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Catscoin (CATS)

CATS statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    83
Inactive:    0
Total:    83
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 519.37% / 70 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 177,156.0000

Last masternode reward: 90.0000 CATS for CPC1EP2JwU3GLRZcAs7gdq8b8c5sf8tGg1

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 769,272
1m 15s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,406
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: +0.9481 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 2s
Genesis block: May 26 2020 19:04:10

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  2000003
Protocol version:  70933
Version:  61000

Wallet is connected to 10 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on masternode.online.

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
CPC1EP2JwU3GLRZcAs7gdq8b8c5sf8tGg1ENABLED709331h 7m 16s ago
CJnnXZKARPvttvbCDhik1yw2GrS99gj2KNENABLED709331h 7m 31s ago
CZX5DB4mNx5d751YXtX4RtpT2c8moTMBh7ENABLED709331h 7m 46s ago
CHa7eGssgSgTjgQhyuoGW86SfX6WoYh5AMENABLED709331h 8m 31s ago
CcWMefujUu4thCR5KbN2u5am3EGgRHPdnTENABLED709331h 12m 1s ago
CLtvgaCbxyHo9AFwowCACyCuc45qvZzWTvENABLED709331h 12m 16s ago
CPUoNWXXhWUPnGdEWxBkSk89dY9WeXyyskENABLED709331h 13m 1s ago
CfhdBSbtPADc56FQXmX9jHK12mFXCUSt2WENABLED709331h 14m 1s ago
CHt5STfyjiuXLwqn4Wwh3mecTdxxj5LjTgENABLED709331h 15m 16s ago
CQxCCtUGwjxqnkQs5jPjVbfFP6CULicpAiENABLED709331h 17m 31s ago
CMYKtE9keodgs83pDE2yqCTxmCv4vpXj1SENABLED709331h 17m 46s ago
CHAmFcJf5UQVaahTcxbB1hV77FDUpS8eqDENABLED709331h 18m 16s ago
Ca9gt7ZKDLr8ioFeA4LVMPsXxJ2dU8eFdJENABLED709331h 19m 1s ago
CHz7ch9pBLURdeFafvEXu2ECod8ppYXwW3ENABLED709331h 19m 16s ago
Ccm3EcHMFEtxnaXe7iitkhn6qLHPQpeWRFENABLED709331h 19m 31s ago
CTfBvPETN42YvvMSRFNWyfhG5vL21K41APENABLED709331h 22m 1s ago
CeyfNrhxmApzrjDMHMsfpve6F3tzw17xHeENABLED709331h 25m 1s ago
CRrnvbEh9GoZQCbnnXKRgyWy1c8EeuSmjKENABLED709331h 25m 46s ago
CQa56YyfoMFYHKB1WtbuQCYwmY4SdPNfuHENABLED709331h 26m 46s ago
CWByTtsxb4hhHEoeqXG2WN8PKuSAcHpTsUENABLED709331h 27m 1s ago
CGxhHzSJpAbNVEjdJv28Lbu2gtd2tAGgXxENABLED709331h 27m 16s ago
CfeC71SDrfuZ51SFHcD7j4cjLtK5YfyqgZENABLED709331h 28m 31s ago
CHr94aBoUqRgD1b266b1dbeXPcJKTnZ8P7ENABLED709331h 30m 31s ago
CWm2Ko1RGeT9vs8jD3SbJ192gGVtCUYwfsENABLED709331h 31m 31s ago
CJwdXbiPyZEGi6mf38aYyu9nwttpnbZC8EENABLED709331h 31m 46s ago
Cbbsdin1LZwAt3XZTjr3P68joK2XDWcHEDENABLED709331h 32m 31s ago
CPxQKjf8YEpGZsgAnJXnyBiwrPEVo2enCpENABLED709331h 36m 16s ago
CNTrEPDDUxzf71B6msoc7Y8jCbvgUzko53ENABLED709331h 37m 1s ago
Carz12Xnexgd4pMYy7DCSpsghyLMKhEXReENABLED709331h 38m 16s ago
CU9SEXNEVVsXbTQaJPs2wHqjeuqQ9z4rPCENABLED709331h 39m 16s ago
CbDTZUaHKZXtiQaKHVebUVmC3oaPhC4Uq7ENABLED709331h 40m 31s ago
CVwAsKjTSSj561R5Cf9zPUcj4oE4byYP1BENABLED709331h 40m 46s ago
CMzDvWxVN42KHKdA2zRA3Ua7UCCBa9nnhHENABLED709331h 41m 1s ago
CKrUnvufFFUJ8HyrP4N28iTtvPm6cQxPHPENABLED709331h 42m 16s ago
CMsFmjCCFe2r2v3feK1iSHUhtJtvQfJLq7ENABLED709331h 43m 16s ago
CV8QwatLaRe85XQGe7PXSzmEW54g1kadmzENABLED709331h 44m 46s ago
CcTkwNGqnXLaN8Jxrm3LB2BBdWi5ZSCishENABLED709331h 47m 1s ago
CVy746qbGxstSKN7FtWWPkrmD3oq2tFPSQENABLED709331h 48m 16s ago
CXpkw9cqSJGMUHsTXM9kcguucRg47ZSpixENABLED709331h 49m 46s ago
CQVwpzP1he5RZcvzobUucyEmrfovHC91GTENABLED709331h 50m 1s ago
CSFhqLzqYw9NTUfME5bsygMd7L7qWd5p9HENABLED709331h 50m 46s ago
CL9KJp46ZEbNeTEqj8scpW3YKUAFVRTABGENABLED709331h 51m 1s ago
CP2JeqiaWgJ42MHvFHS4rHVcVwh3n86sTUENABLED709331h 54m 31s ago
CYy4q2uVagVWn4xHp5pUuYFpkXCaHGC1rAENABLED709331h 55m 1s ago
CVkRmUZZyG3BG1sDaqwitxioNFfAfFonvdENABLED709331h 56m 31s ago
CGWpMwyqFoVVW7p2n5t1zj33K2LSukkaCNENABLED709332h 14m 16s ago
CJYNYubv6LpP18uPBZjXkGFpmYp3NMRLpXENABLED709332h 15m 1s ago
CaFtk27GK29p9HUFF65FCMGys6d3fGCcabENABLED709332h 15m 31s ago
Cbo6trJFjxsohXc3YgVmW8QeXeA4hT2LMVENABLED709332h 16m 16s ago
CPv52HGPSnQAs5dwJBTfKC6RdcrZxVZ6GPENABLED709332h 18m 1s ago

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