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DOGEC statistics on masternodes.online

Masternode statistics

Active:    554
Inactive:    0
Total:    554
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 76.73% / 476 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 5,823.3600

Last masternode reward: 3.5000 DOGEC for DJEhhAkip2NmKc1xSQjkrbxC8RKqAW86tq

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 1,582,448
39s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,348
24 Hrs block time: 1m 4s
24 Hrs block time variance: +13.9051 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 14s
Genesis block: Oct 01 2018 18:48:25

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  5040400
Protocol version:  70927
Version:  180000

Wallet is connected to 16 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on masternode.online.

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
DJEhhAkip2NmKc1xSQjkrbxC8RKqAW86tqENABLED709271h 58m 58s ago
D76m3EpbJwGw4enTHppS16tBUSLFxQUR74ENABLED709272h 28s ago
D9ExX6GzXr38CcNnAHFfRwA47LxD68i2CJENABLED709272h 1m 13s ago
DPGLCSAh8AUPCbiAw68RjbBNJz3NFnDda3ENABLED709272h 1m 58s ago
DQer1ChsGBYPkmHeZXmEVZM87oX7rS8RajENABLED709272h 2m 13s ago
D6einFJMLM7zhdt67iaGk9y91YSSseJ2iHENABLED709272h 2m 28s ago
DH67njeb2G4tVtbS8k3jQSQAowiyvUYwTgENABLED709272h 3m 43s ago
D5N74bpncsWbQXvHM3VrAMeQ25V9zcXwC4ENABLED709272h 3m 58s ago
D8t31YBW7qVyhZeLmnxAKHU9RRnc3qYrkkENABLED709272h 5m 28s ago
D67bikh5DxUAHht937vfynSikmBYoVehwxENABLED709272h 7m 58s ago
DJD1RZpUL65PAF8Mn5PfJ343VQtN2Yxd7bENABLED709272h 8m 28s ago
DA73q6YVDp8ZhrNnHQhPsfwhY3awAPLLe2ENABLED709272h 8m 58s ago
DNVnJE8T3c2yTuPD5nmUPUh355RuqMwrSHENABLED709272h 9m 43s ago
D72h913e6UbumbGR1TpztPuYKFzcNWbTAtENABLED709272h 10m 58s ago
DTjynJTvbGFtR19eqBnDNhoa2kHZSzKHqUENABLED709272h 11m 13s ago
DNGZboybiWFZwGsP7WgVXyWwnw12b6xxKvENABLED709272h 12m 13s ago
D7wTQMjBL729bNSYEboCz9kk8gU3LjcStnENABLED709272h 14m 28s ago
D7NQhPWdBvo6xwwoSNktoJJ5w9EqVfrACjENABLED709272h 15m 58s ago
DJzdz3U2rvHxr3R51LgWxad7SeXwYq5j2EENABLED709272h 17m 28s ago
DNqLrCfBN5VrmrCJKbtxrAtqDhaDcCD8pnENABLED709272h 18m 13s ago
DS55vyqU9TZxnASiYz7QNzVKgfk7JQ9RJBENABLED709272h 19m 28s ago
DTQEEPhZvSmzx7kxG3eJTntiUhkTvq3g2oENABLED709272h 19m 58s ago
DQeuQ3mRzZJ8cn5HGesQ9bt8QL5hHUCyqYENABLED709272h 21m 13s ago
DTNSV8pYqF8Ct1WU1LvrusyshYoYF2wHiZENABLED709272h 22m 58s ago
DPdWkeBVcG6vLzkyxzDrZuYxmbQwvvLSZPENABLED709272h 23m 13s ago
DF3sW29NcAGjhaU4cap8aoBEwgsnczx2m9ENABLED709272h 23m 58s ago
D9Dpgx4HR31woXAUXL3EgXKPnm5DFB9KaeENABLED709272h 25m 43s ago
DDHkHqBHa9vS7nxWoA9vFhmBzoAHqZfvpXENABLED709272h 26m 43s ago
D7nknvP2uSoykZFTu94KZTNak2o9xeB87tENABLED709272h 27m 58s ago
DPPQMBdAwy879moGwrAUDprvXq7GQZA3x2ENABLED709272h 28m 28s ago
DJqokfcKAASbWkpL9aFrmrB6ZRLTHNqgnaENABLED709272h 28m 58s ago
DRbRsjBhYVLrmcAqsisgksnqt3PV9KxD1kENABLED709272h 29m 13s ago
DSR7JyLE6HQVAh83HEZP34haZ6FnRChgJ9ENABLED709272h 31m 13s ago
DNLaA25G6vQ8V8oNTwiqXFkknkfckrrmwgENABLED709272h 33m 13s ago
DEEJkTuRNSfLvKa7K6vE86WXPpoknAGdJ7ENABLED709272h 36m 28s ago
DByyYuKhnH9PtDGwqZjLRDTcmMauAybFURENABLED709272h 37m 43s ago
DN3zb5Yy9bHit1wNq6bxfBmKrmoWnwcZLNENABLED709272h 38m 58s ago
D9Bn6GoeB9Wp1fL7XnSGba2z31WqNRz6CNENABLED709272h 39m 13s ago
DNujBvr5j5PWDasqWbjEsgcZFtp22nNNrHENABLED709272h 40m 13s ago
DQJo8QxnWo4d98896JcQoezrgDUQW6uWVYENABLED709272h 41m 28s ago
D98zzfAbES875NL1VXZNUuHZjj71xb8ESLENABLED709272h 44m 58s ago
D6EWRnRAMXEMSxfotd53abszprRnNZgHEmENABLED709272h 45m 13s ago
DABLSRPmvEjs3TwcDnjR2ssJ7nL2uCqAMtENABLED709272h 45m 43s ago
DPaJDATX7M8WpCnEBFQ1ywL7eDkYAU9zrvENABLED709272h 45m 58s ago
DGfiNExy9VZiiw4XZGCPQxqbJ2DTyN4iauENABLED709272h 46m 28s ago
DLeCVzJzuy5W5DXQbyos5MAwSQVNNXnsYSENABLED709272h 47m 43s ago
DTgXH2PYSDWYM1dY9srJLxvHEoeVQbFp1SENABLED709272h 47m 58s ago
D5xxUWQnjQXZ7chhLimPuwCCAkzXGDmNp7ENABLED709272h 49m 58s ago
DT3dQTHdWKNzsfboHDtnoDVKFT2zZPk5b5ENABLED709272h 50m 43s ago
DRitNyReUDydbX8MXiAZ2o14sPfthbBVNxENABLED709274h 29m 43s ago

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