Dash Diamond (DASHD)

DASHD statistics on

Masternode statistics

Active:    4,470
Inactive:    4
Total:    4,474
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 349.08% / 105 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 128,310.0000

Last masternode reward: 91.0000 DASHD for DNWj8W1iRawADyfK1owdCc7n1xRtjRhsey

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 660,877
9s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,410
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: +40.4936 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 42s
Genesis block: Aug 29 2019 03:43:26

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  2000100
Protocol version:  70101
Version:  169900

Wallet is connected to 16 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
DDnioCgxbP4ekufETXDAi18jWyd7F3aMD6ENABLED701011h 38m 39s ago
DHeF2z58C75L3N2MXKtgXY8T6pLU1EnjCrENABLED701011h 39m 24s ago
DKXyu3rjVuuUY2c5Ld7ok74wCVSUjDjh67ENABLED701011h 39m 54s ago
DTzsmaFg9wBa8V3moZjg39enWX2Hy9u7YFENABLED701011h 40m 54s ago
DHFVLbnZgNSZafcnkSreFhdfRs5nJUPSToENABLED701012h 4m 24s ago
DF2LBijGTGL7SjqNMrGySbKE6v4yCU8U13ENABLED701012h 4m 54s ago
D6CmEq5UPD31AJuYjnZ55vRLGce3Xy969BENABLED701012h 5m 9s ago
DC4mDfyKeK93TgBXsjKdsnPDUdqEdKT6fGENABLED701012h 5m 24s ago
DPjXLNGYviQKwyszmN5hJux59VL9wSnu4HENABLED701012h 5m 24s ago
DKf6TDmSZBSEnqnMQN5T8dNHZ4UcJmGafeENABLED701012h 6m 24s ago
DNiCoEbsPfsrQuUNb4gknHSBvKsQK54CPSENABLED701012h 7m 9s ago
DJJ3uQoZMnNyWCYDpT29KkbJZPW1KmqMXAENABLED701012h 8m 9s ago
D9yzuBRXxpfWH11K9x9KuKAZ3EkMqBLqJPENABLED701012h 8m 39s ago
DQeP7iqKRVazGq8xWz5xour6XEEryWNmGjENABLED701012h 9m 24s ago
DKpgUoN42t6g6oAUBPVWqZo9SqjwgM7zbxENABLED701012h 9m 54s ago
DL2YKyDBs8oHHCQnnwXDtcYhyR8HeWQvhEENABLED701012h 10m 54s ago
DTdYUkJYsEFgRgTmcTkTfizaxqsgnNESg2ENABLED701012h 11m 24s ago
DNxZpPXTq4qy4nZyqhHTBMDbRiDEkHuqoDENABLED701012h 12m 9s ago
DHGmJxMKqz11Q3N9JSeZtfn1Azq9iiPZsYENABLED701012h 13m 9s ago
D6SZqPr1vpay8Wpfb23bWB7R918mhGvSFmENABLED701012h 13m 24s ago
DQHmYWiqsKdP3VRvsVv8Eqgg8zzLfgWHxmENABLED701012h 13m 39s ago
DQtJy8rzX3T7WK9RPWnSKCuS3Fn2pY3UU9ENABLED701012h 14m 9s ago
DHwRscAD1KqQdzNvT9mXz8nPyghkAVzRoyENABLED701012h 14m 54s ago
DJq7SvFtZzhZoHNp3v6JPBQ3yQ4Rdc5s5kENABLED701012h 17m 9s ago
DQp5JBG3CmTZuPZVt67kzvqxHoj6YnpupbENABLED701012h 17m 24s ago
DT5RkBgz4b6yrkJesRNv9gbEXyn7daJHy7ENABLED701012h 19m 9s ago
DPQ5rE4pGnDFSbVB8eZJtEM1kAjK4KRy8CENABLED701012h 19m 24s ago
DEjqvgvdg3zSv21GR6E6YsHfCSSU3w3R1iENABLED701012h 19m 39s ago
D9MhryAUvdmVgYjeRaHP7vxvVxfTieHDRGENABLED701012h 22m 54s ago
DFh7LVaMJwC7qCb7hUKLSrJkvkFXsV92n2ENABLED701012h 24m 9s ago
D9Jh7p9nVocMvxGYZ3CiVLwrJN8om42q9tENABLED701012h 24m 54s ago
D5wEHw5uDDjR4AhDJYLAskTyjEgwZcZxEiENABLED701012h 25m 24s ago
DFHf3TjzKAnBwdY6K9vtCYFrtzWjbyWjFeENABLED701012h 25m 39s ago
DFaKx5qmFeMQazFa5oLmoJMcvv3W74oQWxENABLED701012h 26m 24s ago
D9ZG1DNmnJwqeNXSRPcHe6CwCZ94GWmSnFENABLED701012h 26m 54s ago
DJbvGdhFSMYd5bdDR5KCqUYmA7BgMMe6WnENABLED701012h 27m 9s ago
DPf6e3cf2fdBSawHygCgYgMXzXjqhNTTQ9ENABLED701012h 28m 24s ago
DLXzSYnVZCbuFuMUnYxSAc2X3fi12DWhYQENABLED701012h 29m 9s ago
DSBGXi1Ly12wpKM5M7TtFdF5jmnxykX1NLENABLED701012h 30m 9s ago
DFo7NhjBmmtZcqU96qLzoa25Gaf2UTVj5FENABLED701012h 31m 9s ago
DTYmbSeBUqf76V79jhNrArbxUM7nsufYRYENABLED701012h 32m 24s ago
D5AFsRMj2wF8mRapk4X8s532JBBwatHBKhENABLED701012h 33m 9s ago
DPmUAxhS9kfiU6P1gVmixiWuFGL6FdaKaYENABLED701012h 33m 9s ago
D9M4YigsiTNd2A4C5je4sLxCwEkabAHXvrENABLED701012h 33m 39s ago
DGnj5raCJSW7mdnEgMwpi9HHmNgsiBZwn6ENABLED701012h 34m 9s ago
DGDzG2AS62BJzkF54XDVrDuMKcDVK7pNk8ENABLED701012h 36m 54s ago
DBj1thtTmSMPsLoA971HF1ghCK89PaZf8JENABLED701012h 37m 9s ago
DKk9STNLF9TGmAqxmWFve14YwS8Bs6pbNoENABLED701012h 37m 39s ago
DDuyexehDqcf52GBgL6t5XLy79CJ2hBJpSENABLED701012h 38m 39s ago
DBCkUTjHBH3cVE9psaJcjngEwcACXWhyPjENABLED701012h 44m 24s ago

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