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Masternode statistics

Active:    3,158
Inactive:    5
Total:    3,163
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 36.35% / 1004 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 3,156.0000

Last masternode reward: 3.0000 FLS for Fj5Sn2xYXQ37iaLxKSHPHiLurqErU8JGKX

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,247,954
17s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,055
24 Hrs block time: 1m 21s
24 Hrs block time variance: -3.3212 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m 19s
Genesis block: Apr 05 2019 06:09:46

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  2000100
Protocol version:  80004
Version:  169900

Wallet is connected to 7 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
FrjVSksx7u7ymBappzqAy8PifM5D7aV7rtENABLED800044h 21m 18s ago
FmPM4jhZaD7fEqkCCJ3vf4vLKh44xooYDdENABLED800044h 23m 18s ago
FmT6R9NRbHDaMKr8j6zee97XduEVvHzPayENABLED800044h 25m 58s ago
FkMMQpDaiZkgoYPnwSLSAis8Y468Uy9V46ENABLED800044h 26m 38s ago
FYgbEUZwSYin4kDiTgPumVutMSACYaLPt3ENABLED800044h 27m 38s ago
FrLWTCfDsN5pWahaRMKYxbuRmfHX5EaJRFENABLED800044h 28m 38s ago
FZFynzos9Ri5REJhW3dkRZzUfnxQw7zCzxENABLED800044h 28m 58s ago
Fc2QddEQpvVtq7irdPSxY2CZ1nzSUobehfENABLED800044h 29m 58s ago
FiECYPzC55QA1nLNHz3G5b4w7T8zZs6L27ENABLED800044h 30m 18s ago
Fa9g3E52Q23rmtCk3vAvoBAabZU5xHGGpLENABLED800044h 33m 18s ago
FpQVnq3rN5oLHDczPneCcNsW82vbEgYYk4ENABLED800044h 34m 38s ago
FXxEfqCM9RHWejQtV2RYJHVX5zwkhxWMXAENABLED800044h 34m 58s ago
FYK2zxfFjci7JZUk83XowCQQHT8MgHACagENABLED800044h 35m 38s ago
FeVEuKozNsBtD92R3cpC9ktEv1msPtBabqENABLED800044h 39m 18s ago
Ffb3fXUrWbECD5MzPEu4SjU2vxCBmWpvW3ENABLED800044h 41m 18s ago
Fk6tJFQy9TzBACpFMeC1F72sR5m9mbuRJaENABLED800044h 43m 18s ago
FjXCFEL5retxGKFPSK8Mdxh8mSFtHBBDPoENABLED800044h 43m 58s ago
Fh5bVf53BAiKd5AqeJyQESDJtfHz33sXn5ENABLED800044h 45m 38s ago
FaM4toRPkYmg8vfT1t9YS88XnXoyMqy6JNENABLED800044h 46m 58s ago
Fftr3w2KGs12feJkBUaUtuyupFYQaLbXJcENABLED800044h 48m 38s ago
FrtGeeQU18kcRMCuy8daDtLajh1sAfmRgqENABLED800044h 48m 58s ago
Fp85fPoMmhdVYWYam3Jvsp6a7vFvnT3d4eENABLED800044h 49m 58s ago
FgzBiDk1FF5N1S9PXQ6cQ7ZKeWmjWEHeAKENABLED800044h 57m 18s ago
FaGfsvjW7kpahbRWFQk6ytePLqX2n4smWqENABLED800044h 57m 38s ago
Fci6xFoAduLBLfPLCJxPJM7FZk5yTod8DeENABLED800044h 58m 58s ago
FdTT1Pc8ZHXrh3uKMFNze1HHWfprFJbkBWENABLED800044h 59m 58s ago
FjTThCDtX25a17kExiG5xvTaEKcLvqqqupENABLED800045h 18s ago
FaqM68rUZJfuduvnDgrrhq9yEXcpEpyJK8ENABLED800045h 1m 18s ago
FdzFdNF3zjXh7WyQVviVRy4obeKGBhcz7wENABLED800045h 2m 18s ago
FajBQhhHZw1dCknqZXvPyDgYPfxF5ptYbHENABLED800045h 2m 38s ago
FaJfuc78n8jLvReJi4myZti5RP6jYqe3imENABLED800045h 2m 58s ago
Fb53BLwbkzJC5vvYn6Wr8T4PCnsZpfuupSENABLED800045h 4m 18s ago
FgiPD3cHPyyrWMMyDn7J9Rs87uB9oUku8CENABLED800045h 5m 38s ago
Ft7dWEm17QWGYRVTTG3ubP3ea3jN6mY3dgENABLED800045h 6m 18s ago
FYj61H7HSMDZ1drMKvatTA6DrxSt1qTG6KENABLED800045h 6m 58s ago
FgWYhjFkzpJTvcWAX3DUJu7TkbjJ8d9tRtENABLED800045h 10m 18s ago
FZuFNdQG8cc6S3K1RS1YH2b7dnccVQtCv1ENABLED800045h 10m 38s ago
Fckk7CkVRikruE5ZnYgtsA2k5gZPb3DyvXENABLED800045h 11m 58s ago
FZbXEptoGvgFphDy3BXyFv1ZSEZWbwGNL8ENABLED800045h 13m 58s ago
FrmBhjEpyZZ61HKob6PdaZaAvBaNULB4T4ENABLED800045h 14m 58s ago
FYMCAY9Fp3KK568742rigp6tMTB4K8sjXdENABLED800045h 16m 58s ago
FaAHMwmvdVAGEwXTdGPuosHpshrr8ivYVcENABLED800045h 18m 58s ago
Fm2CQsuMvUdh5R1z6mK7DW4aTMmPBx4XsjENABLED800045h 19m 38s ago
FpXLbwi8hvsHgueZBYnEf2C8zbUJ7nL7M8ENABLED800045h 22m 58s ago
FqxqP66ETCiPbpaAXZWscptdiRCob5yqrkENABLED800045h 23m 38s ago
FkUum5qW4ngZMgBzfiNnU6QnnuLQQABAn5ENABLED800045h 26m 18s ago
FrHMLF3R3zQaEyaGGoy36Geqnh8XeExV5FENABLED800045h 27m 58s ago
FhCNjMbkDmZWeFxJm6emijcSDBAzHQSpK6ENABLED800045h 28m 18s ago
FfycuKjqin1tzrpkMYGXHAkxBs7gM6SQXPENABLED800045h 28m 38s ago
Fbuko9fXDLdpxwzhaXAq8Ps4mryzqKursfENABLED800045h 29m 18s ago

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