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ZNZ statistics on

Masternode statistics

Active:    468
Inactive:    4
Total:    472
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 40.10% / 910 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 7,844.8500

Last masternode reward: 5.8500 ZNZ for ZfwxT2pW3FbCtjDDQPX1JmumjmV2so9e2J

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,648,575
55m 18s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,341
24 Hrs block time: 1m 4s
24 Hrs block time variance: -5.3784 % (slower)

AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: Oct 01 2018 08:27:59

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  2000100
Protocol version:  70005
Version:  169900

Wallet is connected to 16 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
ZdvL8X3wMTzjPMgXxVwecaJf94RvEfMpjfENABLED700059h 13m 33s ago
ZfXPZqj11E1Xsjuo1mQLU1Yq6wYqJaNLqCENABLED700059h 14m 3s ago
ZqFi49SHagHykUdUdRmpjQbF1cYzwUC6jjENABLED700059h 14m 18s ago
ZtHiNxf77jXgrQciTxzKhSbtbyuVd79qptENABLED700059h 14m 48s ago
ZoxUwXfZzmLerPSp9zbSsN9n9LyzrjrkF8ENABLED700059h 16m 3s ago
Ze1sECVzbb9vgRwJGpdp6yKkTp1hKpiJpUENABLED700059h 18m 18s ago
ZwpEPv7oahgS27MCbcNsrZAffqvnRLXQJZENABLED700059h 18m 48s ago
Zg2cJg26biKFwUAv68Uw9DoZyCfcPm4c3pENABLED700059h 21m 48s ago
ZmrWAAuRBXxcuaSKi74p1dG6bezuGpuiHQENABLED700059h 22m 18s ago
ZzaQ4c73SVLxReR7CHufQqb3tvC7PCS67TENABLED700059h 30m 18s ago
ZkGk9wCxzyv3EopzqzDcnavo7qmUPh98aeENABLED700059h 30m 48s ago
ZmAGS4VT4K6if8PuQ4i3PBdMk5J61CLtMaENABLED700059h 32m 33s ago
Zx93KfHDbUjy8vH39er2btQT6h6Jb63uC7ENABLED700059h 33m 48s ago
ZnjEAxStTQDbXv6dm2JRi3gDjaczW5bo5vENABLED700059h 35m 3s ago
Zf3bkrMJ4w8DapFsBTe2n3mq2rVPPEkU9sENABLED700059h 36m 18s ago
Zirik8KNXtAhCaymckNiKvPuRJDRmchkzRENABLED700059h 59m 18s ago
ZcKTEEcMet42TepnPhsG7pdwZxTHmtZ5YrENABLED7000510h 6m 18s ago
ZqWzKaXpNW5STFiaJiVwwvbkKksRUFAmXrENABLED7000510h 7m 33s ago
ZgvvrkXZTkw9NXN685wbV2jTyxozQ7YvtjENABLED7000510h 8m 33s ago
ZcEWd3m73FaRtK8zrKaPUhYjCFG1ErvcL7ENABLED7000510h 9m 33s ago
ZcqidKAtsd7KrRiwLfAKAuKgj734Y4ZUE4ENABLED7000510h 16m 48s ago
ZcCUkKKFUFAj12utDw2QMDng6t51kDhCNSENABLED7000510h 24m 48s ago
ZzhzTxSxhGUKgmHYjw9cp3VbrUV1F3PDCjENABLED7000510h 27m 18s ago
ZoyDoN3paWiMyrHCVgGtGUCqncJd7UCDzkENABLED7000510h 31m 33s ago
ZzMH45Yhbt1943FJMuWfssWUC5s6aSXjpjENABLED7000510h 33m 33s ago
ZeinU1gzGsMe8uXKPLiVnXzbJnWNk11aAFENABLED7000510h 36m 33s ago
Zp9rK5dqG6ZtSZiJyBd1et3onXZ5BbDSkeENABLED7000510h 36m 48s ago
ZbXCrteZj5pY5eMK6nghYX5gdT7dJbrMnyENABLED7000510h 39m 18s ago
ZmCBCoWGhtuGZxxXq4MjXEWei89oFgWESgENABLED7000510h 52m 48s ago
ZqnUzMRooENro45TPsqZhHRfZktc72YD5sENABLED7000511h 1m 48s ago
ZwToD6HcoGktpJrKCPHANYGn89D7rrrvEMENABLED7000511h 6m 33s ago
ZwG9fhfk3MtgFrPVk436vWr37hsJiBUtDoENABLED7000511h 19m 48s ago
ZbpPqU4EvUzNMfY8w2yfHePkg5Rh3yz3uzENABLED7000511h 23m 18s ago
Zy9U2eGjZc5k4BeK3nLhaCjaQfRkERMA5NENABLED7000511h 28m 48s ago
Zv2mWTADdmssreSymTceCJdQE72aGK32unENABLED7000511h 33m 3s ago
Zq4abktfXoxwLntX99dHrKCwLaqoHzuc3kENABLED7000511h 39m 33s ago
ZjgG5Fbdu6YBXt27nQtov98b6H8gAhiekRENABLED7000511h 46m 33s ago
Zm2ArpcuN7yZcjsR9oc2iGgw4BD9e5XSpWENABLED7000511h 49m 18s ago
ZoB2PM6P8qHAXzpRh4bArXGC67ntfkFSAbENABLED7000511h 51m 3s ago
ZzaKq9JZ4735ss6RWcaPScBzimKi8hBvZXENABLED7000512h 7m 3s ago
Zys4xYAgTDtmXGvZa6LbDeoLEhFMEAvQkZENABLED7000512h 8m 3s ago
ZnXdV2q8JaY8v32co4hmvSaVrJpSQfZfGgENABLED7000512h 8m 48s ago
ZnFHdji9xAHVVHZNTtMva1NNFpXckZF5r4ENABLED7000512h 16m 33s ago
ZwG4RoRvLSjf14vP7y3E6xAvouin9sQqKvENABLED7000512h 16m 48s ago
ZuhBdg2QmTuJxrCvBK3pysKXdXuM5P9Q8KENABLED7000512h 18m 18s ago
ZpkR3rPfBLDhwASyGVqvFEyAZzdY34yWJ1ENABLED7000512h 20m 48s ago
ZcsR8PicBt2Y1GUSmLQ1neHpHXYbs5wBQcENABLED7000512h 22m 33s ago
ZeiZiySdgHkxf8TG6MpeSoSTTJmDpeu4mqENABLED7000512h 34m 18s ago
ZpfWEXdPsrUVwqY3Z8KZYtuMQEScXsyGoRENABLED7000512h 35m 33s ago
ZcVboZ3jGJBcm1JpQaKE9NNnFEwebPYEEyENABLED7000512h 36m 18s ago

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