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DogeCash (DOGEC)

DOGEC statistics on

Masternode statistics

Active:    1,136
Inactive:    16
Total:    1,152
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 71.34% / 512 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 11,131.7498

Last masternode reward: 7.2000 DOGEC for DP8wX3hgEXM79N6MATm6pqF5wWDA81Shv7

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 635,187
6m 27s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,404
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: +33.3299 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 32s
Genesis block: Oct 01 2018 18:48:25

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  5020200
Protocol version:  70920
Version:  5000000

Wallet is connected to 128 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
DHSbTEjfzHKWJsBFysSg8aQXhQRSeaLmk8ENABLED709201h 57s ago
DBfMSW38ux8ffWTQLLE9VJesZDNrTRraHwENABLED709201h 3m 57s ago
D8ba6ZNir1tdJ8f2TFHHwpq24p2WnrG4BKENABLED709201h 5m 42s ago
DPELZ8YhPdRriib32DwAuTsjunHoGHhoZFENABLED709201h 5m 57s ago
DQLNpdWodU7bPzGy7YjezFHtMKSW5RgfypENABLED709201h 7m 42s ago
D9terMYyTFqwhrkPWeyjMajQa4vNMpEWHoENABLED709201h 8m 42s ago
DCEoCckmksWDBZcFgj4pkFmVrxFd5ASHZqENABLED709201h 9m 12s ago
D93ntT8En2jdYKxTmiXxBoMdgxSCjq78QsENABLED709201h 10m 27s ago
DKzQoXLgchMKyxwxnA3wtH1M8DFsrJ5iGzENABLED709201h 11m 57s ago
DM2figYs8NQQncwWEF3yU25W7pjTA8XPdHENABLED709201h 12m 27s ago
DTBYbK9cbzi5LPuJXGNMzHde8XstzjpBXZENABLED709201h 13m 12s ago
DQ65fQM7KCfwSDL45pYQ72UZgLKKEEi5WFENABLED709201h 13m 42s ago
DUMwo4apza12ZvQgqAMyzsYheC8abSneVHENABLED709201h 14m 42s ago
DSzAXsApjD8zK2TfdUJsjqB1C9WF3MZjCDENABLED709201h 16m 27s ago
DF7RrLR4Tw9RHcAzoaFwgSvJXQuSWqQKm1ENABLED709201h 16m 42s ago
DLVeKuim8rFKa2gjAjNjupAATdVCAHDu4hENABLED709201h 17m 27s ago
DDUmhX7RuT24jMsp7sPZ2xU2eiC7rHn2pwENABLED709201h 19m 27s ago
DRhcVMTMUtzLGr1YgGANRXzeVtrsNyfaBRENABLED709201h 20m 27s ago
DEWZSRMqm422YhvZjChGqocYsG25WjfpJfENABLED709201h 22m 12s ago
DEdCYruKHAwJsKmuPX77YU6DwQG5Pqk1dvENABLED709201h 23m 12s ago
DAYUiQkomxpCuS65u1dvXACj4jDhnW8Yc4ENABLED709201h 26m 12s ago
DE9fFw9aqdAQHewpE8vBBGv3fJ8KrKvbepENABLED709201h 27m 12s ago
DJogMFRvoqJK1kNjZLktyhh4zh8hWt9ouvENABLED709201h 27m 57s ago
DQzsGuUnHsqEdPGoSe1kcTRCuAFHQjy8ruENABLED709201h 30m 27s ago
DRitfCWUkKB2FbdCXQNyvJ3vyV9TkmPoLEENABLED709201h 31m 57s ago
DHPpWsXJoQuxgBLgcJEngPPmkioFPcKAztENABLED709201h 32m 57s ago
DE75ybLBBGP3DH4m2FG1hHoQ4yx7PmyJzWENABLED709201h 33m 42s ago
D8oVErjrGxCCVTAs7oXeLNSRwjZbE2CyXfENABLED709201h 34m 42s ago
DFJRdwH7so4tEhk5QSQcLWFqYw7PSmk4QEENABLED709201h 35m 42s ago
DQxarcw8j3FG3hk2MC9BypjfxQkqogUXoWENABLED709201h 37m 42s ago
DUJztwe3uYSRZ2dLEf61HogegGsYn13WaEENABLED709201h 39m 12s ago
DFrkgLh2wWidjqR861v2BaVAjhmXPmvV6eENABLED709201h 39m 42s ago
D5CsKh6a6k3iGoSXgHsWAv3edw83grRv9tENABLED709201h 42m 27s ago
DTioHutN5yt8FpNSUkbZG3FNSYc6sKWkiBENABLED709201h 43m 12s ago
D7cY5xm9ZgrtC8RkWRmFmk5wgo1qbYK59mENABLED709201h 44m 27s ago
D6Us6254MFoBQUYzFkKUKZYxyuiNX3Q1VhENABLED709201h 44m 57s ago
D6r9iswBCRAXjRw9A593vniKKU6McYMxLeENABLED709201h 45m 27s ago
DGSrZyeaarK9WFg2QZpzL7dyQ7vdDULGJeACTIVE709201h 48m 57s ago
D6vfUDA8pC4iXyq3zsg25njTfNk6rNb2y2ENABLED709201h 50m 42s ago
D6dAgKZZ4WLLcnNH78cn6dXV7xb59DMD88ENABLED709201h 51m 27s ago
DBcmqdq9C8ED8Eoj5mccJkPh5ZLbPaTy31ENABLED709201h 51m 42s ago
DS7yAExgE9asbep4dgE2RLjQHjbWpzqXPMENABLED709201h 56m 42s ago
DMg7qyuN2NHK2RpxtEvcpuuVjuSWCZZUbEENABLED709201h 57m 27s ago
DNGcveRHZGWvQZQfcLuqXsE7PExfNiYnH4ENABLED709201h 57m 42s ago
DH4RyKpDGikDExwSFNqtV9JsUa9ZLuourJENABLED709201h 57m 57s ago
DAqF7XbgyPQdbBmHMXsShBmm1oYbwuKqQnENABLED709202h 27s ago
D6cTjJwH9FgzniXMhG9hwy72Te42AdxawMENABLED709202h 42s ago
DJ9G8rBjDqBXuGzCYwmFifLgn1unoGxWhQENABLED709202h 57s ago
DQhfDKCpR9QvxSwfamsiWWxCJeVE3HpxTCENABLED709202h 1m 57s ago
DPzak4pv3EFZHaoKmS2BZ2ubh23WQSqJM7ENABLED709202h 2m 42s ago

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