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Masternode statistics

Active:    1,120
Inactive:    13
Total:    1,133
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 82.57% / 442 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 12,656.6669

Last masternode reward: 7.2000 DOGEC for DSd5De3xgx8zePyWCt3nwFdKbjHJ1wJEUt

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 630,506
13m 23s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,402
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: +33.4001 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 32s
Genesis block: Oct 01 2018 18:48:25

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  5020200
Protocol version:  70920
Version:  5000000

Wallet is connected to 128 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
DCzhyVSRxjx5c26fsZcn2Sv7Hn8fvJVbuJENABLED709202h 5m 53s ago
D6x3kJy4qahvFUWdUwb4tuA4CYV6HEb6dFENABLED709202h 6m 8s ago
DMH9MBjvLhzhXodqNsz38tcHKryvcGVv9CENABLED709202h 8m 38s ago
DJCayQH5xuXaG6cVEiqVmW7rEUVnhGJ3LjENABLED709202h 9m 38s ago
DLrtF9wQppJKRRwU9DJZzR1CQ7eEqbABVSENABLED709202h 11m 23s ago
DHJjmayeazzqq2mKqstEqoKzgGHhkiB3J4ENABLED709202h 12m 8s ago
D5ALvieCD6NGnGVLcESqpMTzZbstHSU1N8ENABLED709202h 14m 8s ago
DFjNxiW6TQKkdkBhQ4yPCeTTJ7pYD6XbmaENABLED709202h 18m 38s ago
D7MWqtk3eXup2fog1STR8YMoXUjVy9EX3eENABLED709202h 18m 53s ago
DK9PMNo3kM595uB3UeDbihy7btK9WWd31GENABLED709202h 19m 23s ago
DSdpr9TPASqLH3adyRdGSs433SZGgDWaRyENABLED709202h 21m 38s ago
DRngVxaiVvDtUQGfBUF12wYzoeeC2SJZBDENABLED709202h 22m 38s ago
DA1RMafEuuon69EzK2FZKBzGDkL29VauNWENABLED709202h 22m 53s ago
D7oLZgR2vKUwtCYS5egLdtEre41aPeeARHENABLED709202h 23m 23s ago
DAMkMYVGx3RbUHQCvtAYHxTzV6wwEi1H6eENABLED709202h 24m 8s ago
DCczznpHaLxboXZY3i88qFFmnXDJ1CkoFLENABLED709202h 26m 53s ago
DSEu7iSiMcENAmqFjPn51YQgVSD6MkdYpRENABLED709202h 28m 8s ago
DQanr4ipcPonn7MrZom7rFSe2NfUuXFwevENABLED709202h 29m 53s ago
DKCKchxkSg5V3YfWKvetXGezeNobnV9CURENABLED709202h 31m 53s ago
DHDTmjcQjDin4uE7f25iJGfVKEEQwxdFzLENABLED709202h 32m 8s ago
D8Wh1mstfdZR97wg1dGG5NZWQtDCYduJbgENABLED709202h 32m 23s ago
DPBynJTgh41pHG4biPPnwHssCiZessaykUENABLED709202h 32m 53s ago
DPYeS25qCien1eAnRBwC6cDnHmNaQAUoJyENABLED709202h 33m 23s ago
DN2Ufvh84T2s9paeMjL3KMYDuHK9U7MRt8ENABLED709202h 34m 38s ago
DTXyEiSxymBFbHbLDkoodPrD9fqnk6zZAEENABLED709202h 39m 23s ago
DQQ98tN8ouSJUNrRL4XLWS5PQbuzQxCKnHENABLED709202h 40m 23s ago
DEhnucLvWgHZargX39yorJd5AKPk6i4h99ENABLED709202h 42m 38s ago
DLzUBdWErg4rCm6CwTpAqLjigBSLvzxZuxENABLED709202h 43m 38s ago
DGzu3v5rhKguer1XmXnNEBnPsGyhJuEm8rENABLED709202h 44m 38s ago
DQNDen34SWMoheDVALikxeyk3czDCBrMA7ENABLED709202h 45m 53s ago
D828aQtLA3NYpuqVHbDw7ZQmG2FVCEjgxFENABLED709202h 47m 23s ago
D85X1Vvt9wHTBcnJJSKnuXvLgv53SxGHCzENABLED709202h 48m 23s ago
D9rWL3Xodrkr3LGiip5LvxYjmnxSrFq2QaENABLED709202h 49m 53s ago
D81MuoK3ZQLB71NBVUKzDgt9mPiEpa2DoAENABLED709202h 50m 53s ago
D94hq56soGr3cX3jBX2igb5PREDfVsefsFENABLED709202h 52m 23s ago
DNHcdZGh7GSQNsVLYetRA5K8LhCDdF2UjpENABLED709202h 54m 53s ago
DLTnFHrC8MQvjJ6wXUDxHeRzvZiNnyHqP3ENABLED709202h 56m 53s ago
DSEJDug3M5uJGibrpD1STADuFLXQT3JW54ENABLED709202h 57m 38s ago
DMdFPtshfaT9EE6nz86ZhdGvo5kEGcz327ENABLED709202h 58m 38s ago
DF59mr6HABzCbphHC8jAWdBLmKiAPb3xhgENABLED709203h 4m 38s ago
DQYDYUKGb6SrcjTALTm3fvM51D1pux5aoeENABLED709203h 5m 23s ago
DSiHJ6V9f6C7xr5TQKnpCeMjHWXyWGhrsPENABLED709203h 8m 53s ago
DTpe3uksgEyu9mpUzzR2NndrMUwgUiyrXUENABLED709203h 9m 8s ago
DQjtyySgJQV4dXRp5wfwfSgrdcsWoShnxGENABLED709203h 9m 53s ago
DKQpNAxhnWXEVnSVememQvVDBxhpF775dkENABLED709203h 10m 53s ago
DNWKFcLEGNZsN1SJSHWtHw1937GUp8g6koENABLED709203h 13m 53s ago
DLDgtRMnudhoPq7Dk6HJ9vzWnSyJFyTAk4ENABLED709203h 14m 8s ago
D981FtKjjpuXzCPcQk2x3PtdPQ8EWsANEeENABLED709203h 14m 38s ago
DSMsrNohMdeSynit3m2aGyRNzJzdYMZhAzENABLED709203h 15m 23s ago

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