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Catscoin (CATS)

CATS statistics on

Masternode statistics

Active:    25
Inactive:    0
Total:    25
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 460.89% / 79 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 126,270.0000

Last masternode reward: 90.0000 CATS for CaDdAzoyfLnFrudJE8uNwUShXTPUVXKchT

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,676,144
32m 9s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,403
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: +2.3168 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 3s
Genesis block: May 26 2020 19:04:10

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  2000005
Protocol version:  70934
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 8 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
CaDdAzoyfLnFrudJE8uNwUShXTPUVXKchTENABLED7093432m 9s ago
CGghtWACU3n6mQAgfeQBsSWvws9DUXzPnCENABLED7093432m 24s ago
CJT5Sz9xiAb5EZtDpruLhU6SdaSrqgoFCpENABLED7093435m 9s ago
Ccdpty5igzRbyAsBVqsWkDcdpwrerM6gXyENABLED7093435m 24s ago
Cff8o9pWrVEzpKsBiyvivgYA5pbdFEPsaQENABLED7093436m 39s ago
CJnnXZKARPvttvbCDhik1yw2GrS99gj2KNENABLED7093437m 9s ago
CMLfnkxSKRfdkXgPoCC3RN5y9w5Uk8WgucENABLED7093442m 9s ago
CSbPzkteyHhucLzVCww4vVp1QRA6Q64LcdENABLED7093442m 24s ago
CGc7SnL8joLxtpbXuyjzBuWeyZt35z4pafENABLED7093442m 54s ago
CL19ArpGAKVXEJpeDij8gSGpHKd4CNcGypENABLED7093444m 9s ago
CJa23auVx9NdEAmrV2hj9UGvsxrNvGY6mdENABLED7093445m 39s ago
CHurAxWFP5zNp3vEE6tRF6Li9p3fML1HmkENABLED7093447m 24s ago
CLGhMSpagoFiCRkxnwZcz2tJbVLoZf9nbTENABLED7093447m 39s ago
CXogatU9xmCv3LkrkEgdM3JS3PJYSTWX6fENABLED7093450m 9s ago
CNmT4FQB5VghDQbgzRZLd7YHo7ueXGsxy2ENABLED7093451m 24s ago
CS4ynPDgmPSzaSMyxa2usatxCndc6yiNHyENABLED7093451m 54s ago
CGvNNvuZUcS2zYPrjAJLoKANZ3PnH72ybQENABLED7093453m 54s ago
CKQzqHyModqMJizU5pofvcNhzvpcyU5EByENABLED7093454m 54s ago
CJYNYubv6LpP18uPBZjXkGFpmYp3NMRLpXENABLED7093455m 9s ago
CH1yHYUqd5uiKSCvQC6SivuSbrFDbLpEQUENABLED7093459m 24s ago
Cd7bunMiX49PHUE5jiBQwFmcPXXeTemiBvENABLED709341h 1m 9s ago
CQ6cftrWv3LY8ziNZt9exUPYp3YGiGgWBCENABLED709341h 2m 24s ago
CScETiwDkrEkHp3zS7VfeyUtjHCEFmwjsmENABLED709341h 2m 54s ago
CHz7ch9pBLURdeFafvEXu2ECod8ppYXwW3ENABLED709341h 5m 9s ago
CJ6fS1hSCwvUEQUY1y1kfksHFkB8sBfJteENABLED709341h 5m 24s ago

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