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Dash Diamond (DASHD)

DASHD statistics on

Masternode statistics

Active:    4,190
Inactive:    4
Total:    4,194
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 370.55% / 99 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 127,673.0000

Last masternode reward: 91.0000 DASHD for DJK8eVSqcFc5MtD5hqMoxHSdQMYnGM6S9g

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 650,077
3m 53s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,403
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: +40.5946 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 43s
Genesis block: Aug 29 2019 03:43:26

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  2000100
Protocol version:  70101
Version:  169900

Wallet is connected to 16 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
DJK8eVSqcFc5MtD5hqMoxHSdQMYnGM6S9gENABLED7010142m 9s ago
DGr7DNMRqgMhX7RQyUG5dDvfEX7pdfXMNuENABLED7010142m 24s ago
D8XiPrY7wcPJ6tZZjPERopfCYBNRV1vYq4ENABLED7010142m 39s ago
DPtaDTsQM9PXXCnJihassLJMPe3ZXVueWGENABLED7010142m 39s ago
DQjYWm3AZ8dPdjyLWXTXfMbxRxeYcK9tUoENABLED7010144m 24s ago
DBbReC7MKYQH2SGa23d2KhgJCmib4YdoetENABLED7010145m 39s ago
DLiJAyHtW3BMXK4kD9Gn6uhXVH964NVYDJENABLED7010147m 9s ago
DTJLHuYrCZdbWXrpmGNNEExEXWsi1G9atcENABLED7010147m 39s ago
DFGGdhtGL5nhLXu8tyiMMBPSepMY6vFNXiENABLED7010150m 24s ago
DRCyVBgsutyRtsvAfs9qhWD7b7vJBu34s6ENABLED7010152m 24s ago
DQrs19WeEDecn3fXCW28c6L1CBUfNy7iwQENABLED7010152m 39s ago
DLnnuY66nEdm2ZHeZHWWZmRAMqp6tyKajJENABLED7010153m 54s ago
DSQKuahqj4KDP22jMVmJHTR4p8yfXE8wBDENABLED7010154m 9s ago
DJUW6MjtTHRbS1xexwgDhExe6BdfcUhfgGENABLED7010155m 9s ago
DH76RPg1Fva5mmSHS3JmxVm8T47f5zN9gVENABLED7010155m 54s ago
D9KEVXctJwz39gaB4gm8yfCUgNag9zegwUENABLED7010156m 54s ago
D7QnozaQbxNPY52emAXBrtYH9MGPxuPABAENABLED7010158m 54s ago
DCxkTtx2SiZBTeF2MA67d9xPgTCftKcod4ENABLED7010159m 9s ago
DKfwYqpPLD3kSifEanknqGwT2JRakALSNrENABLED701011h 9s ago
DJu2YD7MV5T4x56WpYiovh782rmwKgxS5vENABLED701011h 9s ago
DAjBdX4e8oZvte7WtCTNZbM52NJ8RsMk6DENABLED701011h 1m 39s ago
DU1ToZ5Tq7i7HbGDRyp1urWP7WhzqxCnMyENABLED701011h 2m 24s ago
DE6gdJfCPFqaG8jGwVBVJzosaojLCbsE9cENABLED701011h 2m 39s ago
D8K7cJ1pPpCwADxDg2MscPNAcmjUpio9dcENABLED701011h 4m 9s ago
DJ4fPASFxNEpZcyMkZtBTjFy7NJ8jRjEQPENABLED701011h 5m 9s ago
DHr1d7UpRGBy8jWfFMBPFQg87cLxcJ9Zn9ENABLED701011h 5m 24s ago
DK18eUk9PpSmNeiKUaYVGV8kwn8w8sQDLtENABLED701011h 5m 39s ago
D7UtsFnKs4rWox7UP5GyXRyykad6zjoA2DENABLED701011h 6m 24s ago
D9mYtyhviyQSeZivzacRxXhbsYoPpqnyp4ENABLED701011h 7m 24s ago
D9hJgKYeFQMH5fJpoxNcuhNxbce38px6LrENABLED701011h 7m 54s ago
D5ypMhgN2oTxdbtbo3fyTxkWz6x1JQDxAmENABLED701011h 9m 54s ago
DQf3CoZEiu93AcHbz725iXuqQ3uVNdzCCCENABLED701011h 10m 9s ago
DChnaSBVhY9g56KeDPs8aBofbNfdKY1RN6ENABLED701011h 10m 39s ago
DEHc8DMwU5rmDDWe4NYDWtzphVJjQw91XmENABLED701011h 11m 9s ago
DPUXSiEw2qxv6f5XygmaGfFZzrfpLzW2iYENABLED701011h 11m 24s ago
DHBoZCHJR68HaxMGUATLFeAhQCWtzYyDZnENABLED701011h 12m 24s ago
DH8PRMvrTDhNzD7HvMwKaEWXQunytESvS3ENABLED701011h 13m 39s ago
DEeDSQ1vVjWhtcjhGkThNYPGAds9mgNHcTENABLED701011h 15m 39s ago
DU8QruNQs2sgbPk8VPswkXn2brKtMkC26jENABLED701011h 17m 9s ago
D8bGHe4gWi9fxKr4eoTHbQ5QqUoDma2pGkENABLED701011h 17m 39s ago
D5bTtVibBcBQmmLzgfgETjZxtNMaEhY2PrENABLED701011h 18m 24s ago
D6uwtPRRj6sXi4Gd4kqNiVW7fJS3YyAcw4ENABLED701011h 22m 9s ago
DCaLkgi589SJThoNJyzzSnBWVt97WbLWmAENABLED701011h 23m 54s ago
DPvSuoSFbfGLYtry1hMhAJ7Tu9rdcd6XR6ENABLED701011h 24m 9s ago
D7Pxn4WwzaNPjG2u6qaSAbQsTzuQ4GBBEtENABLED701011h 24m 24s ago
DNikxwaWn13Hp9n9qUv7JScaQGhMmatKFPENABLED701011h 24m 39s ago
D5DDs6g5rofUDhnTnu2Q67NamvEuBQ3YZbENABLED701011h 25m 9s ago
DKWgmgGoWgQ4h7K6UnuNAHpV43zXqLTm65ENABLED701011h 25m 9s ago
DSzhxwposXxXFU6Sqoiw3H4KdsU8c3oLHzENABLED701011h 26m 9s ago

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