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Masternode statistics

Active:    249
Inactive:    0
Total:    249
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 60.82% / 600 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 413.2624

Last masternode reward: 0.5700 KFX for KQ7RQb1AD8PHtygsNXMXvQWycoTg6mJU84

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 700,482
4m 15s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 692
24 Hrs block time: 2m 4s
24 Hrs block time variance: +0.7299 % (faster)

AVG block time: 2m 5s
Genesis block: Dec 16 2020 01:02:00

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  5030300
Protocol version:  70003
Version:  170000

Wallet is connected to 11 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

Masternode IPPortPubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
KQ7RQb1AD8PHtygsNXMXvQWycoTg6mJU84ENABLED7000333m 49s ago
KLf22i7MQEPSAn1zEiz5N5DAQ5MwBWuhJUENABLED7000336m 13s ago
KVo2tHP2zpoW3ofuWN9Kip6GzfGscWqtM9ENABLED7000336m 44s ago
KW6Zw11Y1gbQH9oDXxNikwVVbcFzy88tRBENABLED7000337m 10s ago
KVjCCZp92TEeDRW2Uuqv3EECVqsVbeCzZ4ENABLED7000340m 1s ago
KK1tTTxZWacbodQUkvoJpinZ9TCRR5ZKJHENABLED7000342m 35s ago
KGofAM9WEkuQwSjyNVr9EydzxXtaethbwgENABLED7000344m 45s ago
KHnjhzLjvdL1i2md7SMaVfUzE6nnV2oR1ZENABLED7000345m 8s ago
KDUY5weuRthAnHb2vWq7anaJwsXonqzzoeENABLED7000351m 26s ago
KP3UJCnxkDaDU3znBfvbxgB7zUGazwuWZKENABLED7000351m 41s ago
KFcnCe6mfxrdWfYuY5NwEVc7pCNP7hiQHTENABLED7000352m 14s ago
KLVD3DAk4g8JpK8N4oFWRVW1QZAHL7F74cENABLED7000355m 5s ago
KDPZPSeaqwJttt9NJQM4qJKWhk8iPLxZSJENABLED7000358m 47s ago
KJoe2PmjcmcGyVD7JUicEv62DXD74EomhiENABLED700031h 1m 56s ago
KHwhmwGeMFiSGtARwGGA38zQfVN7ABVaNLENABLED700031h 4m 42s ago
KE1dopEaC9izhJ2sDLjVHeA7bMPm4a4PqxENABLED700031h 6m 9s ago
KFVpn94WdH8GGN1d5XV1nyqC1UG6JtueLRENABLED700031h 6m 13s ago
KDFREtoCNfmb4uajGVmWvNF1gtoBuvpb6HENABLED700031h 10m 29s ago
K9a43nKoNKudmVUux1UpkdXnHVzWo3Fa8fENABLED700031h 10m 30s ago
KDJkgQUjk8k4Mb4tDHCsdKspdnqWWXFkkZENABLED700031h 13m 51s ago
KCW3qm9SEWEvgSkjyaBxUqNnRH9ZU3LWoyENABLED700031h 14m 24s ago
KEbmHGnnYnrRsj5JSEjGZZTcKju5VUad9dENABLED700031h 14m 30s ago
KDeWWMgq8kW2DHwZpbKP5eP45EDujbp38eENABLED700031h 18m 58s ago
KVfizjeMX3CzGB3DgrLiuuX7CNx6YoWY4NENABLED700031h 22m 19s ago
KMN2LQ634HZLU7bv751u393G9XNJGSfREXENABLED700031h 25m 13s ago
KKfdEpEgPPPfWXYDDi9b3TWo7oSTSGXJSdENABLED700031h 25m 52s ago
K8QhFmKDzHkqCS7GvsdchJkk4ic2Bun9fiENABLED700031h 30m 48s ago
KA61UM2PTfkvqQq3My2uH3iygfsdW1JU6tENABLED700031h 31m 12s ago
K7fYhYepW3ha58aFRDQbsbtXoHgzpREfGNENABLED700031h 34m 17s ago
KNj6ECgUjDcQLj82yn1UsXFf8jVZBM8HTEENABLED700031h 34m 45s ago
KFtp6YyYtEPF8JCiijYG8y192SLSVPsXJFENABLED700031h 37m 6s ago
KCWWboMdnFxDCtAzC5sr6s2VDHzUeK5crHENABLED700031h 38m 46s ago
KCfkNhQdv71RmDbnPjmiJXuLiFkkvxkZ5HENABLED700031h 40m 11s ago
KFFNMRgSYiEH2odCkZB8aftg8T2ukvn15zENABLED700031h 41m 40s ago
K9eEsg48DUMrzbLY5vPge2iqcHPNoQucVRENABLED700031h 45m 36s ago
KDdtEo6SZrvk43qDF1ULtGBuR1XsSrQe53ENABLED700031h 49m 13s ago
KSEpAYQ8kofiCpag1DteiRWTEJLJsG8YT2ENABLED700031h 51m 10s ago
KMdBShYbwB2n41ieGxPXLsAymq8R9mZGtRENABLED700031h 51m 30s ago
KCxmF1DEELuxr3q3efrkX4X8PnUh6U4bv4ENABLED700031h 51m 40s ago
KHYZShLdv4haeeC94qwzkiyHryfr7Q7dWKENABLED700031h 55m 34s ago
KCaN3repFjqJD9ia8GmxE35k94dJKzWLP8ENABLED700031h 56m 3s ago
K94MEqvFEG9iy4Goxht7jJLJHBg5pqFe9bENABLED700031h 58m 16s ago
KDTXvzww3YbVH55LHnXTjjjhMnEVH7js2nENABLED700031h 58m 22s ago
KAKmYYMTgxKr8WzNeTpuuqcjp9dGQG95t9ENABLED700032h 1m 9s ago
KBQibfxSsDsMBkEEHLfQBupiJg2HCwJN8cENABLED700032h 7m 40s ago
KDiRaFSgB6qyDJQ2dSAr7Ro1WePwLwcGVNENABLED700032h 9m 59s ago
KD1SG98XwXKPtuDC5eKkwBfh4nTemacnmWENABLED700032h 10m 35s ago
KB8Jvna1mTy6VwUUJAH3bkWqKXjNMqqhDPENABLED700032h 12m 12s ago
KSu5Y8fcc26t2kvGy9Wji9cjUxGtmBy21hENABLED700032h 13m 19s ago
KAVT1qHbLyPNM3xghWiyqzkJ2YVijtns5FENABLED700032h 13m 57s ago

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