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Masternode statistics

Active:    3,355
Inactive:    8
Total:    3,363
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 45.87% / 796 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 4,224.0000

Last masternode reward: 4.0000 FLS for Fh8DnsuAFWujXs4uUrfuqYqBbdeuKrH9Cj

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,114,750
25s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,061
24 Hrs block time: 1m 21s
24 Hrs block time variance: -3.1883 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m 18s
Genesis block: Apr 05 2019 06:09:46

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  2000100
Protocol version:  80004
Version:  169900

Wallet is connected to 16 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
FXS5onoiFT2wqiPXNGeNWmRvnzSPf7MSWWENABLED800045d 9h 12m 6s ago
FnEWnNaegn1n6iUbJQo24JiyyqDPKs3SAzENABLED800045d 9h 19m 26s ago
FaehLdgZ9rVtRqajBf3rLtxWq4Uedn6CKuENABLED800045d 9h 21m 6s ago
FcPLtA7E4SL1oHKsp5NKwXJmdcqeUYTMzjENABLED800045d 9h 24m 6s ago
FYGfJp6PsbspiFH2Kpf56ZWXJv2bfQoxAnENABLED800045d 9h 27m 26s ago
FoJgnqNPrNt9Sec76hsD2eUCf16mmmJGNAENABLED800045d 9h 48m 6s ago
FkekPjfoVMW2GRYfDe1s92RxKuP5dmSJ2CENABLED800045d 9h 55m 26s ago
Fivi6agzcVtASWCfoEjsqvqMtSavBvESmKENABLED800045d 10h 14m 6s ago
FWdJ7A92jtBrMqqwwQdsUSxoYjysu3BtKRENABLED800045d 10h 52m 46s ago
FfZ3u9RBMDJxPguJzNPnvFBvTr8fP5bfu2ENABLED800045d 10h 58m 6s ago
Fk4nnLjz78mYfmQiDVKkhqugyNj9DsUMhvENABLED800045d 11h 47m 6s ago
FdXfLSFFQdhKmsdWKTrnQ2P8F5inej1CddENABLED800045d 12h 4m 26s ago
Ff6yPukeN9crLWw8FwWnaB5ho7FeGdEdFhENABLED800045d 12h 5m 26s ago
Fj8WSyLXiJdmmikmthgE2GThZbHhQEZ6KbENABLED800045d 12h 9m 6s ago
FWsNtqxzoGBxNMseoNfVNwYcLFFqJ3XutMENABLED800045d 12h 11m 6s ago
Fg8Y5qq9KR171PhkxPT4wCny5S6Dz8DhPtENABLED800045d 12h 12m 46s ago
FWEFKDbm9cENDupsoPUb2paMbJSUjWzC5sENABLED800045d 13h 19m 6s ago
Frhpqq4wwJ6ysz6xQEgBZSne8G86whr17SENABLED800045d 13h 23m 26s ago
FpDKNW3tkXrnddfcUrTKiC6jjsraDJtBkyENABLED800045d 13h 57m 26s ago
FpwBeRCt75SSrimMNgNUFi468bf4GbHCAMENABLED800045d 13h 59m 6s ago
FWj6eGNaUxs3GRSMDKGsoavVgEET3mj36aENABLED800045d 15h 41m 46s ago
FcQyn4EyiJHEq6DYfMZwmnnm7SBfaGvUH2ENABLED800045d 16h 3m 6s ago
Fonvk1NMShRryGg24C7mLKqRiGRsnXnfRLENABLED800045d 16h 9m 46s ago
FpNKBgcDiWLBMBLvViByYbmYh1tCbpUbJ3ENABLED800045d 16h 29m 6s ago
FpXP4xsNcaChgsFyrttrbRwGvZcW5qhAysENABLED800045d 16h 56m 6s ago
FoK7T7tjspYYaX98DY8yxzdtEdEPcxDFndENABLED800045d 16h 56m 46s ago
FkoXeXthvz4D8wXh6cipizKFfzth4bn9tuENABLED800045d 17h 3m 26s ago
FsauW9fB4tt6jHQUGzMJoAbcoTbZYUk7fwENABLED800045d 17h 5m 46s ago
FZvBsEVVBiPeZ8cbupFywdHWNyrsHtck1FENABLED800045d 17h 32m 26s ago
FkyZTqGENDDsFpXyCZ7X2rYNuT75d7t7tKENABLED800045d 17h 35m 46s ago
FVoQbWYuAkB2tgDBkBhi1BwfnKxAyNwjf6ENABLED800045d 17h 37m 46s ago
Fq5KUyLLnLdpe6qPKnMsZknBz3vAVYvXFuENABLED800045d 17h 53m 26s ago
FdiYWck1rDMULd1HTTXUavjjH5WyioXWJgENABLED800045d 18h 38m 6s ago
FmsCMCVEKeMxTmo22jZTAb7awkqkraVbLDENABLED800045d 18h 56m 26s ago
Fa8fFBc74kd7ZYwk6unJz8E4rMh5a2c1sWENABLED800045d 19h 2m 26s ago
Fnz4W6cfE7vENqSQFKWZ1uueoUrACLnCKyENABLED800045d 19h 20m 46s ago
FYCccrV8KYrzCC2MHDtCxdF8cnj4eoxgKTENABLED800045d 21h 4m 46s ago
FevM5ud3LXggcoYxBVNZJBHFgs31Y46wgCENABLED800045d 21h 7m 26s ago
FYyxYcBsAMDmszxfxunpwEtLgjcej2Usb2ENABLED800045d 21h 26m 46s ago
FrXRDyAvg44xpntWj8Tyn3AvJs4824FUzAENABLED800045d 21h 54m 26s ago
Fhz2DnZFFCVDQTUsW2f93hcMDp6wGEgBXwENABLED800045d 21h 56m 26s ago
FZ9QJTtNMsNExGnzQmPYiPABznKw5aqQPeENABLED800045d 22h 7m 26s ago
Fg3Cm9nsdvoaTyzzW6fqZxhjA5ifgWawsfENABLED800045d 22h 8m 26s ago
FfiymHt1CYWDVWRtAUTWpzjuz3udLfaXrJENABLED800045d 22h 43m 6s ago
FdyXSEoJsq9GLRCq1j9J3ja6DnTQiuvtVPENABLED800045d 23h 15m 46s ago
FiVTvqD9o6qgEDweSoYoC57x7iULpEJP46ENABLED800045d 23h 36m 26s ago
FYBsuhmTQmwXScqGmrev7j7aNkQCjsULK5ENABLED800045d 23h 38m 26s ago
FrREqJ2dNeZ9Zv2h7A83n7s1eefYs5VXhiENABLED800045d 23h 48m 26s ago
FozQr7tW5MxpyebfmhaSyDr14A6QkFzjNAENABLED800046d 36m 46s ago
FpiUbAuEGdkwub9DKY4ieYtWi6ijWzVvD6ENABLED800046d 1h 3m 46s ago

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