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DogeCash (DOGEC)

DOGEC statistics on

Masternode statistics

Active:    665
Inactive:    0
Total:    665
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 66.43% / 549 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 6,060.9600

Last masternode reward: 3.5000 DOGEC for DLiB4biZSPZyTcFZKfsVKdVHDPAnMENFKC

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,801,453
just now

24 Hrs blocks: 1,403
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: +15.4938 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 12s
Genesis block: Oct 01 2018 18:48:25

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  5040400
Protocol version:  70927
Version:  180000

Wallet is connected to 11 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
D872Wogr84ACaJbg3u6B53uMSqgdSELsxpENABLED709272h 44m 51s ago
DKkSreGEFgtonaz4rdA5kPNryERBWkgyheENABLED709272h 45m 36s ago
DQ27jECy9w5jFuCPv5vfjc9VAy9LYVPG8yENABLED709272h 46m 21s ago
DPnpuzSCVcwwBLavAF6NEv3d8gvdNVseqeENABLED709272h 48m 51s ago
D76nd6owryMXf4jy8D9uQBwF9WKhtckkgzENABLED709272h 49m 6s ago
DDk1pPyMcuM7Pb16D7x7ZeKw9aYS8pzRJGENABLED709272h 49m 21s ago
DTQ8ofm2Bbg2ukJcw3KNufoGLJqr7SD3o8ENABLED709272h 49m 51s ago
D7Mv49XJtTW5croUPjHt54HNaAc7oeEN6UENABLED709272h 50m 6s ago
D8vh844sy6r4ihSSvfMHNpNbyMznXKLZ5uENABLED709272h 50m 21s ago
DKyfvsub35Mx8Kg94U7xYNbGcUeUGbFLjEENABLED709272h 51m 36s ago
DPuLbyMmHpgy6XC3yaAFgiRwdMEqUdqLNsENABLED709272h 52m 21s ago
DKcMtex4Xy9k1Qka471PXq5GK7RPN9j6efENABLED709272h 53m 51s ago
D7SEaLJ82uhFRWeGtrmwipbs1v1vfUBCLbENABLED709272h 55m 36s ago
DSrm3mx3XapNRTLk9LSKxDV6Q1ieFeQzNGENABLED709272h 56m 21s ago
DTRgZgdkRYdxLsjs7nJDqfvTV1uZmUsqSgENABLED709272h 56m 36s ago
DH3WmTzNpJwzvwks9744JEEGZHCEfPi7ocENABLED709272h 59m 21s ago
DHuuA163R3EMdQ6umzdXY4UPYHrBWV7D8YENABLED709272h 59m 36s ago
DGKyrsenvrWxQFamyiCkkbfePHsrhte1hRENABLED709272h 59m 51s ago
DRmb7ggbSJ8VVUAmRkRH3iCux84mLfxa1cENABLED709273h 21s ago
DMgR1Su2v5edMDoYX8T31GfaTugEJKZWGeENABLED709273h 1m 36s ago
D7nknvP2uSoykZFTu94KZTNak2o9xeB87tENABLED709273h 3m 21s ago
DHPDPpzm4XqU8EPrwfNAvHkCPcEJMFzz28ENABLED709273h 4m 6s ago
DDwEnWDLEKtor2Jh3BYjcTUznRVjZgGmDtENABLED709273h 4m 36s ago
D8qz9FB9fU9WWZoVBsbQNVWq7cGouQ7qq6ENABLED709273h 6m 6s ago
DPUdYrB58HsrnSK7kYifU5PS9AMBoUqRsfENABLED709273h 6m 51s ago
DLKNVbCxy9XQgFgqvZMJDnAoqgPjCdctUMENABLED709273h 7m 36s ago
DHKiXbepo2NzUWPoB5Z9z75U9XKbWCKBtAENABLED709273h 9m 21s ago
D77BkTtbuJwhBH3LQP4vtR79nUtKcnEhgFENABLED709273h 9m 36s ago
D7cNmdYbn5htvzmqED7nLVmyaPa23qSKRJENABLED709273h 11m 36s ago
DHg6VVcXs2tqZSTS4nS34RvKiojA8ffSAwENABLED709273h 13m 6s ago
DT2Aa3ozpNCD4WfouDk739LWQjiQgkDQ7oENABLED709273h 14m 6s ago
DNVnJE8T3c2yTuPD5nmUPUh355RuqMwrSHENABLED709273h 14m 21s ago
DGmunLPzu93xWT3eExiEtGtBLNMkNfvWyQENABLED709273h 16m 6s ago
DRbRsjBhYVLrmcAqsisgksnqt3PV9KxD1kENABLED709273h 17m 6s ago
DNMU9YM3jhz8RWKtnyZFwT3Sd8QKvjHxZYENABLED709273h 17m 21s ago
DFfmoYCt7qbZEFg87m19xgaktDKvnZHoEgENABLED709273h 17m 51s ago
D7WcKpP8uHLRmHSevMryJbjYt2BGc8c4gfENABLED709273h 18m 6s ago
DHX8nujNRYTgPVNM35jZ9XdzPWFpdCns9GENABLED709273h 18m 21s ago
D6Vue6f4a6uekaEkHpp6nVxDwS9ecYoLK8ENABLED709273h 19m 6s ago
D8h7Nqnr9SWWu8C1QVU3ZfZbJKpVtwPkSTENABLED709273h 19m 21s ago
DKVVmfZf9iGmrnHNRVR7dypnBQNvJ2xTQSENABLED709273h 21m 21s ago
D91GjeWQy5PPLrj4zmDQMDyejWBs1XuANhENABLED709273h 22m 51s ago
DCJhDptAJi59YTUDtCuwc5sFaNyELk6S81ENABLED709273h 23m 51s ago
DH9w1RXXTkPXhj1uc3hHtK1b1DBKAzngXrENABLED709273h 24m 36s ago
DAFkeLsJe6wPBC6etxtBnY6D4ri2ejfpXtENABLED709273h 24m 51s ago
DDcMJj2v9XZN3SbrhtRRTeEGVcjfEDchGbENABLED709273h 25m 51s ago
DPzF66oT9g8m3hPjN6mhzTwgstYeBXziJYENABLED709273h 26m 36s ago
DU4afyS5APo7z7vg1qMoaALUvvB3mnWXEWENABLED709273h 27m 21s ago
DRLHP7fpW7gJZDcuCHEegCozg1gwRaugZUENABLED709273h 28m 21s ago
DCyARd346cjyn61okRYWg8aE8x1hRzqifZENABLED709273h 28m 36s ago

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