KnoxFS (KFX)

KFX statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    366
Inactive:    0
Total:    366
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 29.11% / 1254 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 292.6713

Last masternode reward: 0.3975 KFX for KFcqZ9gJuTH83Ao3CraRYqdUzEne8TkHPm

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 273,601
2m 37s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 699
24 Hrs block time: 2m 3s
24 Hrs block time variance: +1.9606 % (faster)

AVG block time: 2m 6s
Genesis block: Dec 16 2020 01:02:00

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  5030300
Protocol version:  70003
Version:  170000

Wallet is connected to 11 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on masternode.online.

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
KEtMfq8jhjxTC9ZxTZeH2o9VCDYjCoX8WHENABLED7000259m 32s ago
KDDSU9P5D2fQT7VzMBADS95eiHeuBLbMPZENABLED7000359m 52s ago
KPef5quHuALwXX34t7z884N5BtL2xAnKYMENABLED700031h 1m 19s ago
KFcqZ9gJuTH83Ao3CraRYqdUzEne8TkHPmENABLED700031h 4m 15s ago
KBpWECPKpsYEuzTBQvcdmwmKNRCg4zRVuVENABLED700031h 5m 49s ago
KGmeCf1SLjrpPuAhfFmznRpTzsT1VmKAGiENABLED700031h 7m 32s ago
K7RXk4ZvcP5Xr17UUN6xNnauJS2dBVwKUNENABLED700031h 10m 9s ago
KEVfpQY77oH4jdTh9nwgi9L42jhvD3AQeVENABLED700031h 12m 36s ago
KFUFxsgv6oGK7p1D5F1q52pAesyc9oF5FwENABLED700021h 15m 34s ago
KVEqUpACUykyb8SBPMgiuYekUu5AWPpfHCENABLED700031h 16m 18s ago
KJ6RFiCfh2uj5qKCTwWTZp5SYPemceK1i1ENABLED700021h 17m 22s ago
KDugwNTTn8EpfabUkTUR7njNh88B8HCenyENABLED700031h 28m 5s ago
KRsyAaXdeocTSij1YaNvNcUpt7GRb7wEHjENABLED700031h 29m 44s ago
K9eEsg48DUMrzbLY5vPge2iqcHPNoQucVRENABLED700031h 30m 12s ago
KUcpn4j8LEqRHm8rooM1X5avomKZLy1zgHENABLED700031h 32m 48s ago
KDdHqoWMfmcTfo1Nh7gd2UwYZLbyuXxJ6gENABLED700031h 35m 35s ago
KPcty6d8BWLqUkn2RBWn5Efyc2o1yLBzHXENABLED700031h 39m 2s ago
KCikNb5XrCJh6pZTr8TVLEdqCDZTyFh23uENABLED700031h 39m 42s ago
KCmoVyE8hW8aGwbvzbpbNa6X2ii8tUtZA1ENABLED700031h 43m 1s ago
KGYXE5YFVnr592khjFVCA8oZj2q4b6kSBiENABLED700031h 44m 27s ago
K86ZccTVHZ9rTAJWHYS85ccPuoSAe9eTeVENABLED700031h 49m 5s ago
KNBY1DKCDnEY6mi7Hx6WPcQDhSyDoYmBeKENABLED700031h 51m 45s ago
KCiJzVRRo9kkUqeCQzh1WA8FqCLTWyRwcZENABLED700031h 51m 56s ago
KCDKUYcFv7Y3GHuS9RxqtRkexs4qHFvrfZENABLED700031h 53m 19s ago
KGth5NL3EoE9BPQDpm5wp8RX8YEdjZimYbENABLED700031h 57m 18s ago
KLdUDUKNcmrKo72yviq2RDnsgtrLhRyuY4ENABLED700032h 4m 10s ago
KK36ck2mAHSPHZzp1UYDo89iyAhuezncdAENABLED700032h 7m 40s ago
KKdNqD2aUCJiy7vXhgJRFy9seCXPgLUnZLENABLED700032h 8m 23s ago
KQGYv4Yp9Rtgtwr75Z7J7SG9jsstnbz5NnENABLED700032h 10m 29s ago
KPftUfcjxZDXPspbxPpkUQg8s9GMoNyPuaENABLED700032h 11m 1s ago
KNwo7sTfAzv7fwTyB7zsVALxMctzHkcLMjENABLED700032h 11m 22s ago
K9t3iXoS4aU1XpSorYmSvwD4ZxY6Rz6kuWENABLED700032h 11m 25s ago
KJ1RJeJ5c8j6yqtRmevobkJ595nksb4bJ6ENABLED700032h 12m 24s ago
KCZbt49U1pXcYRX3qPGajJkDuc1Nzuu66NENABLED700032h 14m 46s ago
KUw6o8gziLy9fMzopap4B1vUB8ECSP9ZUZENABLED700032h 15m 54s ago
KWR9aTX29GzKrXSyFLc6qgLQfzkKUCex48ENABLED700032h 17m 37s ago
KSu5Y8fcc26t2kvGy9Wji9cjUxGtmBy21hENABLED700032h 18m 13s ago
KEqVzdHoupbhmkAcmvBKbYGk7SgoUKpRrnENABLED700032h 20m 59s ago
KC6yMAkb3gLz53y4AU2e77Jhce2BpuV1hCENABLED700032h 21m 42s ago
KQYSc1BtrmfNtkceStH1ZNuCgJtNgmQGjBENABLED700022h 22m 43s ago
KPVU4LznbK1EmRLvHXTppmxzYxtQsnh6acENABLED700032h 24m 48s ago
KMZhHf1Gx5Nu28cgA7Cx2twZXenYrmieenENABLED700032h 26m 26s ago
KE4xNYvXw9CsepVA8sNuPSXJr4ExHbcQtxENABLED700032h 27m 34s ago
KJ9UVtZTE4P4iyPCDwRgXTAnSZiESAMQ5RENABLED700032h 29m 51s ago
KCnSkDL1EzJ3BRZsMJrKKpUGMmSaU4BfNqENABLED700032h 37m 4s ago
KQsEkcrRS6R3wVwroLNuPLLfGhce8EcF9QENABLED700032h 41m 29s ago
KVcpK21Wnf4NTYFM7jY1S7Dv8UBMTxaFRSENABLED700032h 41m 46s ago
KNGQbqYMZ1PUzpQd2nEV2v9xrnaGn5Zhp4ENABLED700032h 45m 40s ago
KQMYK8vduopaWdJCFL7fqin7Wi1iNEz8aoENABLED700032h 46m 32s ago
KJLvv5HvAV42JEQwL8WAmPAvzFCgVp7YoEENABLED700032h 48m 18s ago

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