBt5kENABLED709331h 7m 55s ago
CL7LAko4U9gqViJUio8CF1EduWEWsayXfVENABLED709331h 9m 25s ago
CKCh9b5HS1piGoSg4c9s6FmW5vSvDNvT69ENABLED709331h 10m 25s ago
CLftgHpK3rikzdQ8Ri8RmwE3oY9esy8GsRENABLED709331h 15m 10s ago
CXBK11QwxNywdCZEAPiybFX7En3rxaDjEaENABLED709331h 15m 40s ago
CTfBvPETN42YvvMSRFNWyfhG5vL21K41APENABLED709331h 17m 25s ago
CL19ArpGAKVXEJpeDij8gSGpHKd4CNcGypENABLED709331h 17m 55s ago
CU4np2x7R1rZLcHyvn1S4vnFco2WCjbMWMENABLED709331h 18m 40s ago
CcP6JaViEiRtteWm3YnSpJ7athFcBmRgkvENABLED709331h 20m 55s ago
CRdztkkFpBGKDebYppRGTSFrDGic6xdkUQENABLED709331h 22m 10s ago
CYCrkfxnub1aVCpLohzWuaMrV7K8fJ2FJ3ENABLED709331h 22m 25s ago
CUk1BMgCRCKTkcuePvNnNW6U34gZqVxpnqENABLED709331h 22m 40s ago
CJYNYubv6LpP18uPBZjXkGFpmYp3NMRLpXENABLED709331h 22m 55s ago
CPC1EP2JwU3GLRZcAs7gdq8b8c5sf8tGg1ENABLED709331h 25m 40s ago
CLvzNhuAhYi31ztgCiye7suNv76YUGMDxMENABLED709331h 26m 25s ago
Cd3U8uigeBaY8NaX9CrMeAn1Pi3f6BUedPENABLED709331h 31m 10s ago
CSsXfTWgMDbL5zfvhJ8WdxbUdo6kbBq3ChENABLED709331h 31m 25s ago
CR7dNdJ76Jj7QUyLg264dZCnvR49x2EAYFENABLED709331h 32m 10s ago
CUcL8NiFwmDMtxcbJvHiJ7kycvepb8fHm9ENABLED709331h 32m 55s ago
CVkRmUZZyG3BG1sDaqwitxioNFfAfFonvdENABLED709331h 34m 40s ago
CQ3rBrASvBhg7SBwcoChs8jTCRuZn4dY7KENABLED709331h 35m 55s ago
CHqXGxNyQRicjZrwnA6q4QiRkxH6kkKsSJENABLED709331h 36m 25s ago
CPUoNWXXhWUPnGdEWxBkSk89dY9WeXyyskENABLED709331h 36m 55s ago
CTRk6a3vqWhK8zcDoBnVGygeKc2xxWQN1QENABLED709331h 38m 10s ago
CfQCCUcYpAjepPgRPEWZrfsMauzhNke77gENABLED709331h 40m 10s ago
CVRvkLGDaJh3Jv4EfDirjxmRcdHAUfm2LLENABLED709331h 41m 10s ago
CbB2p1xUZhMqkbLc9wWtYTMESrzbRmPtWBENABLED709331h 43m 25s ago
CJuFE9UUwDnQ4bxC9g55nfw9amnwYCGPvVENABLED709331h 44m 10s ago
CcTkwNGqnXLaN8Jxrm3LB2BBdWi5ZSCishENABLED709331h 44m 40s ago
CW8BqGn7AmMSZN3EyB5DR78W33fHDLSKJyENABLED709331h 45m 40s ago
CNgphmFwwX3UF6EYVvbuviBjzugYoMuggyENABLED709331h 46m 25s ago
CQxCCtUGwjxqnkQs5jPjVbfFP6CULicpAiENABLED709334h 19m 40s ago
CXUHvAt71pd3nNNDbdG27LKkDNiTswHhRRENABLED709334h 20m 55s ago
CbDTZUaHKZXtiQaKHVebUVmC3oaPhC4Uq7ENABLED709334h 24m 25s ago
CHbLConBQ43xCMziRzLS3ZfX4KJ6Xz4tG6ENABLED709334h 24m 40s ago
CHAmFcJf5UQVaahTcxbB1hV77FDUpS8eqDENABLED709334h 24m 55s ago
CVLjPadAjKk9CZan6TV9YdijoCdkSzKC7xENABLED709334h 28m 40s ago
CMzDvWxVN42KHKdA2zRA3Ua7UCCBa9nnhHENABLED709334h 29m 25s ago

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