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DOGEC statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    441
Inactive:    0
Total:    441
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 99.97% / 365 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 6,039.3600

Last masternode reward: 3.5000 DOGEC for DSnbnZtZw8BYDj35rbaZPWKadMUjpSKHeJ

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,287,161
just now

24 Hrs blocks: 1,398
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: +20.1689 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 17s
Genesis block: Oct 01 2018 18:48:25

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  5040400
Protocol version:  70927
Version:  180000

Wallet is connected to 3 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on masternode.online.

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
DTCPWEEUNgPwckRfXKYNYqqjBVbnfDpuRnENABLED709273h 7m 42s ago
DDU3UJXRBSMu4jynkUttpDpXPuuDqhgeAoENABLED709273h 8m 12s ago
DFDkvTRezhW8X1c8CKdeaxtGsEHNxC3bpNENABLED709273h 9m 12s ago
DQ8qczYrEU6q7kqmUhoun26NyC5TB1SuyVENABLED709273h 27m 42s ago
DMqX17A1A8KsEDSijkDKmShxGuEoYLmFPXENABLED709273h 28m 27s ago
DCd7H5NBRXjYeNk5UmUPtUVmkkKE153Ji6ENABLED709273h 29m 27s ago
DCJhDptAJi59YTUDtCuwc5sFaNyELk6S81ENABLED709273h 30m 57s ago
DQqtWW2hSVT5rpVpNCmNfUCoRGtfTKgZ6LENABLED709273h 33m 12s ago
DMSgA1S9QQ4MxAxkFbVQSbf3g68hYFg928ENABLED709273h 33m 42s ago
DL98gGn4rGKtLeeo6nTJVkhJS2Nos1ok4JENABLED709273h 36m 12s ago
DPUdYrB58HsrnSK7kYifU5PS9AMBoUqRsfENABLED709273h 36m 57s ago
D6UKwjLP49wzSfVA2DznUyyUkW7r9eDYbhENABLED709273h 41m 42s ago
DPAVPV3pZtdXgc6ada3Bo7c37Yp45jGU5fENABLED709273h 41m 57s ago
DDQw8ejU7YSHW3L414tQqBghnJ1zHKg3n7ENABLED709273h 42m 12s ago
D9G6UkPumatQHZFqpn5eTR27nL7CEQCu9pENABLED709273h 43m 27s ago
DLwvYNprc5WcuFE2asJTSR2vy9WXzCCFCiENABLED709273h 45m 12s ago
DPbRXeP19CKMLq2PoCU6s9Eh828ectScTnENABLED709273h 46m 57s ago
D7ruTUAM5qHtPbmBo57r4KY8y5azVi2FcVENABLED709273h 49m 57s ago
DB9HcafwgnBHLYQxmdH5MjYqDNtta8k3KMENABLED709273h 50m 42s ago
DLdtbwyKKpHQbwGBbcSLHm7eonxR6aVYJAENABLED709273h 50m 57s ago
DMAugAD5vTkyUKiSLcuAnWZH5ScBv4pne6ENABLED709273h 51m 12s ago
DUTKbE3r6asHa9AGeFLXN7vhAY7WrXZM19ENABLED709273h 51m 42s ago
DDGggZjf2pKgF23bPxMVticbG2kG2F8iSaENABLED709273h 52m 27s ago
DPQD16vbc9c26DHKb5UDdagNnaxJv96ELPENABLED709273h 52m 42s ago
DGTu5rRoS4iMYBHsz6UVXHybwH3Eaf8uFKENABLED709273h 53m 12s ago
D9P8w913BAdAd2BZ7vABfPuoC1LmhmmF2yENABLED709273h 54m 27s ago
D6sdhdpVCjQfvd4AsYSXkSV7NZUJN8KxR7ENABLED709273h 54m 42s ago
DCqqT8cozaMQ8V6aBN86h2TLQdWRJwcMKqENABLED709273h 55m 57s ago
DHd2Tc61ctN3KqAWfM9CqVekEYxDgDSGiqENABLED709273h 56m 12s ago
DE8iMyepGnLTV8pc4pqpR3k3DBec4B3S53ENABLED709273h 57m 42s ago
DJX8TFLBEZujSrYvfj17qQo1jEzXa1dwGLENABLED709273h 57m 57s ago
DLM6HcSSU1ZLr2yz1w2TgJaUreRb5a6vhoENABLED709274h 27s ago
DRxdQ9A4yPKKyqFUz8hRAi81goNJy69AUuENABLED709274h 42s ago
D9Aq42wF71DSpbh7sGm2aKMQkL5CJLkk4kENABLED709274h 1m 42s ago
D79tFs6Rnmvi8ybdFSXfcDx2gHmcMCVeiRENABLED709274h 1m 57s ago
DKaQLsEn8vjsVJ3ADCZ3VszigkkJKSBRgwENABLED709274h 2m 57s ago
DC2iVdTUos2dfDCNZqoVLeJNt5r8ULq4e9ENABLED709274h 3m 12s ago
DKbbtcouyof2z4MYGUYMdjqLabPhKeGpe7ENABLED709274h 3m 42s ago
DBbytGX595tkAf3yMuUEFzkivGXhYJ7y3uENABLED709274h 4m 27s ago
DAa2iXqAxFzKhsyiQE1v1qwwCxYoroWifQENABLED709274h 4m 57s ago
DGpRXLrQipBiVXjKF3UhmkyznhKJqb3dCAENABLED709274h 5m 42s ago
DRVCzt65gYfXBdZ62Z277DofuBpAnqv5inENABLED709274h 6m 42s ago
DRn1hVijd6JbV1MGZnWcBHRjiY1xAsRW9dENABLED709274h 7m 12s ago
DCJtWQVW92Av2TjAxb7zbuVXo762ExhGTKENABLED709274h 8m 12s ago
DGnDCwBQNupjVBHu5Zq23TW8W65nCJwWdHENABLED709274h 8m 27s ago
DB2gRn97qVJZAu4uUHY6HWG66of2xPK4ykENABLED709274h 9m 42s ago
D7Z1LeNbpsKUf9rFJHHN9D7ztFCnubq8LMENABLED709274h 10m 27s ago
DQGkYPXbCi9mYJAojistKnbFGgE79vCk8zENABLED709274h 11m 57s ago
DHnfVGS4UnkPZu9AGC562MUVZnarwLzRHvENABLED709274h 12m 57s ago
DFPHRXkiQNbBFKb56zZD4rwSevw4q42SbxENABLED709274h 14m 27s ago

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