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Masternode statistics

Active:    3,375
Inactive:    13
Total:    3,388
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 45.46% / 803 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 4,216.0000

Last masternode reward: 4.0000 FLS for FjhZ1bumDAeZ2hULxxppBbfqShM8DKUC4N

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,124,395
7s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,055
24 Hrs block time: 1m 21s
24 Hrs block time variance: -3.7030 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m 18s
Genesis block: Apr 05 2019 06:09:46

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  2000100
Protocol version:  80004
Version:  169900

Wallet is connected to 16 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
FZ9PwyaSUTDToMz7G3KsHBBy9JjvR1HnfkENABLED800042h 28m 27s ago
FrpRsuBGtHffPYvsdaDzxSEMo8thrvWkHCENABLED800042h 30m 7s ago
Fk6mxWH2Z4bRd4JXyMw5dxiMHHggY1pTUBENABLED800042h 30m 47s ago
Fkz4ge8p8UzfSVhvaUu9E4Vjr2mwiaPAveENABLED800042h 31m 7s ago
FevM5ud3LXggcoYxBVNZJBHFgs31Y46wgCENABLED800042h 32m 7s ago
FkGuxuPVsnXfkA3b2QS4fM66RoamCxCHS6ENABLED800042h 32m 47s ago
FVSJhH6nxPdfaPeHJ1AJaS1hsHmzJgSQqzENABLED800042h 36m 7s ago
FmD4kKjYCUUEZHEGq9TCvZyMRhvhhUfYMeENABLED800042h 39m 7s ago
FapWFscWYrt9z2BGPt7w5fEU5XbGVEhWNkENABLED800042h 40m 27s ago
FaSQPiJf5HNHw2B7eNvXvfoVMRcQDE6gPfENABLED800042h 41m 47s ago
FZfWcvZnLaNSGrX2bVEcqnwRAr3Fv4uFPUENABLED800042h 43m 7s ago
FVunRABALA1S9eFUFEHLbkgAhxqmq3RoaiENABLED800042h 45m 47s ago
FdSmUzRGhkDjL4Vqj8DQQoZtawcyFcEhdjENABLED800042h 46m 7s ago
Fpb7vCLQC1Wwvkz9DfbYQsh3BfuFADZtRxENABLED800042h 46m 27s ago
FoK67ifEXWHpwAA5hhhiFKdSmJki24R6ZZENABLED800042h 46m 47s ago
FeatiagtCP2STVgyBwCK1k4U73P2tB8J9PENABLED800042h 47m 27s ago
FYVF8XcWzET5HoAGh9EpSD3fY7dNiGtkbXENABLED800042h 48m 7s ago
FXPmBY7shcXuARZBGkh5bUyYiuEm1EUehMENABLED800042h 48m 27s ago
Fnbj2VZQnWs7jVgucTSCUcmqoZhCaBe8EmENABLED800042h 49m 7s ago
Fbd4CQJVvBuPHPxdSxfaEtZ7qagK1btmntENABLED800042h 52m 7s ago
FgfdijMB6c29B1F3VuSnjqK2bULTn1phk6ENABLED800042h 52m 47s ago
FgKGFBwnYwj7CLgqhxGKLJR9BwQyJxEgLZENABLED800042h 54m 27s ago
FjZfrqxr5SJMt1oi6eevj5eNgk4yKuWAxQENABLED800043h 7s ago
FiaAS7NLvkrxH87nj8eHTVSkTABH8T1TmTENABLED800043h 27s ago
FjwCp3YhbHuYpfrYQWNbP8FP2TvcPUgyneENABLED800043h 1m 7s ago
FZgXFY8VL2AT8CBmEvmTMwzVp95tY7rzEdENABLED800043h 2m 47s ago
FjSk5GkycYfg9oYQ1A6gyzmdhTCmBwh6mwENABLED800043h 4m 47s ago
Ff5JaDsNph2DMmjJPA7vCXM25ZT1UAen8KENABLED800043h 5m 47s ago
FsGTbzxHZy56PokwfyfCApxMFwFwGsg4T7ENABLED800043h 7m 27s ago
FnJqEv8U1DuDhsLeXGaXaNFtnbmoQ6p2xoENABLED800043h 10m 47s ago
FigkvzB5qqQBagra7hSQTDJvs3ejMpfwpxENABLED800043h 11m 7s ago
Fb89feL2VpggbFhGjeqZZB5UkCF63xPBEPENABLED800043h 15m 27s ago
FVzVm3kn7giiHS1Fa1QMn4Wc1fCpeucajdENABLED800043h 15m 47s ago
Fs7CgKoBQSVL7mThD4tqQEiWbG3c6huPi4ENABLED800043h 16m 27s ago
FZdMFb5JxcVFzcVmxeCsCz5NaXLnwrBXshENABLED800043h 18m 47s ago
FrpshVsDCCiAeb7GEaUp3ztDgc6nESuh7ZENABLED800043h 26m 47s ago
FrxbCz6wfqwAcuczptXNLSmsaSPZ4NUpoKENABLED800043h 27m 47s ago
FmMgWxQ9DjJoyzqh8ZT57HXTzZA16TD7FFENABLED800043h 28m 47s ago
FhH2ugbpJE2TUv3SxetirkNrFz8SB7a5ACENABLED800043h 30m 47s ago
Fqsdy9UxaiyfgztMe78QKeHZaDf9G64XUsENABLED800043h 33m 7s ago
Fk1LhmedTs5e7wg95dmoqHH2ZrweMZZucHENABLED800043h 33m 27s ago
FXMFpE5JN6FDACADG9msKL3Kr8U6BErDN6ENABLED800043h 33m 47s ago
FooRGwde68i4MSRz5zBXTjPGH7PSUFGG7zENABLED800043h 34m 7s ago
FaJKjKADrPCYW6ENnQq48sAcxEJF7MQAJ3ENABLED800043h 34m 27s ago
FrVvajKWXh1XumQ6b53JcH6oR7eezNrs8YENABLED800043h 35m 27s ago
FjQouCGLXMLH6QpCE5JLX5Sr6SLLGcza8AENABLED800043h 36m 7s ago
FVdE2xcHQ2DXZZ9nXFNw7dDE5p8XtmZmkgENABLED800043h 36m 7s ago
FihCEgJhZHtcDP7NTxef81mTxzKbiDCzJMENABLED800043h 37m 7s ago
FWer9oZNMMoQxDpzALc4eEm6WhYAyxviRTENABLED800043h 37m 27s ago
FiBixiXgGBstmReYL695SaW4GDDqNymszvENABLED800043h 38m 7s ago

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