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DogeCash (DOGEC)

DOGEC statistics on

Masternode statistics

Active:    1,084
Inactive:    16
Total:    1,100
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 117.61% / 310 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 17,528.7927

Last masternode reward: 7.2000 DOGEC for DSBBHzuaBu975iYP6GAhK2f9hABN5eK1h2

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 628,632
5m 58s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,411
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: +33.8905 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 32s
Genesis block: Oct 01 2018 18:48:25

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  5020200
Protocol version:  70920
Version:  5000000

Wallet is connected to 125 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
D6yt9dn6HS3SpyRLfzgYNenFTzK239DchpENABLED709203h 2m 58s ago
DUMwo4apza12ZvQgqAMyzsYheC8abSneVHENABLED709203h 3m 28s ago
DBfMSW38ux8ffWTQLLE9VJesZDNrTRraHwENABLED709203h 3m 58s ago
DQyd4o9C8YufRzaoA85SZz7BxGYt9BeUELENABLED709203h 7m 43s ago
DQLNpdWodU7bPzGy7YjezFHtMKSW5RgfypENABLED709203h 8m 28s ago
DJ7BkNSG7eA9Pu5Uv9sFy5ujn5vtbiXArGENABLED709203h 9m 13s ago
DJhqVW5yWGu7EYXXCBvMyMHf5uoM5TwAE7ENABLED709203h 10m 13s ago
DN1RGwvk3ptHhDFuaisvYfMbMEGAzDyTKiENABLED709203h 17m 43s ago
D9b7JqF37CKiZoTfdVSgRLTMcATpM44zVkENABLED709203h 18m 13s ago
D9riP9WBDdji7ENuAWp8rbzVMi1S6TwxpBENABLED709203h 18m 58s ago
D8oVErjrGxCCVTAs7oXeLNSRwjZbE2CyXfENABLED709203h 19m 13s ago
D6Hd7ogMFbdzhLzGvHY2iyox7EJwapH342ENABLED709203h 21m 13s ago
DMhSk6YbPVRq1Km9q3Z3azvLyDAgNNZeERENABLED709203h 22m 43s ago
DCU7CSWZKUSJjqBaDxYriyTQ7TcP3vwShTENABLED709203h 23m 43s ago
DGav9FqNpAvuLneJuQR7e4gFcBrGq8vToYENABLED709203h 25m 58s ago
DKzQoXLgchMKyxwxnA3wtH1M8DFsrJ5iGzENABLED709203h 26m 58s ago
D7PfQtZt7jb4vSZZ29bwdYxcUXSSoYiL4pENABLED709203h 27m 13s ago
DGF1GEeJLe513wrHzx4XeWjQYUD5kT9o9NENABLED709203h 27m 43s ago
DAbPBYkM7Gr31xq4t7rh1ad7pejJh5ggU9ENABLED709203h 27m 58s ago
D9XzepZWrBTm2trsriAKjYGmWQ12J5c2SmENABLED709203h 29m 13s ago
DLxayjyLT8jVYZQYREqTjaYQcVbvVfkrsRENABLED709203h 29m 43s ago
D6C4mMDRaWvFE2CtgL8c9hWqiA8o6ZNoBeENABLED709203h 32m 13s ago
DNAbfGCNTD2RydPEvMD9B2Xm3WG8a2kA3kENABLED709203h 32m 43s ago
DMGKZRrRpCfb2ZDigNd1XXyNUjdnqbfDtXENABLED709203h 33m 43s ago
DMpszn95i5tRMwYHm1noJkHQi1dqd95GmeENABLED709203h 34m 43s ago
D78i9VhWmY6piyYm8aDe6HuD345P7qz4YQENABLED709203h 35m 58s ago
DS7Sfy1wqDEtV6B69CpnvCyM2B7usAQFZVENABLED709203h 37m 28s ago
DRJQmAuYJV8mJH9k8UwTVTj45yxfQ9ivPzENABLED709203h 40m 43s ago
DTCTbSvD3jMvNGCxKkLNHvKWUijjJ5CMMVENABLED709203h 41m 13s ago
DU22yfeU6yd5D5npbxmEs8Bz6ZGnL9rusfENABLED709203h 42m 28s ago
D5UkZNexkfwpwJWv41KqfDEm8xFagRTD2vENABLED709203h 42m 43s ago
DLWbG27UPgfEiWDtKz2UeSZGzn5jLj7RHcENABLED709203h 44m 28s ago
DJxNfSfMhRvLayjVbN6fz9KGA1pima3Q1QENABLED709203h 44m 58s ago
DNEBXiBNrjig3A8MjyZe19qg8hhLwyspCwENABLED709203h 48m 13s ago
DE5QAihnCi76t8KNQcVyyhLQFi7tFBBhCxENABLED709203h 48m 28s ago
DJ8xqj11EFxfKBDg6V8bxvfhfMJ52Wz8rqENABLED709203h 51m 28s ago
D5CSygHjWzUijc7CU2ocUQMe4y39ELn9ujENABLED709203h 51m 43s ago
DANx3tj6N4sWxohu5DEQ3GS9TZLgRTGbyNENABLED709203h 54m 13s ago
DNqPnwzBLLNBMHs1j8hbH4eREquwyZk89aENABLED709203h 54m 28s ago
DABvMXJfnH5Lgu4GwbRM6u2RbKvtnPDJbYENABLED709203h 56m 28s ago
DEag6t6r6M2oxb5eFS29U1mmS4tZXjYrhKENABLED709203h 57m 43s ago
DTmBirvgjvV2BSic6Z9wYZDtryz3VrXVbkENABLED709203h 58m 13s ago
DE6deaQ3RroiHjGJz4ya1wLvgpRnrCx3jmENABLED709203h 58m 43s ago
DNXwee5eDGmdstUwma5ujvW2Vy2ZUDQM9fENABLED709204h 1m 58s ago
DRUNxmSKG9JYEANVjsQFRoB7zH13GY19McENABLED709204h 2m 13s ago
D6he9fj3fotJboG2d8mtVpDATfpP5pa3NQENABLED709204h 2m 58s ago
DC1621X3tFkmr1fhnD6rPRadCywRFdjtdfENABLED709204h 4m 43s ago
DJz1mwBhevkhTiwhTa6PA89zhVxfb8kBydENABLED709204h 4m 58s ago
DTNkQaGoHMMHfTQjdv7oiT4Xhx9ayEuPhZENABLED709204h 5m 28s ago
DRWtywXRgFrDuqs7BtdRpF8eVUfXBQywoyENABLED709204h 5m 43s ago

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