Dash Diamond (DASHD)

DASHD statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    4,350
Inactive:    3
Total:    4,353
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 357.69% / 102 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 127,946.0000

Last masternode reward: 91.0000 DASHD for DQDngvu5Zg5GpMdhZ7NbBdTb2ipRmoioUN

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 656,544
12s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,406
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: +40.4826 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 43s
Genesis block: Aug 29 2019 03:43:26

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  2000100
Protocol version:  70101
Version:  169900

Wallet is connected to 16 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on masternode.online.

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
DDdDxoGaFGraKXVFbaHSxiWjYyELr2RLVEENABLED701014d 3h 46m 42s ago
DCBHvWWCSf1KmvB36cMduTSFVMbkkRSq2GENABLED701014d 3h 47m 12s ago
DHAqAn6emav86pkPzk4srdExhQGHs3TyVmENABLED701014d 3h 49m 57s ago
DU2cQRHmBTbyqYhUZdpkCzpHY16SRcoLPpENABLED701014d 3h 52m 42s ago
DU2jkYG28Nh5yvKzyE3odhR6acySESJXRNENABLED701014d 3h 55m 27s ago
DR4ow1AGP6Hu21bteM7UiFB828RYva9DaiENABLED701014d 3h 56m 57s ago
DGJc6KEgszzsEYwHTgEuzNsjMMVFXvqXfYENABLED701014d 4h 3m 27s ago
DQLXgLJWTTsNfGchwJ3XXrZYvdCpBqQsp5ENABLED701014d 4h 6m 27s ago
D931etJbTg5jnkXEgVYAeoN8G8ghkDQopqENABLED701014d 4h 39m 27s ago
D6v7T4pR87G523FbYmz83fsEW24FW38YpSENABLED701014d 4h 42m 42s ago
DJqWNoC8ecvxHRN544XN8BsNmrYzWf4vzzENABLED701014d 4h 47m 12s ago
D7MdNKZkYJQ7hrP4JJ8apTqWei5x1ZCpcHENABLED701014d 4h 48m 42s ago
DRE19HTnKUD3PtXzr9boDvADE2HYivmDu3ENABLED701014d 4h 51m 12s ago
DAe9HBa139Ns3jMoxFvTuGj5KQL1QCv2sRENABLED701014d 4h 52m 42s ago
DFEjWWpCiaUGMd3XCJKziKjibsk5dNqAgDENABLED701014d 5h 8m 27s ago
DBYkF7Mi8y6BCJJUhJDGNprACofqRHEVbXENABLED701014d 5h 10m 57s ago
D8wpeNBgy8usj6F3FB6fcp9xK1WmjtWyA4ENABLED701014d 5h 14m 12s ago
DRikJSnhv1smP1sAWtZiHbcYyNdPcQcF1UENABLED701014d 5h 15m 57s ago
DPEyiqjB9uJc7wPyapax5i7abz3WNAL9MkENABLED701014d 5h 17m 27s ago
D8fieLwpwKNMsxW9iB16XAo2jCqr9HyeUWENABLED701014d 5h 19m 42s ago
DDZVZnokur27YbzfWPLbv8zRUxGksFQfURENABLED701014d 5h 24m 27s ago
D5Vuc8mM3y4Lvhcy5a7bAJghi3zRc14LyRENABLED701014d 5h 47m 57s ago
DBQTX3ykjtE3W3GFu87KFvR7jFhCiAS1LmENABLED701014d 5h 59m 12s ago
D8Suq5aoQCFpm81c97gCy79x1qJBKDDna8ENABLED701014d 6h 7m 42s ago
DQ2vMqm8sREgnSC8cisNKEnfWK8Yubv4VVENABLED701014d 6h 12m 57s ago
D942Sce8anPcbedvMq5CrYx6xU7atj3LXAENABLED701014d 6h 14m 12s ago
DRuHFZFwercrFE8GNwm1Ltkkf7JEHNexRUENABLED701014d 6h 14m 42s ago
DEBWnmGeWqCXbyxAibo5CL441Ex2TzFAGRENABLED701014d 6h 22m 42s ago
D8Bgd1Xmzyx7VtoVe3s4NGHkaVm9zaRgYiENABLED701014d 6h 24m 27s ago
D7dCgJxAK3LWKjUHcaSxorKpEnNqWaK6jkENABLED701014d 6h 54m 12s ago
DAkhki3qYQEHH4j6ULRyPdGqvR1xhboMcEENABLED701014d 6h 57m 42s ago
DSUH3YcEXtNJhVTWPUCBfXDVZoJEaag58yENABLED701014d 6h 59m 12s ago
DH1Zs2E8HZfYSPMzQ1iXyzrX81HxgwmZsaENABLED701014d 7h 8m 57s ago
DCdJMB2FUNgLhBKhELWciq9YnKLN6ZKnnGENABLED701014d 7h 13m 12s ago
DG3QfDsuVXDoUGM9i23gguKygbuEYRbcVgENABLED701014d 7h 32m 27s ago
DMsDPF2MXsrik855zvz4QKpdEYmVRgyYmMENABLED701014d 7h 36m 27s ago
D8m3utMxcpwgXYiM26WJmrKRNH97PC6S85ENABLED701014d 7h 36m 42s ago
D5KnmwnTmHgKnEfjLZtoJXSHubofTYuReqENABLED701014d 7h 37m 12s ago
DLhcrYbi1wnXmvb9um1smj61BGLvDy3kxdENABLED701014d 7h 40m 57s ago
D8FH8owjamudT8dKfWv7TTj7iTxcQMxADaENABLED701014d 7h 43m 12s ago
DTj1wprU6A5Jmhr9c9qrG1gBq12Gaoiid2ENABLED701014d 7h 43m 27s ago
DBsr3EFY43jcqi8kguAw1AdpDHFCVJbFR2ENABLED701014d 7h 45m 12s ago
DHnTRBmkKK9j9vexZpX1XJDMtL2D9RmYy2ENABLED701014d 7h 46m 57s ago
DSfiWCEF4ES9dtaJaN3DR5bs9Rb1grs9yDENABLED701014d 8h 4m 42s ago
DNFpgdCpS4czwawLB6xKTc3V94tRgHPmyRENABLED701014d 8h 11m 12s ago
DSz1ALEDBZjfGhPTr7GwEEuHWYsUu4vKMzENABLED701014d 8h 18m 57s ago
DQdygjCnv2EP7fdRePkxZ3NvRJcYoj4JHnENABLED701014d 8h 19m 42s ago
DQDuCs8z9vMn5HQBznMKDRZAZb7pMXtAb7ENABLED701014d 8h 31m 57s ago
DDm9adNYq8iKa4Tynah3dQzj75YneDaeUDENABLED701014d 8h 33m 27s ago
DJRJK13eW7ryDcpZk1SXcHDzTxuaVDopiGENABLED701014d 8h 34m 42s ago

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