PIVX statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    1,920
Inactive:    0
Total:    1,920
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 31.95% / 1142 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 16,807.0568

Last masternode reward: 6.0000 PIVX for DH6LuMi3pqvRVdQSUpbZTiGzDXpcb5A8PJ

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 4,397,400
52s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,406
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: -2.9507 % (slower)

AVG block time: 59s
Genesis block: Jan 30 2016 04:10:07

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  5060100
Protocol version:  70927
Version:  170000

Wallet is connected to 16 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on masternode.online.

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
DQ4M4cFsVuh5SXcpHKPdCBBXR5QC5FojUAENABLED709271d 10h 25m 37s ago
DLrMrJ5WEaUUJsuVDhiMAqXbw1dccJ5UJ2ENABLED709271d 10h 26m 22s ago
DL4QCwwuoA6RL1HNPjLUbXUYdCSFdY2TdnENABLED709271d 10h 26m 37s ago
D9stNsXG9KWYHLgVD57JMDjsGwQJEUpQzQENABLED709271d 10h 31m 7s ago
DU9bHL1t5UMWrNdSrJprgiE3kGQ2CBoxHmENABLED709271d 10h 31m 52s ago
DPhHnETEk9XfqyR63BYkEaQj6vS1DqEZAhENABLED709271d 10h 34m 52s ago
D7a2mh4Pvkwy84MmKiosYLy4BYH95UfcWTENABLED709271d 10h 39m 7s ago
DFo3z5QqiL4mmMvGJa788qg9iEBrAbmf7cENABLED709271d 10h 43m 37s ago
DKsYM6PosnEzRLtyG6zKTTXHcvAvft76vsENABLED709271d 10h 44m 22s ago
DC9NziY7HsNoJcZ5uHvob8BoC1uaCcR5qQENABLED709271d 10h 54m 22s ago
DK15PtCoVShRbGC6XgS9dRFhGWTbMQBo9zENABLED709271d 10h 55m 7s ago
DDEUGX6arwAcJmHzPc9DfRpo3ybCPUssoRENABLED709271d 11h 37s ago
DMrdkxkjS8hpG245xp8pJ8toPaCFZxxrjFENABLED709271d 11h 1m 7s ago
DE6gxpgsL7HJsoFTDL4ssBpRKnJkAyPmVtENABLED709271d 11h 2m 37s ago
DBQWFrQDkGr66Uoq2yGRCCCAT6REQVn35QENABLED709271d 11h 4m 7s ago
DCUP8aqU5tNJCyTDj4qS7DDQX5NLBukHexENABLED709271d 11h 6m 22s ago
DFgN8HrW3nhHT6owtxdiKERTRBsgG3e3vDENABLED709271d 11h 15m 37s ago
DFbXkbeXGXDs8xHCmxcReWupGoujPg8TTqENABLED709271d 11h 17m 7s ago
D5GqMrgiKzhDKbhPnbwAXKCGBfB7fm9wBzENABLED709271d 11h 20m 52s ago
DTaxRAb9Lb2bCUUoQeRVQ48w7ZB4BognivENABLED709271d 11h 26m 7s ago
DH5DaMGv2feWtKhhhFvUmdPKavuzwud9kaENABLED709271d 11h 31m 37s ago
D7y7NRJSBqjSWEguoRr6oZAVYWWEhCxVK2ENABLED709271d 11h 40m 7s ago
DSQxRqV2PDtpzMWuuHkkqVMCpYDNA5g1jyENABLED709271d 11h 51m 37s ago
DGXTnDKRQ51YiJAYW8yajSkqJbYDQkzyk6ENABLED709271d 11h 52m 7s ago
D81p8QqTRrXBUnYWztSnqoFPnosrE3sM5fENABLED709271d 11h 59m 52s ago
D8vPWtzQLGLngFjDZvTggKou1oekkFqq2UENABLED709271d 12h 22s ago
D9oZo7aN52kzKumDV2JQQM2Vuc6CsKwMMvENABLED709271d 12h 19m 52s ago
DSnhazNWrvpjMY7NR8nsEGecY6CrdR3tVkENABLED709271d 12h 23m 22s ago
DK5YTLBgB39kyqFpSv5NfvBP1x4Uo7NaDsENABLED709271d 12h 26m 22s ago
DQjNWty6Kdzxt9EiaNQHkHb59AULrhRAhkENABLED709271d 12h 46m 52s ago
DH4zVGZPX3qUDSUvFPxmWgc7rtXFhwyf37ENABLED709271d 12h 55m 52s ago
DQkT47Df4EfztwVV5VVYSqaogCsAn6thZ9ENABLED709271d 13h 3m 22s ago
DCBUBfFko6moFDtFfE8vmZkPLMH5N28rfAENABLED709271d 13h 20m 37s ago
DPdfHtpSwqxEiymvWVauzzGcd7RGTgUaSgENABLED709271d 13h 29m 52s ago
DSmAwTVCrw7SFboRajVGCWm4B4Tz57gAW4ENABLED709271d 13h 53m 22s ago
DMaGjzxUUNBiRp3QEZQzD9MreQNVikBEGLENABLED709271d 14h 6m 52s ago
DJVh831WKPHVwAuxecvGkShna7NirFXyoBENABLED709271d 14h 17m 52s ago
D9ciAGDHb66ViGRPPbWg9CTvHM4qyaXKZ6ENABLED709271d 14h 24m 52s ago
DDraCFzvYY3uuasNnHY6Vw1Y235avw2avGENABLED709271d 14h 32m 22s ago
D67bswcBrTVE6pgi4oLJtqVwHgNSXxkjBgENABLED709271d 14h 35m 22s ago
D734nniWg7TMbaZJTeDdfwHgsuzMUoWEEXENABLED709271d 14h 48m 52s ago
DKy67ucSqN6KwjHm1WXXAwWRXj31oRFUbhENABLED709271d 15h 20m 7s ago
D6tqmF9m36AmexMajnyQdZcANB7r8aRw6eENABLED709271d 15h 30m 7s ago
DSHPEts1dAxqZevJLnbR52fqFEyKQej8MoENABLED709271d 15h 33m 37s ago
DHbzEXetWyewAy2uPGimLRxgGws2EonuQ5ENABLED709271d 15h 33m 52s ago
DGBw4x7aRp5hxh5hUZgdvZQDZprEZqYihuENABLED709271d 15h 48m 52s ago
D6KeTwQDSNWwq2BjEtnCGTf2mTAsYrq35GENABLED709271d 16h 17m 22s ago
DCQVrC1FfJ13zWT5uXQCFNAHphuUZTe8inENABLED709271d 16h 30m 37s ago
DNHYSH2iyjHgJqM1CnXtgE7Yn4roLeNg9tENABLED709271d 17h 38m 7s ago
DQzBme3rzvFN4M4VmStGUuGmirdHrT1LoxENABLED709271d 18h 7m 52s ago

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