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DogeCash (DOGEC)

DOGEC statistics on

Masternode statistics

Active:    1,196
Inactive:    12
Total:    1,208
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 127.07% / 287 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 20,870.5250

Last masternode reward: 7.2000 DOGEC for DHnhMReEaQHRFhAdhyiKz2a66JqtC9n7VQ

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 697,075
1m 43s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,408
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: +31.4901 % (faster)

AVG block time: 1m 29s
Genesis block: Oct 01 2018 18:48:25

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  5020200
Protocol version:  70920
Version:  5000000

Wallet is connected to 128 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
DK8rLesdd9wtXdoJM2b8LxekZPMcrCLy8QENABLED709206h 22m 28s ago
DPCMpHRXF75pL2tVnXksnmj763NupnXkEfENABLED709206h 24m 43s ago
DManeb9xq8SChSggSnjqih2PibakucvvC7EXPIRED709206h 25m 13s ago
DE9fFw9aqdAQHewpE8vBBGv3fJ8KrKvbepENABLED709206h 27m 13s ago
DAkMhTMADd1L1vYcWQUUEdRWcBu8iEsSMMENABLED709206h 27m 58s ago
DKE62hdheLtyKgmrvPSKkaezWYDW4TCz6vENABLED709206h 35m 13s ago
DN2Eemjkc2K6hZRptKUCjTjzxxMA27tDr8ENABLED709206h 37m 58s ago
DU6cDZi1sswk7vWzpQ1YVj5hEs2Wtcb4NBENABLED709206h 38m 13s ago
D6fPPSSs5JpWVo4rPuj7KyuwXvcLSLYJY7ENABLED709206h 38m 43s ago
DS7yAExgE9asbep4dgE2RLjQHjbWpzqXPMENABLED709206h 39m 13s ago
DLGuTVRZWRsg4C8xFpqTVYMTq6D2o6hAkZENABLED709206h 42m 13s ago
DQofextthP9Viucax9XMYDLs2BKo9jXvWjENABLED709206h 44m 58s ago
DDeimqGjxw8YJJc38J3qvSsCAjw3BxM9eyENABLED709206h 45m 58s ago
DFLL9i939mUWv6YaxnhiCB7pDKefSSqtyfENABLED709206h 46m 13s ago
DBQKA73Zx9CjGNPUNcYWYqZVfyqYGWRCsGENABLED709206h 48m 28s ago
DTcbWgTjwFimrLLTPoF6qZ1vQaXdoRX1nXENABLED709206h 48m 43s ago
DTYgqspFojJzZmAeRBtd3CL6Zq1p54qNA5ENABLED709206h 49m 28s ago
D5STDiqQBvKpn4eehy5pDkbFgBQBeBE2g2ENABLED709206h 49m 58s ago
DSnupaZ25uyE2L6eRKLqqD3MKnLqXqSWkMENABLED709206h 51m 13s ago
DLv2RpEzzx6X2s1yDxbXH8d7XNSTq6sbGTENABLED709206h 53m 13s ago
DRHYqk1cYS383pBXngvbL2ESRigwyC3cX6ENABLED709206h 53m 28s ago
DLiurEcafX3nJ4QFeKtiojtNNWfdC2utGNENABLED709206h 54m 43s ago
DMKuXJ7gwEmgGERcGXcjKsnGf6Kk5qXtgGENABLED709206h 57m 43s ago
DTPeadLfVSQAGYGdWxnQYgzVKVAEVpKN3tENABLED709206h 57m 58s ago
DN8uyS9Q45MuoMnPbLivtqeCkEj2cxyajwENABLED709206h 59m 28s ago
DBgHKCW2J6fBRbkAVUzK4g4A22GU7gb3F9ENABLED709207h 58s ago
DLjQBSxbMLB2enyyZ7oawUjnJADPCCAJR3ENABLED709207h 4m 58s ago
D6Eg5zLTwd4waURc9Co2nqAc5keV91YnbrENABLED709207h 5m 13s ago
DLFvpbt3bksjEW9pFisU6zWZTQLCxC1EEgENABLED709207h 5m 58s ago
DBaLjD7RipMRCcyx5A8EsoTVXhJD2bUjmQENABLED709207h 6m 13s ago
DNarKSqeVGtDMLp3s6NdLKn3dKSe9J8iR2ENABLED709207h 7m 13s ago
DTioHutN5yt8FpNSUkbZG3FNSYc6sKWkiBENABLED709207h 7m 43s ago
DHySn3J8FEdk18UFMHKvGiEZuV4qHZo7YZENABLED709207h 8m 13s ago
D6pLzKRabiHE5Pc4ncKjYKXUNs6vh9wMwrENABLED709207h 8m 28s ago
D6vfUDA8pC4iXyq3zsg25njTfNk6rNb2y2ENABLED709207h 9m 28s ago
DTs2ugK2rcyM8SGA1B7Bs6ic6SY1pu3gdtENABLED709207h 9m 43s ago
DBtevP4qDkBsaBVQygWNRfEwFRfPkaqXz6ENABLED709207h 11m 13s ago
DLoqCD3xafvvMrSnYrBjfFdsfk1T6oP8xkENABLED709207h 11m 28s ago
DPt18Au7a1npQtvRNRrpNVfZHPs23uWa3kENABLED709207h 13m 28s ago
DUQcvMWSb7gPtRF1gCKnocDVn4btFpdkH4ENABLED709207h 13m 43s ago
DKsCbJM9WeoZUhxUjhR2cGAM9z6XtSu3SJENABLED709207h 14m 28s ago
DFPq4rvPWLZCBkrEWscdCXdd8chZBv7fDfENABLED709207h 14m 58s ago
DUCu9CxNEcsC4bMPqddiWLQNVusPZeoayaENABLED709207h 15m 58s ago
DGe15hRGvreznLcGEZQvuUFoPaQmQuVu2sENABLED709207h 16m 28s ago
D8e6ytFm6kZabFpbhbVGQnZpiK2BWU7mzxENABLED709207h 17m 28s ago
DPnLb8VF16LAmhAgDCK6mmN6M8oqrddQhVENABLED709207h 18m 43s ago
D9bhbC7TM57PsdwKU6mwmTHj55cBMttuUXENABLED709207h 20m 28s ago
DGKWXxrySkxhcWcS1n7xU3PNMnToZTntk2ENABLED709207h 20m 58s ago
D9Kt4vfdU4P2ECK1ki3fCqW7Xt3NhgrCb4ENABLED709207h 21m 28s ago
DDvEnSpEjnHPhrBUMypvRZGA452NansfXJENABLED709207h 23m 58s ago

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