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Masternode statistics

Active:    1,573
Inactive:    0
Total:    1,573
  Detailed masternode statuses

Official ROI: 9.73% / 3751 days
24 hrs rewards for masternode: 4,194.0000

Last masternode reward: 3.0000 PIVX for DKX4AKpTAD7rqqQikAwc4QVZwScWPtPZiX

Blockchain statistics

Last block: 3,484,054
1m 13s ago

24 Hrs blocks: 1,407
24 Hrs block time: 1m 1s
24 Hrs block time variance: -3.6822 % (slower)

AVG block time: 59s
Genesis block: Jan 30 2016 04:10:07

MNO Wallet info

Wallet version:  5040000
Protocol version:  70924
Version:  170000

Wallet is connected to 18 peers
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The majority of masternodes can be found by simply entering the IP address of your server. If there are no results, please enter your wallet's pubkey. It is the address of your masternode. If you still get no results ensure that your masternode is running and was recently connected to the network. We only store information for coins listed on

Masternode list

PubkeyStatusProtocolLast paid
DK7iXhifJPYixTRdchbw82dTRbFMbnENmzENABLED709242h 15m 2s ago
D5UWQwTiEgwQzDUNjKMbfUAnc4PMFnK3aeENABLED709242h 15m 47s ago
DHdHDTVHko4sN4FDVzmpvH1QbAL8Apf7K4ENABLED709242h 17m 32s ago
DUQrUUPpQZSeyGb7dsDpLprVpvt72abcf6ENABLED709242h 18m 17s ago
DL2k7K6fopPE56eukxdnUUGCjW7Rno8NEWENABLED709242h 19m 2s ago
D9FmEaeKgZY5JRYja8k2iWCeE4XBZKvNsYENABLED709242h 23m 17s ago
DQgUuRfVoohGFV1JD2UbzCYwowBY6RhA55ENABLED709242h 23m 47s ago
DN8XyJNHE2famXUaNtcSNMkMxgjPMFvvDSENABLED709242h 24m 32s ago
DDUGpjDrxywKjnaQHDhQr1Q6QhJ5rd7NRhENABLED709242h 24m 47s ago
DHZQptXCg4CHE4chmMrG9HPjgqSbm9x3uMENABLED709232h 25m 47s ago
DT1HHmEVTquWFtBUMA5PkQMdRc5e2RNqgQENABLED709242h 26m 17s ago
DLg2LN5yAhDJkruxLZU9jVkVS1JZybnehJENABLED709242h 26m 32s ago
DRwNUQe2PPScdQb8Hj54v4y6B81RZkgXkmENABLED709242h 27m 47s ago
DA3JVM3SmT2wyHfW3oEMAYug3XSgopVgmjENABLED709242h 29m 47s ago
DPY5FHZh5rcnPBftVrmy3DkM8KDpfr54bRENABLED709252h 30m 47s ago
DGoaow4ekqXSC7krwzxtmgxMcDH7PdHDvvENABLED709242h 31m 2s ago
D9bpMMiRbyD2EMP68sGytECZp6GFeJkLrBENABLED709242h 31m 17s ago
D78eEW38MUMCWh461x8r8pk3idmZXzsqRtENABLED709242h 31m 47s ago
DMgcpftJguyaST2uW1BsM29f6szWv8GB7DENABLED709242h 32m 2s ago
DAfEDPygK7B9EnMKZ3bbgKW1ZqkWnXEM3XENABLED709242h 32m 17s ago
DTL4L5fUTKm5LNp1M29DGEKsByGeSsWZzQENABLED709252h 32m 32s ago
DQ4ELTphGEUjXq5MfNLvy8ahvbN8D92DdJENABLED709242h 33m 17s ago
DS4TZipcae1ArXejrYh2C1gszDbmvB3ufTENABLED709242h 33m 47s ago
DDZcwS28VpHsJ8z6DEfparjkje2kdoLb6BENABLED709242h 35m 17s ago
DSS38BT5ouvC7W7qfeNsAEDRCJuDCWvz6AENABLED709242h 39m 47s ago
DL3RWEnZezVuXfGGNzxVhHbuyGCrsnb6h6ENABLED709242h 40m 17s ago
DKL9gQ4RaCQBTg6EhZE3MKKmN7WMydMuDaENABLED709242h 40m 47s ago
DBAoGKyaua1xaYsmwkcikKQDG2PjxHK5R3ENABLED709242h 42m 17s ago
DNDM4YDQABPmsf1cRJrniVm28wauja1X8jENABLED709242h 43m 47s ago
D7L6wkh1CMQqQ7JMX5B8pckKcYYukWuYTNENABLED709242h 44m 47s ago
DQXCbasgCUmPseSb6MCCM82uSk6a1uZFvnENABLED709242h 45m 17s ago
DFhqg3rVAjsFFe8axz3q6J9UAz22bzwxMuENABLED709242h 46m 2s ago
D7cP8aQkLrpUFeuY7jCRCMQR2D6TNDCAmQENABLED709252h 46m 47s ago
DP2XqGAYcPJQUYuUqT57SuavtRVWxj61JxENABLED709252h 47m 17s ago
DN1evXvHfi9iYNpVZGCGBWChKxQTTuh8AKENABLED709242h 48m 17s ago
DFw4yJn6WVnvLP9gE2bRc4WFYUChASewonENABLED709242h 52m 2s ago
D8VHwhKYcoLRcWSQ52XAkYsh2vh98otAg4ENABLED709242h 53m 47s ago
DQoja9zoG8MUoUeBWLTc1brJjvsNtDXB34ENABLED709242h 54m 17s ago
DPvcGM2AmPfiknwnYLcWTDgc2HwjL1SUjCENABLED709242h 55m 2s ago
DQK57LKEbEvRvd7yY5PnAhj35G6mg7WXnqENABLED709242h 56m 17s ago
DMSt1BZRhdJA3S44kTzvchLWPcMtDxfsJNENABLED709242h 57m 2s ago
DNm5U8vyRcLH7QwJnPb8ddtdneomA4qdoHENABLED709242h 58m 17s ago
DRYyNYsvSs2h4usxsH1j6TGh8KaFtdzEeaENABLED709242h 59m 47s ago
D8vPWtzQLGLngFjDZvTggKou1oekkFqq2UENABLED709253h 1m 17s ago
DFELM93eMEaCRCrrPQDxRGMjVYH1m8u4uxENABLED709253h 1m 32s ago
DA9gghh4vwRNE2tQdJhicxvvni1LogN9ZhENABLED709253h 2m 47s ago
DMTMQwymD2JejkcKXDtmK5w75PVhPAszMgENABLED709243h 3m 2s ago
DLvJGEzb5aZtVZG9Tpy7RJokcg2ET9URAaENABLED709243h 7m 2s ago
D867tYsbN3AM6x6DmLf6FL6QihYo3TU9KkENABLED709243h 8m 17s ago
DDhrBvkoZGd4sAUuRSYFog4ziV3Z2tM2zfENABLED709243h 9m 47s ago

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