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Masternode statistics

Active:    3,361
Inactive:    19
Total:    3,380
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 45.59% / 801 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 4,208.0000

Last masternode reward: 4.0000 FLS for FgrUCBQNj44LMsEBFRWKA98kVjEqFK8PTW

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,118,053
28s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,057
24 Hrs block time: 1m 21s
24 Hrs block time variance: -3.5419 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m 18s
Genesis block: Apr 05 2019 06:09:46

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  2000100
Protocol version:  80004
Version:  169900

Wallet is connected to 16 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
FVdJfoUBRy1v75ZCRCMtLc4Xe95g1xjGiTENABLED800044d 5h 41m 28s ago
FjFvf7Tg8B3qyKLC6B998tDmrNLfBEQ3j6ENABLED800044d 5h 49m 28s ago
FkMxDzNMo9bvry5Dgzuq7s9abwdLY6Ew4JENABLED800044d 5h 55m 8s ago
FeXqDS8qMJ27cazfFXXkouZZtfsZFNph3aENABLED800044d 6h 1m 48s ago
FqDBqfBtziiwWMNsCvMTfUzoBfvH2Pu4M1ENABLED800044d 6h 17m 8s ago
FiJ5CJiFVZEbYffnNy9pGHfaj3wTNLW8azENABLED800044d 6h 23m 28s ago
FqNZR1fD9VRGGKc6HJMjnuk29ethakTfhKENABLED800044d 6h 34m 8s ago
Fbwyd3QzAadjgHCLUhrmjS2AZZsDvumc4jENABLED800044d 6h 51m 8s ago
Fmty9AhNgpguCgvHq3hTGHtrYtj84uogszENABLED800044d 7h 48s ago
Fm6JrC9uZDYzS3UCMLd4Js8aF5p23gphKXENABLED800044d 7h 7m 28s ago
FoqZabL9PW1okgkYxwdejLdt7SQWYrB2VYENABLED800044d 7h 20m 48s ago
Fptcu2yc1si1ryEmNDq35mYbZSRC113cmtENABLED800044d 7h 37m 8s ago
FdFaBHKnLqmhYPx4MAuQuBhQtzJjB7e9mDENABLED800044d 9h 25m 48s ago
FVfkCkdKdYX9Zg6aHoCGhNS5YbskWhH5REENABLED800044d 10h 40m 8s ago
FfeCbhS9XN8eRezq5ZgctVFsizZHZG1xikENABLED800044d 10h 53m 8s ago
FsdUgdZTPzzf7eWnE1t9ZQ9JEN1ZLA5kHNENABLED800044d 10h 56m 48s ago
FjtL6YAoN6uiHMsDb99XPg6LCbzzsXge3MENABLED800044d 11h 1m 8s ago
Fd7X8tBRUZttadnyQtLUirA6mZpy6ByMacENABLED800044d 11h 1m 28s ago
FZQ2kYdgkFCe1quVi8Y7JrSgQiHtU62VQLENABLED800044d 11h 24m 48s ago
FkVJVy3NHhrtjfsi3Ec8fRXCibPWsiqanGENABLED800044d 11h 27m 8s ago
FesoPsV8aE8wKQJWHNhjUYy9VLwGMZW8r7ENABLED800044d 11h 35m 48s ago
Fc9jjNxCSi5dzSsMciYcGB8vx234UTEb9DENABLED800044d 11h 36m 28s ago
FngCkWgYCqurtfvAFvGpyuLNw2LrCJ4QVAENABLED800044d 11h 41m 28s ago
Ffyj7w78BsFomf3rnCEdsw4M3hsrTxybimENABLED800044d 11h 57m 28s ago
Fpsw6kckDte9HVVNpaP4TRTpqzg5sZftEiENABLED800044d 12h 5m 8s ago
Fb1A5geWfXBHSrRqMmEyPs3HncasujYhEmENABLED800044d 13h 23m 48s ago
FqF3yUcje4jfP1exD73pofbNCRipdRr3qyENABLED800044d 13h 38m 8s ago
FsBwbbjXECskcriDN746XjyUYPuaz1m1NwENABLED800044d 13h 39m 8s ago
FpQvYJKZr6MfiZhbFcYCrXxMGadkiBHZBzENABLED800044d 13h 55m 48s ago
FjcJBogXweFtWp5iJeCV6EzjkfCiwmDmb3ENABLED800044d 14h 18m 8s ago
FmrwYtYe1zCNuoaYc6HWryRquHXNUatEcvENABLED800044d 14h 48m 48s ago
FmoZXuZfZbgZi4mBnL3jDk9cNxk3Vkz3xnENABLED800044d 15h 25m 28s ago
FaTbYL7FmS77wrAoevstez2soBvZQZn78wENABLED800044d 15h 41m 28s ago
Fjz3rXpwdErfzXs5poarQgxQTPXnE4bcwHENABLED800044d 15h 55m 48s ago
FqyLMAerpxXJs3kTfAKG7oKXFWEany1Q1AENABLED800044d 16h 33m 28s ago
FpdhNeGSggzfanxanTH6GLFGTM8ko8zGm7ENABLED800044d 16h 35m 8s ago
FjbEaxL6Dr1amTxQnBBtB4akRjhT1qGr5eENABLED800044d 17h 19m 48s ago
FVc3cSdu63Q6LgNXmB25uyFvhhT4b8dkvVENABLED800044d 17h 35m 8s ago
FYEqxsWFkx4nBDYSJKh3NQqPAq6qk2ZbYqENABLED800044d 17h 45m 8s ago
FVR94Lk4xgqNLYCws7daqy7S6enUou3Ri8ENABLED800044d 17h 48m 28s ago
FpzT757ijxoGMF8LfazSzDqSUKUoGGwuagENABLED800044d 18h 8m 8s ago
FkwLk2TArizaFCSUCkpvBwyD9H9z7dDyVEENABLED800044d 18h 11m 8s ago
FgiPD3cHPyyrWMMyDn7J9Rs87uB9oUku8CENABLED800044d 18h 30m 48s ago
FfVt5Pprwzo3yCh54XpvsVDpWYYKcMRGrvENABLED800044d 18h 56m 28s ago
Fh7uTxp3oBkrTud7qGnnH3fdmUqeNN43PFENABLED800044d 19h 11m 8s ago
Fkt6hESNY1K1HPj5LpygaC4ewnKF8zqVZKENABLED800044d 19h 16m 8s ago
FYQsXFgBDDEKbZzn97XDAuENn4b3fgvg11ENABLED800044d 19h 51m 28s ago
FWHWeS3nbvBfsHNBTyDH1bf6DGT73DBWHJENABLED800044d 19h 56m 8s ago
FmX962uyzw8mr31M1C1FWD4bK8viS93feXENABLED800044d 20h 38m 28s ago
FXHu11F8GHshDNCLw1mLSpBHZvpfU3LmMEENABLED800044d 21h 15m 28s ago

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