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Masternode statistics

Active:    936
Inactive:    0
Total:    936
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Official ROI: 41.25% / 885 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 21,450.0000

Last masternode reward: 15.0000 GLINK for s1NUFqdG9XerctAA3MxmNejknfgZdBUWBmu

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 2,740,838
2m 27s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,430
24 Hrs block time: 1m
24 Hrs block time variance: +1.8631 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 1s
Genesis block: Nov 19 2017 17:07:14

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  4000850
Protocol version:  170011
Version:  60000

Wallet is connected to 30 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid 4s ago
2a02:c207:2027:9687:4d74::6s1Qnmmy2msT3Hdd82pMvzTaVYiwRSLgcWHWENABLED1700117m 8s ago 32s ago
2a02:c207:2027:9702:5ee7::1s1anX15tHBMNQxZxGUjHbads4ZarboxdZPsENABLED1700118m 15s ago 21s ago 18s ago 14s ago 36s ago 57s ago 48s ago 43s ago
2a02:c207:2026:5543:7656::4s1VHsMWxTXC6cBvZg4b4ggFG7D5cWaLLho5ENABLED17001120m 46s ago 23s ago
2a02:c207:2025:4604:d5f9::9s1d7YkxKs1TRAvvSRp7K3KoLq8uouR89od2ENABLED17001126m 28s ago
2a02:c204:2110:9443::5s1bL8fQ1eJSQu6mFggDd5kgmsStSwK3sW8nENABLED17001127m 31s ago
2a02:c207:2025:6613:86d5::14s1dW3PcfV8G2DFmvfg6qMzbQS9Xoyxm2gojENABLED17001128m 12s ago 35s ago 39s ago 31s ago 47s ago
2a02:c207:2028:6181:ff67::9s1MFGMesXwhXUg8Vdj43cneoCJ6DjvxLCQaENABLED17001133m 32s ago
2a00:9800:1:13::5013s1SgVbBFuUrzSojXbfByJWeCmxUyN3YcvHfENABLED17001134m 15s ago
2a02:c207:2080:5457::20s1Sugc73unKFXwkTQUqRqpREo6NdvAUACm2ENABLED17001136m 23s ago
2a02:c207:2028:6170:1651::7s1W9dVaK6Zwmd3Wmcmy7RKVtpu4rG9xGSrBENABLED17001137m 27s ago 30s ago
2a02:c207:2050:146::17s1P6wu1i3MouMqvFVNxua5e5bhWnU1M2XaiENABLED17001147m 43s ago
2a02:c207:2026:217:870::4s1YucwT7cJ7JWFEAAxNFzdqSKTu9UcV1jRHENABLED17001148m 4s ago 1s ago 50s ago
2a02:c207:2026:216:47d7::2s1RuQD152sne7BDm7spCRF78tbFBqRM1oE3ENABLED17001151m 45s ago 49s ago
2a02:c207:2026:213:bce::7s1N3R8wpPjZi2rR7gZo4ENt2mAz24sifKL9ENABLED17001153m 45s ago 7s ago 52s ago
2a02:c207:2025:6599:2290::1s1jy9xLLJ7tBwyV4qzDwT7VNedQ8VGqeYFWENABLED17001156m 27s ago 17s ago 58s ago
2a02:c207:2025:5636:e8f0::9s1fg1d6Px7EkMm8xpf4MmbQi5Myidg5dLD2ENABLED17001159m 41s ago
2a02:c207:2027:9696:a1f2::7s1XxciP7VjRqP5rtHf2xTYnfbVyQk7uGfGhENABLED1700111h 11s ago 32s ago
2a02:c204:2090:2235::23s1WuKgZBtLvcczxf3gYmqqXVXxnL3RZ6nXSENABLED1700111h 1m 36s ago
2a02:c207:2027:2059:47a9::9s1UQoqX5iZWXkC5mHACK4ZfgyRPUsP22pDjENABLED1700111h 2m 32s ago
2a02:c207:2027:3121:eb6a::5s1btyfzwVqQWvcX7Z6NpWxCdHr1oaWCdZVTENABLED1700111h 3m 25s ago
2a02:c207:2027:7110:d373::16s1dmZK7R3HNffYQ1dCF6RF6MBZGgcRV2psBENABLED1700111h 4m 26s ago
2a02:c207:2027:2347:6c70::4s1aVsP6iSrp8hKAv4PHWzizarGxY5ePciT9ENABLED1700111h 5m 30s ago 7m 49s ago
2a02:c207:2027:2077:f196::16s1NCQ42Rj2CLG84EeEWmEoXgBmz6jjBdKpUENABLED1700111h 9m 2s ago 10m 1s ago
2a02:c207:2026:5521:cae1::5s1ab96bXTVB3KEC6wdrTw98dguim1NubLEBENABLED1700111h 10m 22s ago
2a02:c207:2027:7107:eda8::17s1P3mHphfMdTMatHLWV3y3njZwcp6MHwwGVENABLED1700111h 11m 31s ago

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